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Married at First Sight - Season 10


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    It's sweet that the "crew" can get together and share their home videos with us.
    That baby gave everyone a scare. Phew! Congrats!
    Danielle is testing for pregnancy...She's somewhat pregnant...? They're arguing over lines? Bobby is a cool guy. "Get to peein'". Lol.

    Keith and Kristine are too cute. How nice of Keith to plan the apology picnic. Keith's dad is helping with laying kitchen tile.

    I hope Greg's mother is ok. A 6-hour ride to MD. What a great son and daughter-in-law. Deonna has baby fever. Greg: not so much.

    Austin chopped his hair off. Jessica gets her graduate degree...and Austin makes a graduation for her and her dog Rex. "Bubbles with Jess and Frosty Austy's."

    Jaime and Elizabeth have moved into their Silicon Valley apartment. He bought her a couch bed in a box. "This is why I stay married to this dude." Yo, Beth, you stay married because you committed to it, that's why.

    Ashley and Anthony and their too cute little girl. Sounds like her family's bar will bounce back.

    AJ and Stephanie are working like a team. He's going back to work f/t which makes them happy.

    Shawneice and Jefte have really grown up. They worked though a lot of issues and seem to be thriving. They're really enjoying being little Laura's parents.


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