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    Is it wrong to post a thread about a show then give it a thumbs down? I am a HUGE true crime fanatic (I have a 28-volume encyclopedia) and was looking forward to this show and her take on solving cold cases.

    It is MIND-NUMBINGLY BORING! I mean, I minored in science (no genetics) but she sounds more like a high school science teacher and I would be doodling for an hour.

    Back to ID and O2. I really enjoy Cold Justice and how Kelly Siegler and her associates work a cold case.

    If anyone likes the show, I would be happy to hear it.

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    I just saw this thread, so I know I'm a little late in adding my opinion on this show. I enjoy watching it. Yes, it can be a somewhat boring as times, but I love the overall results of how they are able to catch these criminals by using relative DNA. There are so many criminals out there who've never had their DNA entered into CODIS, as they've never been arrested, and therefore they are getting away with murders, rapes, etc. for years as there is nothing in the system to make a hit when DNA is left behind and tested/screened for comparison. Then a relative of the suspect submits their DNA to an ancestor tracing data base, and BAM they can finally have a suspect they can investigate for a particular crime. It really helps to solve crimes when the perpetrator has absolutely no connection to the victim(s). I love that!

    This is how law enforcement finally found the Golden State Killer after so many years and even though the guy appears so old and frail now, he is finally paying for all those crimes he committed so many years ago to so many innocent people. It's never too late to bring justice for someone's murder.

    I also love to watch other true crime solving shows on ID, IC and other true crime channels.


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      So sorry, I hadn't seen your reply! Yeah, I think it was just her presentation I didn't care for. But I was watching Dateline and they had a 40 year-old case they solved that way. Now that DNA is so evolved with CODIS, etc. hopefully these cases will close much sooner.

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