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The Real Housewives of New Jersey —— (Season 11)


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  • The Real Housewives of New Jersey —— (Season 11)

    The RHONJ, is back for Season 11 on February 17th, 2021, on Wednesday nights, 9pm on BRAVO TV!.....Yes, the same cast is back!

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    Thanks tiff5555, it's been a minute! The shows are taking a year to film and air. Looking forward to it.


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      I saw the preview of the Season....I think the producers wants Joe and Melissa to act that their marriage is in trouble. The viewers are going to buy this, but I for sure don’t. I am still curious to learn why, Jackie still on this show??? She brought nothing to the table.


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        I doubt that the Gorgas would ever get divorced.

        I like Jackie. I think because she's a lawyer, journalist and she's a Jew. She brings a lot to the table IMHO (not food!), better than that loon Siggy.


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          "C U Next Tuesday!"

          Looks like a Jackie/Teresa fight is on it's way!

          "Margaret got a boob lift and Delores on her 2nd butt implant."

          I do like Bill Aydin...more than his wife.

          It's Evan's birthday and everyone is so loving...

          Ok, Margaret, new boobs still require a brassier!

          Delores is still with David?

          Nobody wants to see Jennifer!

          "To men!" Remember when they got Bill so drunk they had to carry him?

          Who's the new girl?

          Theresa's date: Michelle. Another newbie?

          Look at Jackie giving Theresa props for her decade of strife. Puleeeeeeeeeeeeese.

          Theresa: lay off the spray tan. "He does stuff in the gym." Theresa: you are exactly what they say you are. Nasty girl. Finally Margaret says this is not the place and off she goes to someone else! "I always keep my mouth shut." Is everyone afraid of her or what?!

          Outdoor bathrooms.


          The guys can't handle their liquor like their wives!

          Why are the Gorga's friends in their home? Privileged much?

          Ugh, I never got the kiss your family/friends on the lips.

          Delores's family lives in David's house. Delores didn't tell David about her elective surgery. She doesn't owe him nuthin'.

          Aww, Gabriella wants to eat at the grownups table. Why is she wearing lipstick? Her mother didn't come but brought food...and coffee creamer. Wow, her parents were fighting so she moved her dad into their home. Jennifer stands up to her mother.

          I do love that Frankie is really taking his studies seriously.

          Jackie confronts Theresa! At Margaret's. Oy and vey. Evan was Jackie's posture is terrible, like she's carrying the weight of the world on them.
          Margaret is being compassionate towards her. "How far to we let someone like this go?" As in GTFOH T!
          "I WAS DRINKING". Jackie being a lawyer missed the most obvious defense: WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST COME TO ME PRIVATELY? Theresa Guidice is a nasty piece of dreck. So, was Gia snorting coke in the bathroom?

          The coming attractions are JUICY and scary!


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            Second Episode....The lake house was cute. Jen and Melissa made up. Teresa was excited that Jackie never came. Jackie was cutting her boys hairs on the driveway. LOL...that sums up the episode!


            • namers
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              Hey Tiff, haven't seen you around. Howzit?
              Last edited by namers; March 2, 2021, 01:21 AM.

            • tiff5555
              tiff5555 commented
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              It was okay...I guess, but nothing like ATL one! Teresa might need Bolo to bang on, lol!

            • namers
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              Haha! She has a new boyfriend. Unlucky guy!

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            "Greasy bacon never hurt nobody." So, greasy bacon always hurts somebody.

            "So sorry....but where there's smoke there's fire." BS apology.

            tiff5555 who'd you rather have group sex with?

            Shrill Trehead wouldn't last a minute in an argument with me.

            Ooh a "blackberry refresher".

            "Joe and I built the house ourselves." RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT, ON STOLEN MONEY, YOU EX CON! See, she wouldn't last a minute!

            Melissa like's Antonia's boyfriend Zach. WhyTF do you care that Joe would cheat on you? OMG, I agree with Jennifer for once! Trust.

            Margaret was 15 when she lost her V. Doesn't surprise me.

            Boozy boat and woozy boat.

            Again, agree with Jennifer: jokes about cheating? WTF is wrong with you women? Sheesh!

            I've always liked Melissa and last year I thought that Joe was the one who grew the most over the years. But he's regressed. She puts up with a LOT from Joe.

            Egads, messing with Joe in that vein is not cool! "You guys are morons."

            Drunk Melissa is highlarious, "Theresa, you're an alcoholic and you need help."

            Rosé all day. Oy vey.

            Joe loves Evan...and hopes Jackie and Theresa make up. Uh huh.

            Friend Michelle tells Jennifer about $$$ Joe owes her husband. I remember when that happened IRL that Joe took credit for someone else's work. Dirty businessman.

            Uh oh, it's time for the boys to make fools of themselves. I sure hope Bill has other friends! Wasabi killers! Joe punked the guys! They all agree that Evan is faithful...99%.

            Melissa and Margaret calls Jackie. She's not going to apologize for Gia; Theresa isn't gonna call Evan!

            How does Theresa not know she SPREAD a rumor? She's such a liar, Joe cheated on you ON CAMERA so STFU! When Delores is against you too Tre, you're wrong. I hate that Melissa has to mediate all the time.

            No girl scouts in this crew! Another RH's Texas Chainsaw Massacre!


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              Delores: what you mean is: David owns you.

              Jackie: it was a good analogy but Theresa can't even spell analogy. "Good things she's not here 'cause I woulda drownded her."

              Tony fixed Theresa's fountain. Is that what we're calling it now.

              Jackie is freaking out about telling Melissa about Joe.

              Delores: get a bathing suit that fits, ffs!

              There goes Theresa blaming everyone else for going to jail! STFU, felon.

              Kevin the chef comes by to cook dinner.

              Meanwhile back at Jackie's ranch. Wait, why are family coming over? Her brother was on a cruise ship, was stuck for a month and had got Covid. She tells him about her ish and he says, "move on" that's what he does.

              Who's that new girl? I can't keep up.

              Margaret is publishing a memoir. She slept with her boss at 22. Jennifer is like, "keep it to yourself!"

              Margaret's meeting Jackie for coffee. Bullpuppy, Jackie is right; Theresa should have told her privately. So have another party for Evan? Don't invite the loon, that'll piss her off!

              "The Realtor" is coming. The Guidice memories. Pass. She's not going to list the house with her until her husband talks with Joe.

              Joe: you look like you have high blood pressure; always angry will do that.

              Delores comes with the Gusband, Frank.

              Jennifer: Theresa is not a vicious person. For shizzle?


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                Episode 5.......Looks like Tre wants to be this sexy chick who wants to have lots of hot sex. And Jennifer was a hot mess at her party.

                By the way, Marg looked good without her makeup when talking to the ghost writer! Told my brother that she was my fav housewife of this franchise. She made my day of what she was wearing when talking to the ghost writer a Elton John shirt! Elton is my all time favorite singer! If you had not watch Rocketman, you must watch it!

                Next week episode, is going to get good!


                • namers
                  namers commented
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                  Holy carp! Marg did look great with no makeup; I think she had her teeth done though. That's funny you recognized the shirt.
                  No, I haven't seen it. After watching Bohemian Rhapsody, I didn't want to see another idol characterized. I'm guessing you've seen him in concert? I went to see The Concert for Artists Rights in 2002 and Elton and Billy Joel were supposed to perform and didn't. I'd love to see him. He's touring Europe later this year.

                • tiff5555
                  tiff5555 commented
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                  Namers saw Elton 2 times. The first time, I chose the wrong seats to see him. The second, I got it right and had a very good time! The second time was his farewell tour. The seat I sat, which was close to the ground floor, you can tell there was love in the air from the fans to him. It was amazing!!! I am going to miss him performing live.

                • namers
                  namers commented
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                  I've been to 80 concerts and to me they are religious experiences! I know what you mean: I saw Bruce Springsteen in the front row, center. The night he met Julianne Philips. He picked the girl next to me to dance on stage with but he sang to me. 😂

                  I guess you'll just have to go to Europe then...😋

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                Jackie dedicates her drink to her husband who gets with women when he says he's at the gym. Ha!

                I gotta say, I've never been to the Jersey Shore. Well I did grow up by Coney Island.

                It's Joe Gorga's birthday. Their kids are gorgeous! Melissa is sicking Joe on Theresa. I like Joe much more when he's not angry man.

                Geeze, Jennifer has 5 kids! Props. Mom, you don't let kids swim for an hour after eating. My mother said so! Their nephew is a cutie; they want their dad to go to Turkey to meet him. "What doesn't kill you...can kill you."

                Delores is David's concubine. It's really too bad that Frankie cheated on her; he may be better for her as a partner. David said they're getting engaged when the house was done. Excuses, excuses. He's playing the doctor card.

                I really really hate Theresa's shrill voice. Screech. She's hot for the pool boy.

                Melissa doesn't do the birds and bees talk. Not for nothing, what she said, my mother said to me!

                Uh oh, Theresa and Jackie. It's Joe's birthday wish to invite Jackie to her pool party. Not Michelle! "Invite your weird friend separately."

                Margaret needs to shape up for her book and cover photo. Marge Senior was more a friend than mother. Her 1st husband wasn't supportive. Her husband Joe is her man who isn't being a great contractor.

                Joe Guidice on skype. Can't come back.

                Jennifer is looking forward to letting loose. Just don't toss your tequila cookies.

                Frankie, "You ever seen Joe when he loses his temper?" Exactly.

                Jackie isn't taking the so-called olive branch from Theresa. Maybe she should extend a pineapple branch. It's the group text that is the issue.

                Delores is getting an award for breast cancer awareness. Theresa can't come.

                Egads, he's going to confront John. Uh and oh. He did awl that to ride Joe's coattails. Yowser. Michelle: Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. John: put it in a CONTRACT, schnook. Not like the women, they'd go on and on and on and on!

                The poolman is Joe's best friend and he knows what kinda guy he is...

                Jennifer is an alcoholic. Sloppy drunk. I'm sure Bill is embarrassed. Doctor, doctor: do something! Alcohol poisoning. Schmucks. She threw up in his Ferrari!


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                  6th Episode....I can't believe Teresa gave dildos to the cast, lol! Jackie was not pleased, lol! Not to mention, the best end episode when Teresa said what Jennifer said The viewers are speculating that Marg knew, from her boy toy, Joe. Anyway, next week looks good!


                  • namers
                    namers commented
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                    Why do you think Joe's her boy toy? She claims he's the best thing that has happened to her and he's seems devoted to her.

                  • tiff5555
                    tiff5555 commented
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                    Namers ...I said that cuz I don't know if it's her boyfriend or her hubby. Sorry, my mind is blurry.

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                  Jennifer: you should worry about the drinking problem. "I really haven't been drunk like that before." Cough cough.

                  Frank, don't speak about Delores in that way. The doggie daughter came home...with many dogs.

                  Guidices: I'm EATING! Joes in the business of sex toys? When you grandfather is your best friend.

                  Frank's crying at Delores' Hope Award. It's Covid and everyone and their mother shows up. David who?

                  Margaret doesn't want Jennifer to become the mother Marge Sr. was.

                  Melissa, "I just think people have great coping mechanisms." If Delores had a ring, she'd move in. Margaret doesn't agree about being taken care of by a guy. Well Joe Gorga did build Melissa a music studio.

                  Girls are packing for The Shore. When your son picks out your shoes.

                  Joe is spreading rumors about Evan too. "I didn't spread the rumor, I just said what I heard."

                  Everyone is worried about Jackie and Theresa.....and Joe B. Frank, "What happens at guys night stays in guys night." Uh oh, lookout Margaret!

                  Nice house, Gorgas. Nice house Catanias. Luggage for days!

                  Theresa has to read the whole text thread? Lordy.

                  Jackie's worried about Theresa. Delores, "A blood bath." Delores likes conflict, yo. "Hell have no fury like a woman whose sauce you let burn."

                  Jennifer's mother is resentful by not going to Turkey to see her baby grandson. Her loss.

                  Nice boat. You need a boat license to drive a boat.

                  GINORMOUS VIBRATORS. Jackie: you really do have to watch what you say regarding Theresa. I mean you did make that comment about Gia. I think I'm a more formidable opponent. Group text is not an olive branch.

                  That food looks great! I was Italian in another life.

                  "Shut up Melissa." Joe Guidice is an upstanding citizen. Margaret knows what's what....except for said rumor....I'm glad she wasn't aware so Theresa can't pull the loyalty card.

                  Theresa treats everyone crappily. She is a rumor monger.

                  Jackie, "did you get that confidence in jail?"

                  TO BE CONTINUED. Lol.


                  • tiff5555
                    tiff5555 commented
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                    Soo what did you thought of this episode? What's your feelings of this episode?

                  • namers
                    namers commented
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                    I liked it. But I was going to watch an episode of Married to Medicine and decided I had enough drama for one day!

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                  7th Episode.....Teresa made nice to Jackie! But the fight with Marg and Jen was out of line It was Marg's fault! Jen was being protective or questioning why Marg talked down to her hubby or boyfriend, Joe.


                  • namers
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                    Marg needed to tell her husband, "Joe, why the hell did you say that?!"

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                  Holy maceral. Jackie goes for the throat, then loses her mind. Then Melissa loses her mind. The Joe Gorga loses his mind. What's the heck is happening?
                  Joe B did say he heard it too. The make up, "I love you!"

                  Jennifer lays a bombshell, then goes mute. Poop stirrer.

                  Melissa: it's the cheeeeze!

                  Joe Gorga is gonna get a heart attack! I love how nobody blames Theresa for gloating over $20,000 in greenbacks for her tacky furniture with ill gotten gains.

                  "Tell Jackie it's over." Theresa, "I don't function that way." Like a normal person? I wish Evan was there; uh oh, he's coming down...

                  When Dolores says you're wrong, Tre, you're wrong.

                  Frank Catania is the "quiet one".

                  Margaret, why are you surprised? Theresa is a Narcissist, they aim to punish, that's what they do.

                  Ugh, whatever meat Melissa is cutting is . Breakfast on the grill.

                  Delores is right: Theresa doesn't want to talk to Evan, the guy. Lol.

                  Bill Ayden arrives. Jennifer, "we need a plan B". With Theresa, plan B is no Bill, you shouldn't have told wifey.

                  Jackie, "You felt comfortable enough talking about him". Like I said, hypocrite.
                  EVAN WAS COOL.

                  I love a jet ski!

                  Jennifer talking about Turkey and her mother was funny.

                  Jackie sitting next to Theresa and her taking pictures of her and Evan is weird weird and weird.

                  If you sleep over the Gorgas you better have sex in their bed.

                  Don't start with Margaret!

                  "It's the meals when they fight. Only protein bars!"

                  Is it me or does Theresa's new boyfriend look like Joe Guidice?!


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                    Marge Sr. had a laser treatment. Good for her!

                    Bill buckles Jackie's shoes. That's love.

                    Theresa is going commando. Did we really need to know that?

                    Eight to a table...putting the girls together, dot dot dot.

                    Pear martinis for everyone! Can't say I've ever had one.

                    Joe G is ordering for everyone, drinks and all. If you don't like it, lump it. Man Frank and Joe have raging high blood pressure. That's not sunburn.

                    Melissa and Joe snipe at each other. Uh oh.

                    Even the guys mention Marge wearing the pants; he wears the g-string. Jackie's right: staying home with 4 or 5 kids is harder than going to work; easy for Marg to say. She likes to say she raised her ex's kids but I doubt that.

                    I don't see Joe and Melissa going into marriage counseling to save their marriage. She isn't what he wished she would be: a stay at home mom. She does have a boatload of obligations. Never say "I'll never talk to you again." That's BS! So sad that she watched her mother cry over her father cheating. He must gaslight her if she's saying, "did I do something wrong"? Oy.

                    Bike riding at the shore. You go Meliss!

                    Dr. Bill, your friends look like they're on steroids. Just sayin'.

                    Jackie and Evan are super quiet...

                    Boats and Babes.

                    Gorga kids. Yeah, you would be ok with an au pair? You lie!

                    Melissa: do.not.ask.Theresa.for.advice!

                    Realtor Gizelle has called 6x in a row.

                    Delores gives Joe what for.

                    Joe punks Melissa! Joe you can't play a player.

                    Evan's going back home.

                    Antonia's grossed out about her parents.

                    Melissa: you're talking about picture taking but you had Gino wear blue shorts!

                    The Gorgas and friends with gifts and painting. Beautiful.

                    Jennifer is sad that her mother and she aren't in a better place.




                    • namers
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                      That's Bill and Jennifer's shoes. If I edited that, it would go green for 2 days!

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