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Friday Night In With the Morgans - Jeffrey Dean from TWD and wife Hilarie Burton


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  • Friday Night In With the Morgans - Jeffrey Dean from TWD and wife Hilarie Burton

    On AMC.

    If you're a fan of The Walking Dead or just a fan of his/hers, you'll get a kick out of their little 20 minute show with other actors/friends/physicians/fans. It's quite comical, sweet and informative in the time of quarantine.

    Don't know how many episodes they will film but I'm looking forward to the next one.

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    Episode 2: Michael Cutlitz, Sarah Wayne Callies, Hilaries's bestie a local farmer Ed, and fan from home.

    Their farm pets, Jack and Diane: an emu and donkey who are inseparable.

    Their son looks like her.

    Homeschooling: Bwaaaaaaaaaa! "Go outside and play and I'll see you in 3 months. Lol.

    Anectodes from TWD: "Andy can't drive".

    The Morgans had a tattoo artist at their wedding. That's funny.

    Idiot proof gardening tips: peppers, tomatoes, zuchini.

    Michael has an actual whiskey store with pizza oven. My kinda pizzeria.

    Hilarie's drinking wine out of a coffee cup.

    Page, the viewer from the OC.

    What are stinging nettles?

    Awww, look at the baby chicks!

    "You're the king of the asses, Jeff." ​​​​​


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      May 1, 2020


      Mark Duplass and Katie Aselton; Colman Domingo and Kate Kortbus (community organizer); fan Kaley.

      I love that Hilary's not doing her hair but, a box ain't gonna kill ya.;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAPABAP///wAAACH5BAEKAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAICRAEAOw==

      Colman's gardening and looks like Little Edie.

      Mark plays melodica and plays Happy Birthday.;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAPABAP///wAAACH5BAEKAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAICRAEAOw==

      Mischief Farms. Them awesome animules. Wow, what are those ginormous blue/green eggs?

      Mmm, Vodka Martini. Dirty Martini for me.

      Kayle/Ruthie TWD: wow, look at her, the gymnast.

      New friend Grady: special ed teacher: how hard from home.



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        Episode 4: Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelosz celebrating 24 years of wedded bliss; Paul Rudd and wife Julie; Friend John from their candy shop. I love candy.

        Hilarie: congratulations on your memoir...and... there's no shame in box color!

        Paul doesn't like Asti Spumanti..."it takes like 1978". Hense the yellow frilly suit. Lol.

        Jeff has a man crush on Mark and "I look at myself and where did I go wrong?"

        Emu egg blowing. I've done that with regular eggs. then paint them and hang with a satin ribbon.

        Laura fan, and MFT. What will replace handshakes? Elbow butts?

        I love the last minute of the show when Jeff's with his animals.


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          Oh, the alpaca Silvercoin has been ill and Jeff is nursing him.

          Patton Oswalt and Meredith; Patton who found love after his wife passed away. I like their charity they work with.

          Liz Yearwood their son's teacher. Her son has left his dorm room for mom to clean up. Wow, her husband had covid. Geezaloo.

          Lowden County VA is Hilarie's hometown. Hilarie was making beer?

          Is that Alpha? Samantha Morton. England is the size of Georgia. Lol. She's going back to school to grow 'shrooms.

          I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

          Their son Gus is cute.

          Aww, Jeff is sad that Alpha is no longer and he doesn't have Samantha to work with.

          Friend Elisabeth, a childcare worker who created age appropriate activity bags. What weird thing have you found when cleaning organizing a space?

          Epilogue: Llama peeing standing up. Wow, that's some bladder he's got there.


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            Episode 7

            Sophia Bush from One Tree Hill (and Chicago PD); Kenrick & Seniqua Green (don't know 'em); Mark Mceathran (?);

            Sophia has a chicken coup and bees in L.A. Good for her. She's also fixing holes in her walls. Lol.

            Greens are expecting a girl. Who'd wanna have a baby NOW? Oy. They were preggers before the lockdown and didn't get a chance to do anything pre-baby.

            Hilarie painted her whole house black, she says. I've got the windows tin foiled and it's very black in here too!

            Day drinking, Mark's guilty pleasure. So they're sitting in their garage?

            Hilarie a Moonbaby can't swim? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

            Sophia is making food for essential workers. Very cool. "Cooking is coping".

            Jeff was shooting a movie before being shut down. Oooh.

            Wow, 1 person on a job site? That's the sound of one hand clapping.

            Write in wants to know about sheering her 4 alcapa. They sooo cute! Wait, 4 people with masks? Is that essential?

            Fan Daniel is going into med school for pediatric mental health. "How active have you all been?" "Chubby tummy, chubby tummy!"

            There she is painting the house black...with a brush! Why girl are you not using a roller?

            It would be cool if they just had this podcast like show that isn't just 10 episodes but every Friday night.


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              Yeah, not finished taping! (Spoiler: political discussion ahead)

              I read that Hilarie's mother has been sick and boy, they look disheveled and not so happy today.

              Oh, they are concentrating on the state of our nation....

              Yvette Nicole Brown and Colman Domingo who is the only reason to watch FTWD.

              I love how Yvette makes a reasoned anaolgy about how Whites may feel about BLM. "Listening." Not speaking.

              Colman is talking about how he's wanting to give fans tools to communicate.

              "Coffee and block!"

              Domingo, "Leave me alone White people, I am fine!"

              Viewer question: "How are you keeping positive with everything's that's going on?" Yvette, "I come from a place of joy...." And don't get stuck in social media, it's bleak. " I'm living in 70's R&B too!! White people are not my enemy, I'm fighting the system.

              Domingo, "I go out and look at the flowers in my garden. Last night I had a dance party. I was killing it last night!"

              Hilarie's right about clarifying "systemic racism". Amy Cooper is the girl in the park with dog. What killed me is that she had a GD dog! Did she carry a gun too?

              Women of color are subjected to police brutality too.

              #Iluvmycopdad. Lol.

              Something feels different this time.

              Y: "Vote for someone who cares about people."

              D: "Seems like we've been home all this time to fight for humanity."

              Y: She's a diabetic and dad is ill. She met up with Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer met up on a street corner in the Valley and chanted. And the pizza guy provided pizzas and drinks for them!" Awww.

              Y: "It is important to be on the right side of history." An "allyship". She and Hilarie were supposed to do a movie together.

              Great show! Back in 2 weeks.


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                Episode 10. Please let there be more!

                Friends Garret Dillahunt and Wife Michelle Hurd (she and Hilary met on her first Christmas movie), Sonia Barnes-Moorhead, VP of Astor Services which takes care of special needs children.

                Fan Alison who makes masks. Yeah, my ears hurt too.

                I love that Splaaaat hair color too!

                They're building a new garden. All that acreage in Upstate NY.


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                  I missed a week! Episode 8.

                  Norman Reedus and Diane Krueger (they're soo blurry?), Elizabeth Moss and her 2 cats, Lucy & Ethel, lol. and Jean the comic book guy. I really did love Betty & Veronica in 7th grade.

                  I see Hilary still hasn't embraced box color. C'mon!

                  Jeffrey so funny when he's not Negen. Jeff's like Bill Nye the Science guy who's made his own hand lotion.

                  How weird, Elizabeth is talking about fear of the deep ocean and I just finished watching Natalie Wood story who in an interview said the same thing.

                  Their little guy George is cute. He's dragging daddy around, "c'mon!"

                  Viewer question, "Norman, tell the best uncensored story about Jeff"...

                  Elizabeth was nominated for an emmy and was giving out the award for Best Actress and made a deal he'd have to call her name regardless and she won. She's done her Peliton and now thinks she could do an action film.

                  Hilary does a Christmas movie every year and likes that it's easy and she doesn't have to take her shirt off.

                  William joins them...

                  Norman doesn't miss taking selfies. Lol.

                  Wow, imagine being that young with your own go cart.


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