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    I saw the last episode and this episode. Probably the best episodes ever. Wished more to be seen in South Carolina house, but BRAVO is not a porn channel. Clearly Porsha is guilty and Tanya. And Don Juan got me laughing soo hard!


    • namers
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      I don't think Tanya did anything with Bolo but I do think Porsha and LaToya might have.

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    "Front Page News." Hope it's not front page snooze.

    Diane is funny.

    4 days until Cynthia & Mike's big day.

    "Marlo's Harvest" in the pumpkin patch. Will she be wearing 6" heels.

    Kenya calls her dad. No you don't want to be around a group of people he don't know. I'm glad she's closer to him but child, your issues with men are mommy issues! I would love to see her dad in a conversation with Marc. How is asking for full custody a betrayal? She didn't invite her dad because she didn't think he'd get along with Marc? She finally started therapy! Her dad's married for 39 years.

    Kenya and Drew meet for drinks. "The tension in this group is as big as Bolo's thighs." Yeah, don't tell the ladies. So tell her a secret but don't trust her about the private plane. "Broke biatches split checks." Ralph probably controls the purse strings too.

    Cynthia has a wedding poop list! How did that party get to Page Six? Egads, that sounds like Kenya did it!

    Props for Marlo for getting up to wash her hands before eating!

    LaToya, I believe Kenya did it too. "Whoever smelled it dealt it!"

    Kandi knows all about a pre-nup/post-nup. C'mon, you've been married before and Papa Smurf almost bankrupt you.

    I've already forgot who's Fallyn?

    Porsha is GPS lost!

    Marlo and Kenya are the same person. Another "break up" is on the horizon.

    Kenya: please continue therapy offline. Please. Aha! she made the connection with her Mother! I'm so proud.

    Cynthia and Mike meet with their pastor. Meanwhile Don Juan tells Kandi to quit the sex parties!

    The housewives do the Braxtons!

    Next week: Cynthia's wedding.


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      10-10-20: Cynthia's wedding!

      A hurricane is a-coming! Indoor/outdoor? Rain is good luck.

      Eva alert!

      Rehearsal dinner: pizza. Mike defers to his lady love.

      Cyn: fork Wendy Williams!

      Sister Monica feels a wee left out of the friend group.

      Kenya is off to the races. Kandi, why couldn't you tell Kenya to her face instead that she shouldn't judge people's sex life. You know, Kandi Koated Nights.

      Eva, "The coffee table? what about the coffee table? What did it do?"


      Drew, "I reciprocate good vibes so if Toya wants to give me good vibes"... Well that lovefest didn't last long.

      Ladies, put your boobies away! Marlo, you're so worried about your 13 year-old nephew. Please!

      The aunties and nieces. Girl, please.

      Porsha sees that Kenya puts her in between all the other friends. She doesn't want Dennis to come to the wedding. Are you wearing a sweat****?

      The crew can't film so Cynthia has her own film crew. Wait, what? She feels like Mike is "home". She looks amazeballs! The bridal party looks beautiful.
      Nice vows. They can't wait to kiss! Cynthia deserves every happiness!

      All that posing for pictures.

      Ugh, I don't need to hear all of that nasty talk.

      Drew and your perfect marriage/family/life. Lie.

      Porsha tells Dennis that she'd never get in the way of Dennis and Pilar because her father wasn't around when she was growing up. Porsha has really worked on herself and I hope she gets her happy ending like Cynthia has.


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        I saw this past week episode. I have to say, that Kenya should not bash a mother, who is single and wants to have fun. I agree with Kandi. There are some mothers like Porsha who wants to have fun.

        Cyn wedding was beautiful! She chose the right guy who is also financially secure to handle his business to her and for her. Peter, was none of those things.

        Porsha, was ready to move on from her ex. She came to an understanding that things will never work out for her and Dennis but to take care of their child.

        Next week, episode, looks like a meh!


        • namers
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          Great comments, Tiff!

        • tiff5555
          tiff5555 commented
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          Namers Thank you! I am blushing now!

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        Episode 15....the girls are in New Orleans...still watching. I want to say my feelings but I will let Namers recap....kind of wish what she thinks of the episode. What she likes or does not like I will get back to later....

        Oh shoot...Episode 14th was not recapped? Let’s just say Falynn was not happy that LaToya was talking trash of her house and catering to the guest. More was said and Falynn went crazy! ....I think I must have spelled her name wrong....


        • namers
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          That's funny. I was locked out of here so I had to write it on a Word doc. Lemme go copy/paste then I want to hear your take. It's always weird when I like Marlo!

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        I get the feeling that Toya was one of the 3-some.

        Drew: bring your kids. She’s hosting an luxurious trip. Kenya is the only one who brought her kid.

        Pilar seems like a happy baby. That’s all that matters.

        Kandi hopes this trip is planned better. Lol.

        Toya isn’t drinking. She and Drew went to church together. How did that work out?

        Who’s the side piece?

        ♪ The Saints are Marching In!

        DG sunglasses are beyond tacky. Nouveau Riche.

        Drew is giving out room assignments by a booty bounce. Lordy. Kenya isn’t having it and is getting her own suite.

        Cynthia married her man and then left. Lol.

        Not for nuthin’ but I am just not feeling Shemea and her bedazzled shield.

        New Orleans with their lighted bikes. Their oysters are the best! Fried alligator: nope. Porsha, the baby vegan will try anything.

        Marlo’s hurt her back.

        Toya’s not drinking and is just as nasty sober. What are she and Drew even talking about? And why is Kandi driving down there when they can afford to fly?

        Patron. The End.

        Porsha feels bad that Marlo is now bff’s with Kenya.

        Drew’s career is taking off.

        Ok, I was a destructive child writing on the walls, etc. but I don’t think I wrote on my food.

        Kandi and Marlo makes their entrance…."Robert" decorated Marlo’s room. Now they’re fighting over the concierge.

        I think it rains a bit every day in NO. Yeah, zydeco doesn’t look fun to me. Twerking:

        Drew and Cynthia go to a radio station. How do you talk to listeners with a mask on? Couldn't they put up a divider?

        Porsha tells Marlo that they became bff’s on the same day Kenya told everyone about who was with Bolo.

        I’ve never seen Marlo so genuine.

        Shemea and Toya go at it. Shemea speaks!


        • tiff5555
          tiff5555 commented
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          I have a feeling Marlo may want to go back to being Kenya’s friend again. Or that now, she is stuck between friends that she does not want to trash.

        • namers
          namers commented
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          Which is interesting because she was the trash-mouth of the bunch. Maybe being involved in her nephew's lives has made her maternal and caring.

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        Hurricane Housewives.

        Drew greets all her guests and Big Freedia (who is Big Freedia?)...they got over having to cook real fast. Juice it girl, juice it.

        Marlo sez Portia didn't do Bolo and Kandi doesn't care. Kenya: get over it already!

        Not for nothin' but that meal doesn't look appetizing.


        Marlo: LET IT GO! Talking about Portia while sitting there. Man if she don't get attention, she makes it. Good night!

        Porsha wins. Lol. Deal with what, Kenya. What is the big darn deal?

        Kandi is the voice of reason. She's trying to listen. So Kandi knows?

        Batten down the hatches! When Al Roker says look out, look out!

        Porsha left? Kandi left. Toya: you're not drama? Please.

        Marlo, it's not Bailey anymore; it's Hill.

        Lights out!

        Cynthia wants to be hurricane-less.

        Drew's home in her hot tub with Ralph.

        Kandi is in a film with Clifton Powell. Georgia wins the 2 seats in the Senate. Woooo hoooo! They don't know what's coming up with GA's hard core voting restrictions.

        Cynthia and Porsha are doing a PSA for small Black-owned businesses.

        Porsha: Marlo is a Narcissist and they need a lot of attention and are punitive. That is who she is.

        Kandi's new restaurant Blaze (after her daughter) looks gorgeous.

        Ralph, "You look great". Yeah, no.

        It's the Old Lady Gang.


        • #38
          16th Episode...saw it on my DVR. Marlo got herself inserted and bashed because of the stripper gossip. I feel Marlo should just not rehash this. I also think her friendship with Kenya, has more value than Porsha's.

          I feel Porsha, may not want anyone to judge her because she has a kid. I understand that. Kandi....I think she knows the truth. I believe she does but don't want to air laundry it in front of the cast. Kenya is dead on thirsty for the truth! Wasn't she busting her va-ja out? Yup, she was! I think she wants Porsha to get the wrath of being a bad mom or being a whore. So, if Kenya can do the nasty stuff, why can't others? I feel like Kenya is bashing Porsha of being a whore than a good mom. Anyway, don't know if next week episode is airing. And I have to watch the RHOSLC. They are already saying that they are taping Jen's mess and the second season would be even more of a hit!


          • namers
            namers commented
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            Everything you said is right on. You want to like Marlo but then she goes off. Everything that comes out of Kenya's mouth is in direct relation to how she feels about her self. Porsha has shown that she's grown up a lot. Kenya: not so much.

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          Season Finale....sorry I am late. I might have skipped on the last episode too...The Season Finale, WAS BAD!!! Party at Cyn place for Christmas gifts and Drew making a fool of herself...then again because of Covid 19, the production had to have a small gathering. I thought I liked Drew, but the nonsense she was having of LaToya, threw me off! Even Cynthia and Kandi felt like something to say to Drew. As of LaToya, she is a hot mess but I think we might see her next season. It also looks like, the employees of this franchise wants to bring back Phaedra next season! They can't bring Nene back because of what she did....

          Overall, my Grade to this season is: C

          The reason why a "C", it started out okay, great because of that party to Cyn, then flat later on. Plus, Tanya went into hiding, did not helped at all. If Phaedra came back, along with Sheree and Lisa Wu, there might be something there. I think the show should keep LaToya, and Drew around.....I just feel bad regarding Nene. She shut the doors to have fed her. Even Claudia had something to say there. SMH to this and this Season.


          • namers
            namers commented
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            Yeah, even Claudia. Tanya went into hiding. I hadn't thought about that but yeah, poof. I like Sheree.

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          Reunion Part 1

          Really Kandi? We know you're a freak but what do you have to prove in a reunion where you dress elegantly?

          Portia's flashback of making a baby because a man liked you.;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAPABAP///wAAACH5BAEKAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAICRAEAOw==​ And Dennis was the best she could do.

          The ladies loved that Georgia turned Blue. 👍

          Kenya's trippin' that she wasn't included in the PSA. After Porsha commitment being called into question.;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAPABAP///wAAACH5BAEKAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAICRAEAOw==​ Man, she is a damned if you do, damned if you don't person. Kenya: ego equals Narcissitic Personality Disorder. Oh yeah! A viewer bridged the gap between her mother and evil men. Good on her sending Brooklyn gifts. "Your baby daddy is under the roof of a jail." Drew, you just got done.

          ​​​​​​​Bravo issued an apology about the Native American misappropriation Kenya did saying she's part Native. Peripherally is not heritage. Liar. "Customs are not costumes." Drew is an actual Native American and went to a party of such?

          Ralph enters the room. Those flashbacks scream CHEATER. But Ralph has been a great step dad so I'll shut up now.

          Kandi is getting back child support from Block. Good for her and Riley.

          Kenya needs to stop tweeted ish. "I'm sorry that you feel that way."

          Drew is an Hysteric. Drama queen. "Ralph has never given me reason he's cheated." All that "evidence" is stupid, really. I am glad they go to therapy but only if it's a trained therapist.

          50 Cynt gets a pass for a 3-day trip.

          LaToya joins the ladies. She's sick with a kidney infection...and something about Vic C. "Sponge Bob." What now? LaToya needs to zip it with the judgment.

          ​​​​​​​Next week: Marlo.


          • tiff5555
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            Saw the reunion....don't know why Kenya be shading with Porsha and Drew....

          • namers
            namers commented
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            But she likes Toya. 🙄

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          Kandi is talking about leaving the franchise. She doesn't need the money and has so many irons in the fire, she wants to go out on a high note. Let's see if she re-ups for next season.


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            Reunion Part 3

            Bolo Court. "We were drinking soo much." Lol.

            Kenya feels like even though there was "no cameras," and they were "at work". Bish please. She absolutely is slut shaming Porsha. Can't she just let it go?

            "Shemea was waiting in the wings." Isn't she married? Bolo did zero for me.

            The Profit and his Profit friends and it disrupted the Profit community.

            Shemea is not anyone's lapdog!

            I don't think anyone accomplished a whole lot in 3 hours.

            I do think Porsha has grown the most.

            "You are super shady, Andy." Crabcakes for everyone!


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              It looks like Nene Leeks' husband Gregg is losing his long-time battle with colon cancer. Can't be easy.


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