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The Real Housewives of NJ ---- (Season 9)


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  • The Real Housewives of NJ ---- (Season 9)

    The Real Housewives of NJ is back! It premiered yesterday, Wednesday, at 9pm Eastern.

    Here are the cast:

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    First's 3 months early...and I am half way done with the show. I am like wow with Frank and Dolores....he lost his law license! Now is flipping houses. Dolores says it's good money....if one buys it! Her house is falling apart, lol!

    Teresa is joining a fitness competition!

    Marg's business is booming.....

    There is more to see...I guess I will come back later.


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      Watching the second episode...not feeling Jackie....And Danielle flipped out on Marg over going to Dolores event.


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        3rd Episode...the tension that is building in Teresa to Mel over her husband spending time with his father...well it explodes in Oklahoma! Mel feels that Teresa, does not respect her values regarding the issues. The girls are there because Marg has this business trip. Mel did got upset cuz Dolores was up in her business regarding her friend, Teresa...who actually did, said private matters to her...Anyway, the girls spend more time in Oklahoma...which will be shown in the Fourth Episode...


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          4th seems like most of the cast, does not like Jennifer, bragging about her house. She did not liked the party's music, how the host's house was in Oklahoma. ...even the host, had to say something!

          There is still the issue with Mel and Teresa over the father issue...I think Teresa is getting tired of having her father around...I think that's it!....This episode made me forget too of Danielle, lol!


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            5th dang! That soo soon! Midway huh?
            Well let me tell you that Jenn Jenn house, was stunning! She did good at catching this guy! The Melissa and Teresa drama, has got to go! It's not going to get better, and the new lady and Dol, should not be in their business. And Marg, made up with Danielle...or vice versa...but the tea is, Danielle is not feeling her no more and believes that she is not that friend...Danielle, worry about your life! You sound like a bitter person if Marg wants to hang out with others that you don't like...Marg, I read few days ago, she was nice of Danielle and how the marriage and friendship did no go as planned. Marg to me, gives a good vibe energy! You can tell of her and Mel's friendship! ....And Teresa...boy if you look at the end of the episode, she did not looked her best!


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