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Growing Up In Hip Hop --- (Season 5)


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  • Growing Up In Hip Hop --- (Season 5)

    The original Growing Up in Hip Hop, is back for the 5th Season! It airs on WE Network, Thursdays, at 8pm on January 10th! I got see the First Look....I will tell you about it, in my next post. But here is, the cast of this season:

    Ang & Vanessa
    Damon Dash
    Master P
    Egypt & her boyfriend Sam
    ...and some more

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    I saw the First Look. I hate looking at them, cuz it's a bit's the preview to the episode, and then, it's stops later, and you want more...and when it usually do come on, especially when I tape it, I fast forward it. I don't want to see, what I already saw. Well here is a bits of preview
    • Ang's fiancĂ© dies. He is murdered. Romeo and her brother are there to support her
    • Pastry, the company that had Simmons girls in, wants to do a partnership again with them. Vanessa wants to say yes, but Ang no. Vanessa wants to move forward in plan alone
    • Egypt is upset of what Tee & her brother said of Sam, when they were getting married last season
    • Pepa is dating her bodyguard
    • Briana is dabbing into music and Damon is mentoring her
    • Master P is doing a party on the yacht.


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      First's 2 hours and it's soo good I have not fished it yet, but I have to say two things....and more The yacht party, was hot! And Sam has more to say, regarding what happened on the last episode of the season. And Briana, brought a guy, just to make Boogie jealous! Oh lord, even his father knows it too. Boogie, still is getting into trouble. Anyway, there is more to discuss....soo stay tuned!


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        ^ I cried when Eric tried to explain to Boogie that he can't talk and see his dad, because he got AIDS and died. It's tragic thou...his father was a loose cannon and the lyrics to some of his rap songs, man, let's say, if you are not careful enough, you might end up with a disease that you are going to regret in life. I am glad that Boogie stepped up to see his dad....but his dad is on some other planet, and Boogie is making it known, that Damon is different off cameras. Damon thou, won't admit it. If you look at Master P right now, he is in a much happy place. Remember last season or two seasons ago that he was not happy with his kids.

        Vanessa wants to do Pastry again. She wants to do it with her sister, Ang, but Ang is saying no. Vanessa wants to move on without her with this deal. I think she should! Ang has other issues that she needs to deal with.

        Then we have Pepa's boy toy. He seems like he is in charge in the household and wants to fix Tyran's problem with Sam. The fam in hers, is already saying that he is Egypt new daddy, lol! Anyway, I am glad that Sam is talking on this season. He is like...a scary kid I would say. He was ready to challenge Tyran into a fight....Have to say, I am already loving this season!


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