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    I cringed watching Shannon. I guess she stood out because no one else was drinking.

    Elizabeth was a surprise. I thought the gals all gave her good advice to move on. I'm not sure her so called boyfriend is the answer. Maybe they don't have sex because he knows how she feels about her ex.

    The lice thing was weird. Poor kids.

    It's interesting to see the early reactions to Covid 19.


    • namers
      namers commented
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      Shannon's boyfriend is very understanding but she needs get in control before he leaves her.

      IKR? FF to now, especially where here in L.A., things are closing for 3 weeks and Orange Country has spikes.

    • tiff5555
      tiff5555 commented
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      The lice thing threw me off, lol!! I uh wanted to say that Braunwyn can’t handle taking care of too many kids, and that’s also her problem which she mentioned in last episode when her relationship was falling apart. I don’t know what to say but, Braunwyn, don’t have no more kids.

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    Kelly doesn't know what "reeling" is. She's rediculous. There she goes Krude Kelly talking sex with Braunwyn's grandmother!

    Out of respect, we're not going to drink tequila in front of Braunwyn but we'll show up drunk.

    Elizabeth is envious of their relationship. I get that. My bestie whom I just spoke to is married to her bestie for 36 years. Mazel tov.

    I hear you Gina, everyone needs to zip it already about your sad house. Lol.

    If Elizabeth wants to be legal so what? So tired of all the affairs.

    Shannon: STFU!

    Who is that colorful guy?

    The Real Divorced Housewives of Orange County.

    Happy Thanksgiving! I had a buffet for one.

    Shannon looks like if she got down, she wouldn't be able to get back up again.

    Deb wants to to MDNA but what she should be doing is EMDR: she's nuts.

    Shannon loves Braunwyn with her life. Wait, what?

    Ah geeze, they family has lice!


    Elizabeth is. a. Mess.

    Is Kelly rolling a joint?

    Boy, all their mom's never apologized? Oy.

    ♪ Walk Away Renee.


    • #33
      Namers... I'm still laughing at your wonderful wit. Great recap.

      I had the same reaction when Shannon told Braunwyn she loves her with her life, I too did a 'Whaaaaat????'

      I was also embarrassed for Shannon the way she conducted herself in front of her daughters. And, the next morning the way she acted about the room service food. Terrible.

      Oye, that Kelly. I love when she does the finger into other hand circle gesture and says, "you know what I mean".... yes, Kelly we all know what you mean.

      I'm liking Elizabeth more and more.

      Gina is great. And, I'm liking Emily again. Yay


      • Doe
        Doe commented
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        Namers, not insulted at all. I love the idea of a WTF thread... right up my ally

      • tiff5555
        tiff5555 commented
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        Hot dang did not know Doe was here longer than us Pretty cool huh, but now, we are old timers here! Pretty sad that AMC and some others have ended.

      • namers
        namers commented
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        Doe, the RH's are always great for a WTF; half the stuff they do is a WTF!

        Tiff, I have tried to tune in to another soap that maybe an AMC alum is on but I just can't get into them.

        Stay safe ladies!

    • #34
      8th was a okay episode. Gina, Shannon and Em talked about the newbie, Elizabeth. That Elizabeth is not truthful with her relationship with men. The episode shows more of Elizabeth. I am warming up to her! Should replace Kelly next season

      The show still talked about Covid 19. The girls crying over toilet tissues and Shannon over chicken, lol! Braunwyn, the girl needs help. Having too many kids, well maybe she should not had that many. I don’t think she has thought about that. Can’t blame her but she should have thought.

      The next week episode, is going to divide the ladies more apart! They can’t handle what is coming to them!


      • namers
        namers commented
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        Shannon, the hysteric is off to the Pandemic races. 😜

        They'll keep Kelly as she brings the eyerolls and drama. But if she was gone, no one would miss her.

      • tiff5555
        tiff5555 commented
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        Namers I hate Kelly. Seriously I do! She is very annoying and rubs me the wrong way! The show wants her cuz she causes useless drama...I agree with Shannon though, lol!

    • #35
      Kelly, yeah, you and Rick can be exhibitionists. When they stop being bunnies, they will have zero in common. Don't think they'll get to the alter.

      The 'hikers' discover that Elizabeth might be a pathological "fabricator". My ex was like that. Gina knows the score. Braunwyn and Kelly tell her to STFU about $!

      Elizabeth needs therapy.

      Shannon needs AA.

      Pandemic then, pandemic now: SMDFH!

      NY Gina: "cawl it, just cawl it!" I love that! Travis is uber tolerant of her talking about her ex. She might wan to take up boxing instead.

      Braunwyn and all the RH's need to go into therapy PRIVATELY too. Yeah, I don't think Shane is "so normal". "What are you going to do to manage the anxiety?" Good question!

      Debutante ball. That's rich, real rich.

      I do like the way Braunwyn expresses herself. She's a bright girl. It's nice she's that supportive of her kids, unconditionally.

      Wait, Curl Fitness, not Cut Fitness? Slam on Tamra Judge!

      Who knew that you can't do pushups with boob jobs? Ladies, get some self esteem!

      Wait "Lyn", they don't understand the 1%? The RH are the 1%!


      Gina loves an Italian market. She's sabotaging Emily!

      I just found out that my own therapist tested positive after having symptoms. She's been doing virtual session since March but her boyfriend is a home healthcare worker hacking away for 3 weeks, telling her he has "the flu". I'm worried for her.

      I don't see John hanging around long term: Shannon is too much for any man.

      "These 1700 square feet just got smaller." Her sad house just got sadder.

      They wait 3 months before throwing out the tequila? FFS. Braunwyn, "NOBODY IS LETTING ME TALK". Not nobody, your husband. So where's his therapist? Where's your marriage counselor?

      Wait, so everyone is back partying on the beach? And now they're sick too!

      Cautionary tale folks: IT'S NOT OVER! It's not going to be over until maybe May.

      Please: 😷 ------ 😷 + 👐!


      • Doe
        Doe commented
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        I agree but that tub scene was nothing but porn. I don't think even Kelly would go that far, LOL.

      • namers
        namers commented
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        I was watching WWHL and Kelly said she regrets all the sex talk, bed scene. Yeah, I can't unsee that!

      • Doe
        Doe commented
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        Well that's good to know. At least she realizes and regrets. There's hope... maybe.

    • #36
      My OC review is stalled in "review" mode and I didn't even "edit" Too many emoji's?

      Tiff and Doe: have I got juicy gossip for you! I posted it in the RHOBH thread. It's a


      • #37

        I can't believe I'm going to type this but: Braunwyn comes out as gay! She says she's always been into women and isn't into men. Please explain your sexy apartment? She and Sean are supposedly not sleeping together but are staying married.

        Just google it, I can't even explain what I read!


        • Doe
          Doe commented
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          Wow!! My full shock in next post, LOL.

      • #38
        I am shocked to learn Braunwyn is gay. I knew there was something but couldn't put my finger on it. Being gay was the last thing I would have thought.

        I've also had such a weird feeling about her and her husband. I pegged him to be like Shannon's first husband, looking the other way at things.

        Thanks Namers. Great spoiler.

        BTW, do we know if this is revealed on the show?


        • namers
          namers commented
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          You're welcome. I don't know but her new relationship seems to be post show. I'm guessing at least at the reunion. Both husbands were weak willies. No pun.

      • #39
        It's been 2 days and still no post.


        • namers
          namers commented
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          I confused myself! I guess my post did post of the last epi. 😛

      • #40
        No, nobody wondered what your true haircolor is!

        I wonder how many of these relationships survived quaranteened since this was filmed. Well, we already know what happened to Braunwyn. Lol. She doesn't know how to use the washing machine? Who knew she was so neurotically clean?

        Emily loves guaranteening in the OC in her big house with a pool and around the corner from the beach. The horror!

        Shannon needs help.

        It was soo bad there, then and now look how worse it is here, now (NY-LA).

        Do I really need to see Rick giving Kelly a pedicure?

        Shane's vacuuming. Ha! And for no reward.

        Sean takes ADHD medicine? Please.

        Nice outdoor shots of Orange County.

        Did Gina cut her own hair?

        Elizabeth, remember her? Her lawyers want to postpone her divorce charging up a storm.

        Braunwyn is physically abusive towards her husband! She seems to be implying about "things". Those things.

        They're back outdoors. Most people had no masks. FF to today. *cough*

        "Regina George": I had to look up the reference: Mean Girls!

        Elizabeth's Girls Trip to Lake Arrowhead. Uh oh.

        And now: George Floyd and BLM. May 31st. July 4th. Labor Day. Thanksgiving. Christmas. New Years.

        Shannon's daughter is positive.

        I now know 2 people who've been positive with relatively mild, but scary symptoms.

        Stay at home!


        • #41
          I always watch a few days later, love that FF button.

          Watching the Covid reaction from those early days was weird, especially coming from The HW's.

          Kelly and Rick are so in love with themselves. I wonder if Rick really didn't know Kelly's boobs are fake.

          Shane vacuuming was funny. I'm starting to like him and still fighting to like Emily.

          It's sad that Elizabeth's sl is turning into a money sl. I guess this divorce, now that she's supposedly at the end, is more traumatizing than even she imagined. Not the money, the man. Hmmm?

          Shannon is one crazy lady. I never picked up on how off she really is. I always attributed it to her divorce proceedings. I would hide if she were my mom.

          Lastly...Braunwyn. I just have to say, I absolutely cannot stand her. I've tried. Tried to admire and support etc. but she's a fake phony fraud. And now we find out she's physically abused her husband. She's the worst. Sorry, JMO.


          • #42
            Originally posted by Doe View Post
            Shane vacuuming was funny. I'm starting to like him and still fighting to like Emily.

            I too tried to like Braunwyn but she's insufferable. She really needs in patient treatment!

            I like to try to educate folks on mental illness here and there and I've talked about Shannon's hysteria for a few years. Unhinged. Yeah, wouldn't want her as my mother either. Hope those girls don't go astray.


            • #43
              Saw the Covid 19 Episode, (Episode 9). It was interesting and boring! I am appalled by Braunwyn hitting her husband! Darn right rude! Shannon is freaking out that she and her kids have one, and her boyfriend family, is not listening to her. Kelly, seems to be living her best life out of all the cast here. Shannon does seems lost without Tamra. Hope we see her in the next season, and lose Braunwyn for good! Braunwyn is not doing us a favor with her carrying her story this season. I did liked her protesting for BLM, but that's about it! Sorry, not feeling her.


              • #44
                I don't know what to say about this last epi.

                Very upset for Emily and for Shane. I think it's great that Emily and Shannon are friends. Also, Kelly calls Shannon to gossip about Braunwyn. I guess they're now friends which is cool.

                Please get Braunwyn off my TV. Where's Tamra...


                • namers
                  namers commented
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                  I know that scene struck me as odd.

                  Yeah, she needs to into treatment away from the cameras. Do you think Tamra is coming back?

                • Doe
                  Doe commented
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                  Hoping Tamra comes back.

              • #45
                Emily tests positive and Shane is sick. No trip for her.

                Braunwyn is freaked out about going. Nice kiss she and Sean shared before her switching sides.

                Kelly is getting Jason killer vibes from the Lake Arrohead cabin.

                All 3 of Shannon's kids tested positive.

                C'mon, all these girls tested positive but they "followed" protocols?

                Rick's job moved to L.A. Not of nuthin but he wouldn't be my dreamboat.

                Braunwyn is 'investigating' Elizabeth? Doesn't she have enough on her own plate? Brauynwyn is a hippocrite who talks behind everyone's back.

                Shannon's kids are coping without her.

                Gina approaches Braunwyn but then Kelly calls her fake. Ha! "Debbie Downer" can't drink.

                What what is up with those masks?

                Shannon and her 9 lemons and acupuncturist wasn't quite sufficient, eh? Her kids didn't wanted to tell her their symptoms because: HYSTERICAL PERSONALITY DISORDER!

                Uh: a Mama Joice commercial. Make it stop.

                Well Gina, now you know why Braunwyn's marriage is basically kaput.

                Shane wants ice cream. Shane is still sick but tested negative. Emily, "I have it all under control even though it doesn't sound like it."

                Gina doesn't want to get in the lake.

                Elizabeth laughs at her own jokes. I'm losing interest in Elizabeth.

                Kelly, "I liked her better when she was hammered". Kelly is a nasty piece of work.

                Gina needs swimming lessons!!!

                Shane is really sick! Under normal circumstances his folks would come over and help with the kids.

                Kelly is Betty Crocker? A crock of...never mind.

                Gina thought the shield was frosted.

                I have to say that if I was rich, I would eat out 3x a day if I could!

                Go find a meeting in Lake Arrowhead, Braunwyn.

                Uh oh, it's the cops vs. Blacks convo ahead with Kelly and Braunwyn.

                Emily is overwhelmed and can you blame her?

                "I've never seen someone who went to Arizona State think they are a Mensa member!" Highlarious.

                Gina's right that her being White made her experience in jail better than if she was Black.

                Braunwyn asks Sean if he's in bed with someone. Even if it's a kid (why?) that just sounded .


                Shane is admitted and sending horrible texts to Emily. Can you imagine the fear that her little ones come down with it?


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