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    OK, this is a topic I know a thing or three about!

    a) I went to sleepaway camp for 8 years at Camp Sussex in northern N.J. It was the highlight of my childhood. It closed in the 90's and there's a very active public FB page.
    b) I've been to Camp Getaway myself! Met campers in a bar in Manhattan and took a bus up to Kent, CT.

    I went about 12 years ago. I went on the Baby Boomer's trip on July 4th which was fun but the thunderstorm outdid the fireworks and it was plenty muddy. The owner was an older guy who owned the camp for generations; he must have sold it the next summer. And, the counselors were not old folks, they were kids in their early 20's from all over the world. They made fun of us because we were old! We had the best time and they had to work so last laugh.

    I went for 5 days, 4 nights but remember thinking it was too long. I was matched with a gal my age and we got along great. I think I had the cabin to myself for 2 days. At first I had bad plumbing and they moved me; then I had hot water showers and that's a bonus.

    I loved the grounds and the feeling it gave me reminiscent of my youth. I didn't do the extreme sports like trapeze; travelling from CA, I was taking it easy: swam, canoed, played softball, archery (got a bullseye!) and the Harlem Globetrotters entertained us. I danced and drank a fair amount! I was also making out with guy on a hill.

    The food was absolutely amazing. I think the trip cost me about $275 and was worth it.

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    Yo psychiatrist: you are a gaslighter! "Out of all the people you meet, I think I'm one of the greatest." Hmm, what other Narcissist does that sound like?

    Really Adam, you're going to go to blows over a girl?

    The wedding was nice. Did they meet there? Just like "Happy Glatt" from Camp Sussex who got married there.

    Next week: Halloween finale.


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