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    Anybody what the Shahs? I started about 4 seasons ago and I might be alone but I get a kick outta them. I guess because I live in L.A. and I really do like all cultures and I appreciate how they are proud Persians who are Jews, Christians and Muslim. I enjoyed it when they went to Israel together and dealt with a lot of mixed feelings about being there. But my Persian doctor's wife says they don't represent the culture and they don't watch.

    I had a couple of questions about the 1st episode and the fight between Reza and "Merz".

    Anybody else watching?

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    Wow. Just wow.

    I never like big mouthed Mercedes and her uber angry nasty husband Tommy. She really kinda did start the rumor mill but Reza is no picnic either. She really was in bad shape at the hospital but who is Reza really unhappy with? Adam looks soo guilty. What was it that he threw in the street? Was that something that belonged to her? That would be reason for upcoming Tommy b&e'ing...

    Sara is ridiculous for telling Destiney to stay away from her brother. Destiney asks for her respect but didn't really take her feelings into considering by drooling over her little brother.

    Mike is so neurotic and hides behind his euphemisms; he needs to deal with his own wayward thoughts. I can see this relationship falling apart too.......

    Nema seems like a do gooder, "Can't we all just get along?"

    Poor GG really really needs her Maryjane! If she has no self control around parties and needs a bodyguard, she should not be having a child.


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      Tommy Feight is a POS! Can you imagine if Reza and Adam were home? I don't see their marriage lasting more than 2 years. Merz has always been a nasty piece of work. Poor baby Shams. Oh, I'm pretty sure personal trainer man, you are not psychic and Shams ain't talking to you from beyond the grave.

      Reza, Reza, Reza: you cannot post ish online and think that's it's ok, it's LIBEL. Saying your sorry after the fact isn't how you deal with the present.

      Desitney is also a walking mess. I do like that Mike and Nema remain calm and try to be reasonable.

      GG is preggers. Oy! Another hot mess.

      The Shahs should all go into family therapy together!


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        All I have to say is: a) when you come to a person's home with a bat, you're intention is to hurt THEM which is assault, and b) a restraining order is NOT a civil suit, it too is criminal. RME.


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          When it comes to friendships, I am a puddle! I like that Reza came clean to Merz and she handled herself well.

          Mike: such the philosopher.

          GG doesn't look amused by Merz's 'confession'. Really, Mac&Cheese pain?


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            Camp Hawaii. Oh boy.

            "When we go on vacation and spend a lot of money, we really don't like wasting time.....except for Destiney. Slug!

            Merz: Tommy is the one who needs to apologize, the madman. Her outfits are ridiculous. Put some clothes on! You criticize Mike for being controlling? Your husband is a rageaholic. My god, she's a sht stirrer and then acts all "like whaaaaat?" STFU!! Your intention is ALWAYS from a bad place.

            Shervin's shirt, "Lost sleeves". Reza's controlling? "Adam just called you asking if he can fart". Ok, that's funny.

            OMG, stop talking about kissing. I actually like Nema's new teef.

            Sorry, I don't get the beeze. I mean I could think of a thousand other things I would do in Hawaii; you can do beeze in L.A.

            Reza:, "I'm half Muslim, half Jewish, I don't F with the swine." Lol.

            Paulina seems like a nice girl. But, the cards.....danger ahead!

            GG's "been puffin on the magic dragon". Nothing like Maui Wowie.

            I really gotta give my water buffaloes another try.

            Producer: "Can you show me on the dolls what happen with you and Nema." She's a tease.


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              Shahs reunion on WWHL on Bravo, Sunday 9pm!


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                Shahs returning Sunday, May 16th on Bravo. Can't wait for the drama!


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                  They're baaaaaaaaaack! If any Real Housewives bring it, it's the Shahs of Sunset. I love this group because they're in L.A., are are 1st generation Persian Americans and are Jewish/Christian/Moslem. And when it comes to the drama, they are as nasty as New Jersey!

                  Did they seriously spend $1700 on food?

                  Reza dear: stop with the angry mouth, then apologize ish. Don't behave crappily to begin with.

                  Destiney's dog Frank Sinatra had a life vest on, then fell in the poo.

                  New girl London is interesting: she's a lesbian life/dating coach. Maybe she's good for the group.


                  • #10
                    Mike "apologizes" and "won't do it again" and "a thousand percent lie". Mike SPOOFS HIMSELF! He accuses GG and Reza.

                    Everyone's deflecting!

                    Poor Paulina: LEAVE HIM.

                    Reza, the pathological liar (wasn't angry enough if innocent) leaves.

                    GG says she recognizes the drama in the group and doesn't want it anymore.

                    Everyone's proud of Mike. Fools rush in.

                    Who believes whom?

                    London takes out her pendulum. "This is NASA science".

                    "Friend" Sherwin left.

                    Merz apologizes to GG. I hate this behave badly/apology ish. Yes, a lie by omission.

                    What I don't understand is why no one is suggesting that Reza meets with Tommy alone. Two hot-heads.

                    Now that I know Paulina is a Cancer (like me): crabs have pincers, they don't let go; we're very tenacious. I lived with my ex, also a Cancer for 5 years while he cheated and had "emotional affairs". "I have too much respect myself too much to allow that." Now stick to your words, Moonbaby.

                    Reza and Merz meet at the Venice steps. Reza says that the Mike sitch sounds like his philandering.

                    Mike and Nema take boxing lessons. How is Nema not pissed at Mike for lying to him. Nema: why would you even take 3 years for a friendship with an ex? Me? NEXT!

                    Destiny nephew is her homie. She's drinking in the confessionals? No need to rinse an incision. Apply pressure! She gives him a relationship primer.

                    Gigi's has a welcoming party. With animules. Lol.

                    I think Gigi has expressed herself well this year. She's growing up!

                    How long did Tommy go to jail for? So he's not letting Reza meet Shams. Oy!


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