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Growing Up In Hip Hop --- (Season 5)


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  • Growing Up In Hip Hop --- (Season 5)

    The original Growing Up in Hip Hop, is back for the 5th Season! It airs on WE Network, Thursdays, at 8pm on January 10th! I got see the First Look....I will tell you about it, in my next post. But here is, the cast of this season:

    Ang & Vanessa
    Damon Dash
    Master P
    Egypt & her boyfriend Sam
    ...and some more

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    * Deleted my other post, so there won't be no confusion.....I made Season 5 earlier this year, but the show still was in Season 4....anyways...

    The original Growing Up In Hip Hop aka GUIHH, is coming back for Season 5, on December 5th, 9pm! So it's in a couple of weeks. And boy has things changed with Romeo and Angelina! I thought there would be something there. Then there is Sam, who wants to propose to Egypt. But her family against it. We do see Briana in Season 5. I think she made amends with Tee. We do see others as well. Oh wait, Jojo and his woman, are having problems! Looks like there won't be a wedding. Now I thought Jojo was a fun dude! Anyway, can't wait until next month!
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      First the show aired about 16 mins I think of Episode 1 of Season 5! Here is the few of the highlights;
      • Romeo is a religious spiritual guy! Sending Bible quotes to his friends.
      • Romeo and Ang had a falling out as friends and lovers
      • Ang feels like Romeo is ignoring her text messages
      • Jojo and his gal are happy to get married.
      • Romeo and Ang's sister, Vanessa, are now tight as friends

      Anyway, this was the peek of Episode 1! The show comes on, December 5th at 9pm! And yes, this is Season 5!


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        First Episode....I just don't know what happened with Rom and Ang There is jealousy from Rom this time. Maybe it's the show faking the drama to making it real, but I am getting suckered in it!

        Egypt and Sam moved to Las Vegas because of her mother’s concert tour. Sam wants to propose to her, but doing it as a surprise. Boogie and Tyran knows...okay Boogie is, well he wants Sam to tell Egypt father, Trench, hands in marriage. Tyran was blown away and secretly does not approve of it!

        Briana is back, she probably wanted to stay because of her cash low. She is in better place and has a new man in her life. She was telling that to Damon. Surprised that they got back together as friends. Damon is going thru hard times because what it is in this news. I don't personally think he should have another kid, however, he is good with his boo.

        At the end of the episode, Jojo told his sister about what Rom said. She flipped I said, Rom may be jealous of her ways. Or that this show is playing tricks on me, lol!


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          Second Episode - Romeo's Going Away Party
          I am trying to get down to what went wrong with Romeo and Ang's friendship/possible lovers. It seems like Boogie is getting it that when the camera goes off, Romeo is not friends with the cast. The commercial was also misleading as well. Jojo having a anger conversation to Romeo, when it's to Boogie about Romeo. Jojo blew up over him because he said of Jojo's sister or referred to her as "tornado". Ang was extremely bothered of Rom saying to her, "thanks for coming" be honest, it was silly of him throwing away himself a party because he would be back in 4 months, lol! And Vanessa should have said no to planning this event! Then in the end, Romeo explains why he unfollowed his friends on IG. I am like, "you ain't no Beyonce", lol! Romeo has got Hollywood up in his head. He even ain't The Kardashians, lol! Basically he is a D-List celeb like Bow Wow is. Sorry Rom!


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            Third here is the highlights;
            • There was a discussion on Romeo from his friends. Romeo feels like, people should bow to him, or respect more. Who knows....
            • Lil Twist wants to date Boogie's sister! There is drama in Dash family. The father did not paid child support to two women. Right now it's saying one...
            • Salt & Pepa are not friendly no more! The other one is in a lawsuit with them
            • Tyran told Tee of Sam's situation! Tee discuss this with Pepa. She is fine with it! Tyran and Tee told Trench, he was not happy!
            • Romeo deletes his friends from Instagram! Ang blocks him because he is negative of her .....Ang wants to take her friend as a third eye with this Briana situation....


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              4th Episode...I guess we have new additions to this show, Tanice, Jojo's girlfriend... bride to be, Soso who is Briana's boyfriend and the legendary, Rev Run. I am in the middle of the episode. Tee wants to learn about Egypt and her life, but does not know, Tee is against the marriage proposal to Sam. I don't know how this will play out. Egypt wants to be this mega superstar....she sings great, but don't know if there is a market for it...anyway, if there is more, I will comment below!


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                5th Episode....Boy Lil Twist is something, lol! He wants Boogie's sister and spilling the tea to Tee Tee that she likes Sam. I first thought I did not believe it, lol, but now, I don't know.

                The tea party with Ang and Briana, was weird. Thought too that Lil Twist wants Ang, but got was Boogie's sister that he is in too.

                Eric is now a married man. He did not wanted Briana at the party. His wife does not like her. Ang wanted to agree, but since squashing the beef, she wants no part of it. Jojo's woman still stress that she wants no more baby because her last pregnancy was hard. I guess we are half way in the show...oh yeah, the guys made fun of Romeo. Well he asked for it since he thinks he is all of that. Anywayz.....can't wait to see the next week episode! Tee does not look happy of this info of Sam.


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                  6th Episode....okay, so we have Troy, Tee and Egypt banning together to save Egypt from marrying Sam. Did not know that Troy stole money from Pepa either. (Drinking my Strawberry Iced Tea in the corner and loving this info) Sam told Pepa that he is marrying her daughter. She approves. Now it's to her father, who surprisingly will say yes! ....Sam has a baggage....don't know what Egypt is thinking.

                  Boogie went on a "friendly lunch" with Ang. She thought it was. He thought it was a date. Looks like he may be interested in her. Romeo better watch out. Another drama for another season Boogie is also opening a rehab. Brought a house with his business partner. His father says in the confessions room that Boogie has no business experience. I am like, "dang, can you believe in him, Damon?" I have no words to say. What I do know is that Damon is bitter about Jay-Z. Jay-Z broke away from him and living his best life. Jay-Z knows that Damon will hit him up for cash....Damon also wants Rachel Roy's business too, which is failing from what I have heard. Anyway, Damon thinks he is a business guy. Damon, sit your butt somewhere...please


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                    7th Episode....why so I have a feeling that we might get another 5 episodes because of the preview at the end of this episode.

                    Anyway, here is the highlight:
                    • Rev Run talks to his daughter in law, Tanice and his son Jojo. At the end of that scene or almost close to it, Jojo picks on the idea of another baby and wanted to be named after him if it's a boy. Tanice, says no and still does not want any more kids
                    • Sam tells Trench, Egypt's father that he wants to marry his daughter. Trench was stern, but accept his blessings to Sam
                    • Tee stalls Egypt from Sam asking the big question at his and Egypt concert. Sam is mad because Egypt is late but point fingers at Tee. Tyran thought it was a good idea of what Tee did. So does Briana...and then we have Lil Twist with Briana
                    • Oh yeah, Romeo is M.I.A. for most of these episodes. So thank god it's not his show but the cast...

                    Can't wait until next week! On a lookout on ATL show....please make this happen.


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                      8th heart ached for Ang! She had to tell her kid that his dad was in the heavens. What is more that her therapist told her regarding Romeo that he has feelings for her and don't know how to express it. Plus Master P is looking at the situation different.

                      Now to the good stuff! Egypt was 20 min late to her boyfriend concert, thanks to Tee. Yes, Sam proposed to her!!! She said yes!!! Tyran, Tee and Briana was stingy!!! Tee now wants to investigate Sam's past. Lil Twist was not feeling Sam's look...Joker face painted look. Anyway, do I think Egypt is too young for a big step, yes! She has a lot to explore and her family feels like Sam is doing the talking. I don't know how it's going to go down but I am here for it! I am hoping that Romeo tells Ang the truth, that he has feelings for her....Next week is Egypt 21st birthday. Yeah, she is legal to do what ever she wants. I still think she needs to go to school to further her education cuz this music business, is not working out for her, even thou I like her music. She needs to lose Sam.....


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                        9th Episode...There was chaos at Egypt 21st party! Pepa refused to listen to Tee regarding Sam loving her. And Briana got in it with Eric's woman regarding last year. And Ang, grandma, looks like passed away from that shooting with the cast. I wonder why Ang's mom, never told Jojo and Vanessa??? And soon we are going to have Bow Wow in the mix. He is there for Ang. Egypt is pissed at Romeo who is MIA, lol!

                        Looks like few more episodes and then we have the Season Finale.


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                          10th Episode.....Apparently Briana got into it with Pepa. Pepa is all for Sam apparently. Clearly at the end of the episode, she was protecting him. Boogie got into it with his father. Damon always wants to be right. He does not believe that Boogie will succeed with the rehab business. Then we have Vanessa telling her family that she will talk to Romeo regarding Ang. Then later, lol! Bow Wow comes thru, giving Jojo the bachelor's party. All I want to ask him, when his show is going to come back? Anyway next week, Jojo turns it up for his bachelor party!


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                            11th Episode....Jojo's bachelor party, was wild! Ooo weee...Ang should not hear the details of her brother's party, lol! The family meeting with Pepa regarding Sam, did not go soo well. Tee is out! Bow Wow is thinking of being Ang's forever guy. And she says the stupidest thing that she can't compare Bow Wow with okay then Romeo has been MIA for the longest time....Anyway, I still have not seen ATL version up on tv yet. When is that dropping, Bow Wow??? I know I saw Waka and his wife having their own show that is airing on tv soon. I might look into that....anyway, new episode, next week and no where I see a Season Finale here. Maybe the following episode, but I hope not!


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                              12th Episode....Soo the hairdresser that Briana and Pepa's ex employee went into, says that Sam is a opportunist. And Sam's father had dinner with Pepa, talking about Sam. Pepa wants to protect him because of his past.

                              The thing that is most jaw dropping is Gabe counseling Damon, with Boggie and Ava. And Ava does not like when Damon's woman is with them, ouch! Gabe did not side with Boogie and Ava, but want to make it right with Damon...that's not right! Forgot to mention my read on his news. He is suing Rachel Roy of money he invested in....don't know if this is true, but sounds like Damon is looking for money cuz he is broke....


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