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    I agree that JoJo is overhyped and I have felt for sometime that she’s going to win it, based more on who she is than her dancing ability. The show has been setting the stage for that from the beginning IMO, so I’ll be truly shocked if she doesn’t win. I mean didn’t she drop her partner in the first dance and still got one of the highest scores?


    • kristendny
      kristendny commented
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      I didn't think Iman would actually win, but I'm so happy he did!! It was well deserved. He went from total inexperience to nailing every dance. Ever since his jive, he's been my favorite.

    • savytabby
      savytabby commented
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      I was truly shocked it wasn’t JoJo, especially when it got down to her and Iman. But pleasantly surprised. Loved how everyone crowded him and lifted him and Daniela up. Very well-deserved.

    • Moore ideas
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      savytabby, I was also really surprised by seeing Iman win, but has worked so hard and improved so much, and so I was genuinely happy for him. I thought JoJo would win and I was really keeping my fingers crossed that she would; her dancing was meticulous, but I'm happy for Iman.

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