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American Idol 2019 ---- Season 2


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  • American Idol 2019 ---- Season 2

    American Idol is back on ABC! Check the local timings! It's back on this network for Season 2, but we know it's Season 17th! The judges are back. It premieres this Sunday, March 3th!

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    Today is the day to watch the show! Don't know if I would be able to see it cuz my DISH Network does not work well if it's snowing or raining hard. I am expecting 4 to 6 inches of snow tonight on the East Coast. So I guess we will see.

    I just hope this season, no 2 people eliminated on the same night. And that the show works with the winner with the music, cuz I have not heard anything from Poppy, Season 16th winner. Surprised that Katy is back. Hopefully we see more of their judgment with the new cast or contestants.


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      I'm so happy that American Idol is back. Been watching this show since 2002. When kelly clarkson won it all. But I must say that Carrie Underwood was my favorite winner from Idol May 2005. In 2008 I saw Carrie Underwood in concert for her carnival ride tour and it was amazing. Carrie has the singing voice of an angel. And so do I. I'm a huge fan of Katy Perry's glad that she is judging on Idol again. Abc did the right thing by picking this show up. After fox had canceled it.


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        First Episode....sorry I am late have the first, second and third on my DVR. First episode was 3/3/2019...aired is what I am saying. I was not into seeing it, but then got sold on me! Here are some of the people that stood out

        • Kai
        • Miss Trans...sorry don't remember her first name. Should say the Vietnamese gal
        • Nick Rogers He's a cutie!
        • Maggie May
        • U`Che
        • The last guy, Nick who lost his brothers
        • Tiffanne, who knew who Lionel was, lol!

        I don't know how good will I be for the second episode for those who stands out for me. Trying to watch the second episode soon.


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          It's okay. You can actually catch up to the previous seasons of American Idol on youtube if you want. They have all of the American Idol winners on there.
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            Woo thank you!

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          Second Episode....there were some in the rough of the diamonds. I cried of the blind girl! I loved the strawberry field guy. I am sad that Karli never went thru! Others that went by, was not up to participate either...why ex this gal out?


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