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  • Married at First Sight - Season 10

    Really, 10 seasons? Wow, I get sucked in every season and then see the same dynamic over and over.

    It's too easy to predict who will last and who won't. So they needed now 5 couples to do so?

    Don't the producers run psych exams on them? It's like they choose the most unstable men/women (mostly the men) who really aren't attracted to their wives and then try to either BS their way through until decision day. If it was me, I'd be VERY specific about what I like looks wise; religion wise; education wise; political leanings; SIMILAR relationship experience.

    Someone who is the 1st one in his life who's been married? Who lies and won't even wear his wedding band. Someone who talks in circles and TRIES to use his language skills to get out of saying, "", period? Someone who has serious anger issues and says, "I said sorry 1000 times already but don't touch me or my things and get over it" and will very very very likely behave that way again?

    Not to suggest that some woman are insecure and/or immature (the 29 yo virgin) but it seems like the hurt and pain lands on the women.

    By the way: the first sign you should run for the hills: THE SILENT TREATMENT.

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    So weird: the most current episode has this horrible obnoxious music score for every single scene which is loud and you can't even hear the dialogue! I couldn't believe that this blatant "mistake" got past all of the production crew. I understand music/score is to emphasize emotions but this was ridiculous. It was hard to get through the episode so I wrote them and they are forwarding my comment to the appropriate party.........which doesn't mean a whole lot. I hope they fix it by next episode or they will lose viewers.


    • namers
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      The actually did reply to me they were 'escalating' it to whomever. Generally that means nothing but I see the current episode was 'normal'.

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    It's so weird but then again I didn't watch unReal. I don't want to know the production background, yet wondering how some of these men and women are chosen with obvious mental health issues? The women seem to be articulate enough to clearly express their concerns and the men do not respond directly and then make excuses that the relationship isn't working. Having said that: Taylor, step away from your mini computer and show Brandon some respect. Wow, then post a video that you're single? What the what? Grow the up!

    Yo Katie, zip it. Yo Derek, zip it. See how that works? I'm pretty sure that 8 weeks 24/7 is probably 6 months to a year so the women should zip it too.

    I like that they all socialize together but, I don't like that they they comment on each other's relationship when not in a group setting. Concentrate on your own problems!

    Zach: you are full of it: hot air. Really, leave the dog at home; what is he your babysitter?

    Meka: one lie makes a liar.

    Out of the 5 couples, I only see Jessica and Austin staying together.........


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      I guess I'm the only one watching.

      I do like that Dr. Pepper really gets to the bottom of what's going on and doesn't shy away from calling someone out.

      Zach is emotionally stunted. Never trust someone (like Michael) who covers their mouth when they speak. Mindy has been more than patient. Next week looks trippy between them....

      The producers picked Michael because he's the 1st to get married; he has no role models: good TV. Meka talks too much, men get lost in the minutiae.

      I don't know what Katie wants from a husband, she's never satisfied;

      Taylor and Brandon are both nuts.

      Jessica and Austin seem like the most connected and mature. They might be the only couple left standing.


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        If I was in the position of Taylor/Brandon and I wasn't contracted to do whatever, I would not open that wedding box at all. I'm not sure I would like to do a mani/pedi with my beau, massage, yes. She can't say "I'm sorry" in person? So she's complaining about his issues with the camera. "Do you want to be friends?" "No." Wow, when someone recognizes a Narcissist. You go Brandon!

        Katie & Derek: Derek - STFU about 'falling in love'. You want to know you haven't been in love? Because you told yourself that, that's why. Grow up! I think the problem is, like with the Housewives: they say they're sorry but continue the behavior. You should not have gone into a marriage with all these "things" you still want to do. He does nice gestures but I hope they can get on the same page with future kiddies.

        Jessica & Austin - Jess was uncomfortable when Austin didn't think the L word was appropriate just yet. Like he said, "in the back of my mind, it's just a month" which I would imagine would be hard to reconcile. Don't push it.

        Mindy & Zach - There he goes, covering his mouth again......Word salads, my man. "Are you gay?" Before the marriage? What is he saying? She shouldn't have been on the show if she's dating someone?? "I think you're making up stuff." So write it on a damn napkin. Mindy finally got up and left. Stop taking ish!! GASLIGHTING.On to the wedding photos......"She's logical like I am." Are you kidding me?? Lie. Lie. Lie. Lie. Narcissist (people say Sociopath but they tend towards violence). I had a liar/cheater boyfriend who had an "emotional affair" with a married friend for dozens of lunches and when that came out her husband divorced her and we broke up. Mindy: you can do better!

        Michael & Meka - He's another one who talks in circles and can't even look at her when he speaks to her.

        Can't wait until next week when the experts way in!


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          It's "Re-commitment Day".

          Yo Michael, instead of neurotically grooming your catnip, groom your unruly beard! He's an educator? He can't even speak English. I do not tolerate a liar, even a "fib". Meka is a depressive. Nothing happy about her. Michael is the 1st in his family to get married and it shows. He will continue to lie because it's in his nature; no commitment is going to change that.

          Derek: if you told her the things you've already done, then maybe your "dreams" would sound more realistic. Katie, "It will be bad for the whole family"? Say what? Why is she talking through the door? "I have every intention of doing every single one." Delusional much?

          Geeze, GROWTFUP! I don't think 25 year-olds are good for this experiment. Geeze, she couldn't even put the phone down for a hug.

          Zach, "It's more than I expected marrying a stranger". You expected easy? You have NOT been emotionally faithful. LIAR! I've been there when my ex-boyfriend had "like 50 lunches" with a mutual friend. Well, when her husband found out, he divorced her and we broke up. But you can see how I've never forgotten that statement. Pastor Calvin: he doesn't take poop from anyone! Zach is just biding his time. "Zach, I don't even believe you!" He's such a BS artist and not even good at it. By the way: you're not all that.

          Mindy: HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU!! Wake up!

          Austin & Jessica: Girls: stop pressuring the "I love you". Good advice Dr. Viv. Austin's a good guy.

          Taylor and Brandon: YOU BOTH SUCK. Pastor Calvin: "I see two people who can't get past the roadblocks that YOU CAUSED."


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            I feel for Meka: she got the short end of the stick and that is not fair to her and her commitment and participation in the show. Why can't the producers make better choices with the candidates? SMDFH! I can't do liars either! Good for her standing up for herself but they cheated a decent person out of a happy ending. Is Michael now understanding how him being adopted had him creating his own narrative? Look at her moving closer to him to be empathetic. I'll give her credit this week that at 25, she is very mature in her understanding. Michael's sister sounds very reasonable. I do understand the feelings of wanting to be accepted. I used to be a fabricator as a kid for those same reasons: your home life isn't "up to par". I even lied about that I got my period because all my friends had theirs but I didn't. Yeah, I typed that out loud.

            Mindy: "fabricated in his head". There's AIR in Zach's head. "I don't want to be in this marriage anymore." Don't let the door door hit you on the way out. C'mon, you don't know what the reasons are, Dr. Viv? He was just not into her! My ex was a "fabricator"; lying came naturally to him. Emotional cheating IS cheating!

            People and their untrained dogs. As a retired trainer, it's infuriating to watch that they can't solve a simple problem like the dog humping him.

            Derek seems like he really tries to be a "partner" in offering her understanding. I love hot apple cider too! That poem, "I love you". I thought he's never been in love? Katie: GROW THE EF UP! So judgmental!

            Jessica: "There may have been ALL CAPS LETTERS back and forth." What I leaned about men, likely too late is that if you listen to them, they tell you the truth. If Austin says he he's not ready to say the L word, he's not ready. If he says he is growing in love, he is. If he says he is smitten, believe him! Austin: I think out of the guys, Austin is the most "present".

            Taylor and Brandon: let me say this: a guy letter a gal drive him is a really big deal. How nice that he feels he had a great childhood. Few people can say that. Props. Taylor finds the worst times to criticize him. "You touch me more than you usually do."


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              9 weeks. Couple retreat. Some need a "9 Weeks" to survive. Beautiful place and grounds. Kinda The Shining.

              Katie: shut off your mind, it's killing the mood! "You're a catch girl". Like, like, I'm immature, like you know? "Derek loves all the other wives but me." Ouch. "I'm done!" ---> ad nauseum already. How is this chick a mental health professional?

              Taylor is just not trustworthy. Who 'falls asleep at a friend's house' but doesn't call? C'mon!

              Jessica: Absence makes the heart grow fonder...or further apart. Austin: did you resolve it?

              Brandon: "lingering issue"...I suppose arguing while driving is not a good idea. Brandon put the phone down! Brandon is a very hostile person to everyone who confronts him about HIS behavior.

              I see the difference between 20's and 30's.

              Meka, "what are you looking forward to at this retreat?" Michael, "being with the guys". This guy is emotionally stunted. Ruuuuuuuuuuuuun! Meka loves Derek, Lol. You are sooo naive and delusional that he's gonna come back a Man.


              This is the 1st season that you see Producers, camera men, boom operators and what looks like a security guard. C'mon MAFS, you can do better when finding contestants.

              My god that otherworldly tour was silly. Lol.

              At the end, one couple standing, like I've been saying.

              Please let this post post!


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                I cannot stand Micheal! You don't "capitulate". He gave his a job he never had; he's a CON MAN. Beware of his flattened affect...

                I cannot stand Brandon! So what exactly did he say to the producers to get the gig? Wait till he finds out about the camera. Scary dude.

                I cannot stand Taylor!

                I cannot stand Katie! You're a girl, dad.

                Who's left?

                Austin, you're full of it; what if Jessica was gone more than not, you'd be o.k. with it? She's going to miss you a little bit meaning you're not going to miss her at all.

                Derek: dreams or delusions?

                I forgot that Jessica is a twin. Like. Shhhhhhhhh.

                Meka: you deserve better. You were cheated, girl.


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                  Michael IS a conman. Did he ever really work a job? Ever produce a pay stub or for that matter, a tax return? I don't thin he has ever worked period.


                  • namers
                    namers commented
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                    Hi, AW. Nice to see someone else watches. I know the show looks for entertainment value but c'mon, do they do no due diligence whatsoever? Meka should have left him 10 lies ago! They've had assaults in the past. Brandon is unstable too.

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                  It's never a good sign when they start twirling their wedding ring.

                  Jessica and Austin - "Refusing" to say 'I love you'. I don't believe you needed a YEAR to tell someone you love them. I like that the experts said, "We're all married and we travel." I do like that he compliments her. Austin cringes at the question of how he feels about the L word. HE SAID IT! Dr. Pepper was crying!

                  Brandon and Taylor - How nice of him to show up. Must have been the CONTRACT he signed. He's sooo aggressive! Taylor: he IS who he is and off camera or not, that is his MO. RUN! Comes in and shakes hands: be careful of the charming ones......Thank you Viviana: "why are you smiling so much?" "Paranoia will destroy ya" (The Kinks). Leaves to go to the bathroom? MANIPULATOR! Drop the "Brother" BS. Rev. Calvin: "Do you have incontinence?"

                  Meka and Micheal - Ugh, I don't even want to hear him speak, frankly. Meka: you DO know his lying is never going to change. Wake up! I would like to hear him first, then be crushed. So sue me! He is such a bs artist. Blah blah blah. I was a little liar growing up for similar reasons; my life was 10x harder than his. That stopped about 16 years old. I just can't with him. YES Meka, YAAAAAAAAAAAS!

                  Katie and Derek - Derek: I still think she's immature. Every time I see: "Mental Health Professional," I scoff. Good luck you two.

                  Oh, Mindy and Zach - I knew there was another couple but couldn't remember who they were! Pastor Calvin, "Did you get into this marriage to be on TV?" Gotta love him. Another BS artist: YOU JUST WEREN'T ATTRACTED TO HER! "Knowing what I have to offer to women." Oh ffs! You can tell by their faces, they ain't buying what he's selling. Good for Mindy to take care of herself. She will find her happily ever after.

                  After the final rose?


                  • #12
                    After the reunion: 5 months later... they give them the smallest couch to sit on!

                    Katie & Derek, "Thankfully Katie made it easy to not fall in love with her. I've heard from 5 different people that you slept with your ex after the honeymoon." Yowser!

                    Meka & Michael: "What was your favorite thing about Michael." Pregnant pause. Bring on the lies! Kevin: "you don't look like a yoga instructor". Ha! Meka: I could have been softer with you in those moments." Hun, stop accepting the bad behavior. If that was me, he'd be kicked to the curb 100 lies ago.

                    Mindy & Zach: Zach should get together with Michael because they both talk a lot of ish. "It's not like reverted back to my vow. 'Yeah my vows.'" Talking in circles, much? Mindy: "Watching that, I'm embarrassed for you." Zach: "The type of Mindy I see now."

                    Austin & Jessica: Look at them holding hands! It is kinda funny to see footage we haven't seen.

                    Taylor & Brandon: Holy crap! She set him up and they both went to jail! I toldja how violent he is and antagonistic he is. So Brandon ain't there? Wow, the other cast was involved in the court procedures! Roll that beautiful bean footage, Michael. Of course YOU understand Brandon's behavior. Leave the race outta it! Thanks Kevin for standing up.

                    Sorry ladies: I wuv my girlfriends but you couldn't pay me to get a tattoo.

                    Let me guess who went out with another cast member on a date? Taylor and Derek; supposedly they had chemistry....Oh, Zach & Katie! And that's why you don't get tattoos!

                    How do the "experts" get things so wrong?


                    • #13
                      Let me say right out the gate. Namers you are so right,i agree experts got these very wrong. At first i thought Jessica & Austin good match and i also thought Katie & Darek.. Glad that Jessica & Austin were a good match (so far anyway). After a couple episodes i started to see that Katie & Darek were not going to work. Mostly because of Katie's fairy tale expectatations. The other 3 couples, i knew were not good matches from day one. Meka & Michael train wreck, and it wasn't all Michael.Mindy & Zach, i felt bad for Mindy because Zach was on the wrong reality show. Then there is Taylor & Brandon, both on the wrong reality show. This season i could have done a better job of pairing people up.


                      • namers
                        namers commented
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                        Hey jc. You're so right: on the wrong show! Mindy grew a lot and out of everyone she will meet someone perfect for her.

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                      Where Are They Now?

                      Jefte & Shawniece seems to have reconciled their differences and are in a good place. Their little girl is a handful!

                      Ashley & Anthony are so cute and it's nice to see their little happy family.

                      Molly WAS unlikable. Jessica was pissed because Molly was a liar. Wasn't John unemployed? Nothing about him is interesting so I don't get the attraction except for power. Jessica has it, John doesn't. I don't see them getting married or staying married if they do.

                      I don't know Doug & Jamie but I'm glad she saw past this looks. Cute baby. Henley?

                      Jamie & Elizabeth: a hot mess, these 2. She was a spoiled, high strung Daddy's girl. "Basic Caucasian sex!"

                      Kristine & Keith: very cute couple and bought their first house together.

                      Amber & Matt: he's like Micheal and Taylor too: not marriage material and not nice people. "I'm not the type of person who shouldn't have done this." Yo "experts", how do you not know that? You all were seriously hoodwinked by a sociopath. (And I can't find a job.) Amber says she's found a kind person. Why aren't they divorced? HE'S SUCH AN ANNOYING LIAR, JEEZALOO! "I have a date with an IG model". Really, that's all you got? LOSER.

                      Stephanie & AJ: They traveled and seems to be happy. Dunno.

                      Sam and Neil. Yo Sam: you were no prize yourself. Oh wow, she took responsibility for her behavior and found love. Whoda knewn?

                      Wow, Tom got married to someone who isn't Lillian. They were mismatched.

                      Bobby & Danielle: Bobby was a cool guy and Danielle was a little uptight. She went from not wanting to be a stay-at-home-mom to being a stay-at-home-mom! Wow, what a story. Cute baby!


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                        Pandemic TV! I'm watching "Couples' Cam". I'm actually enjoying just watching the happy couples and their lives in isolation. Oh geeze, Lifetime movies might be next!

                        Thank you Jessica for being the nurse whom risks her life for ours.

                        Very sad for Ashley and her family's business and will they be able to bounce back?

                        Cute babies.
                        "Delicious Pizza".;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAPABAP///wAAACH5BAEKAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAICRAEAOw==‚Äč Heat that puppy up!

                        Danielle, your man shaved. Lol.

                        OMG, can Stephanie and find something sexier to do?

                        Jessica & Austin look great for Formal Night.

                        Jaime is ready to home...with a doula. Baby's coming. I'm not sure I want to see this. Epidural upon conception!

                        Phew, next time!


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