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Growing Up In Hip Hop: ATL (3rd Season)


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  • Growing Up In Hip Hop: ATL (3rd Season)

    Growing Up In Hip Hop, ATL Edition, is back this Thursday, October 11th at 9pm! It's back with goldies, and newbies. Going to put up the cast on the next post....

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    Here are the cast:

    Child hip hop star who grew up under the tutelage of Snoop and mega-producer, Jermaine Dupri

    Actress, rapper, "big sister" to Bow Wow and close friend of Jermaine Dupri’s

    MS. DEB
    CEO and founder of management company that helped launch and manage Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane and French Montana. Mother to Waka Flacka Flame.

    Rapper, singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, and talent show judge

    Jermaine Dupri’s biological daughter

    Daughter of The Beastie Boys mainstay, DJ Hurricane

    Aspiring hip hop artist breaking into the music industry with Ms. Deb’s help

    TV personality, video vixen, model and singer

    Host, artist and Bow Wow's girlfriend
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      First episode..... went in a whole new direction. The show reintroduced itself, like it was the first what was soo wrong with the old format and cast???? I don't want to see rachtet stuff like Love & Hip Hop We are no VH1, but WE Network....I believe WE took that format, and felt that being rachtet, it would produce more drama easily. Anyway, this was your first episode:
      • Bow Wow has a new girlfriend! His mother Teresa Caldwell is speaking more...didn't know she was a part of the case. Bow Wow is upset that his new girlfriend wants his mother to listen to her music with Bow Wow. The song is very nasty. And nobody in general wants to hear about sex! Da Brat does not want to talk to him either. They had a falling out!
      • Ms. Debs has a new project, she owns The Ivory, a restaurant. She has not talked much to Brandon. Neither has Ayana.
      • JD's daughter, is pissed at her dad of not starting her fashion line. JD is happy that it's 25th Anniversary of So So Def! Plus he has been inducted in the Songwriter Hall of Fame along with Jay-Z. Bow Wow has not talked to JD too.
      • Jhonni got into a fight with one at Ms. Debs party at The Ivory. Bow Wow's girlfriend learned about her from Ayana, and wants to question Bow Wow about it.
      Well that was your first episode! It was strange...I really missed Xonnique, Reginae, and Brandon. I thought those 3, was the star of the show...Anyway, I guess we are going to get more drama....but this thing, I don't want to see. I was looking forward to how Xonnique and Reginae is dealing together as roommates, and what Brandon has been up too...SMH to this one.


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        Second Episode
        Jhonni blamed Ms Debs on the party...because of her fight with another woman. She was rough on Ms Debs...Ms Debs wants a calm work life, and she is not about the drama. She is hesitant with the new member, Masika. She really wants the record and Bow Wow. They go back, ouch! His current girlfriend, which I mentioned, she is possessive. Jealous too! Looks like Jhonni dated Fetty Wap, and Masika has a daughter by him...

        JD had his celebration in New York. He is still hesitant of getting Bow Wow on his 25 year So So Def Tour. Bow Wow, JD's daughter, and of course Bow Wow's girlfriend was there. The girlfriend did not liked Lil Mama touching Bow Wow...Looks like Masika and Lil Mama has a thing with Bow Wow...oh yeah totally forgot Lil Mama was the next member that show up in the second episode.

        *Have to say, this GUHHATL, (short name for the show) has really went in another direction. Clearly I see easy drama starting...maybe why the show went in this direction. Honestly, if the show kept with last year cast, and add Jhonni and Lil Mama in, the show would have been fine. I don't need to see easy drama. Quality is better than quantity.


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          Third Episode.....oh god! Bow Wow demands of what he wants on this So So Def tour. I am shaking my head cuz JD is laughing at him. And well here, Brandon changed his career to being a fire fighter that is the first time shocker. Jhonni wants to make things right with Ms. Debs. Masika is waiting for Bow Wow to pop by and he did. She had a good thing to say that his girlfriend is not letting him be himself. And JD daughter did not know that that was Howie Mandel, lol! Did not know he was in NYC at that time.

          Bow Wow's daughter could have a future being a star on TV! The kid is funny. Just feel bad that she belongs to Bow Wow, cuz he has not changed...A person his age, should be mature. He should take notes from JD's daughter!


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            4th Episode.....oh god on Bow Wow...he should be a mature guy, but he is a player...and Lil Mama....I think she should go into acting than just rapping. Her time flew by and people this day and depends on what they are feeling. Now a days, it's Cardi B.....yeah I am in a middle of watching this episode, so if there is more, I will say it.


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              Oh god...where do I start...I doze off on what Bow Wow and his girlfriend was talking about. I feel like, she likes to create drama, so does Masika, and Jhonni. Easy free drama, very easily. Last year, the drama was slightly there, but it was not easy breezy drama that quickly and there was quality to the cast. Now, I feel that I am watching VH1 Love & Hip Hop. Pretty soon I will see Ray J up on here...he is on the show I mentioned. What this show should have done, was kept, Zonnique, Reginae, and Brandon, and brought Lil Mama in this season. There would have been quality over stupidness! The only thing that was interesting, is Jhonni making up with Debs! That was the only interest I had. ....oh yeah, looks like at the end of the show, Bow Wow may have cost his stupid girlfriend. Honestly thou, he is not ready to be a man!

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            5th Episode...Bow Wow and his girlfriend, Kiyomi broke up...Bow Wow is off the chains with being single! And this girl, Masika is really into him...Da Brat...well she feels iffy towards Lil Mama. Told Mc Lyte that. Mc Lyte told Lil Mama of that and of course the situation with Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. Lil Mama wasn't having that....I think she knows that she screwed up. Anyway, shaking my head to Bow Wow...


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              6th Episode.....I did not know, what went on with Debs and Jhonni....I feel like, if Debs wants to manage Jhonni, and things happens, them Jhonni can manage another ideas for the music shoot. Something like that. I feel like Debs do wants to be that manager to her, but at the same time, can't deal with her drama and just wants a easy life.

              Bow Wow seems like he is missing his girlfriend. And JD's daughter talked to her father about her clothing business, which he feels that she may not be interested in. JD did have good points about life. (I have to look to see when his Rap Game is coming back).

              Lil Mama wants to sing now...and she is good! She feels like she is having a panic attack when singing in the booth, lol! It seems like she is coming from rapping to really wanting to sing...

              Anyway, since there was no new episode this week, cuz I saw last week episode...the future stuff looks promising!


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                7th Episode...Debs has this new man in her life! She dropped Jhonni because of what had happened in the last episode. It seems like Jhonni did not liked what Debs was doing...Debs signed Masika...but she is iffy with her too. JD's daughter and Ayana took Bow Wow and his ex to therapy. Lil Mama want on this blind date with BT. ....I am soo excited because the original Growing Up In Hip Hop is back this January! More discussing of the show, yay! I think we hit Season 5 on that show...


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                  ^ I forgot to mention 2 juicy things...the first is that Bow Wow's mother, just don't like his ex, hehe. She tries to be civil with him with girlfriends....Second thing is that Masika, well bases from Wendy Williams, ooo, I feel like she grabs on guys with lots of money to secure her life. Her ex, Fetty Wap, well, he has 4 kids and he is not paying no money to says a whole lot. I think she knows how Bow Wow is living and wants to get more secure....Bow Wow, I don't believe has grown up. He still thinks that he is young, a player, with no kids...the guy has a kid, he needs to grow up!


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                    8th Episode....I am watching right now. Clearly Teresa Caldwell does not want Kiyomi around her son because of bad influence...yikes! His mother never liked this trashy girl. Da Brat thinks she wants fame and wants to get it from Bow Wow. I can see that...and she made a very good point of being sure, who you are...I mean her. Usually today, bosses or titled people do take advantage of others. Anyway, going back and seeing the rest of the's good...


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                      ^ So I watched the episode...this Lil Mama, she gets irritated when Debs ask her of the VMA disaster with Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. She does not want to talk about it ever, nor mention it ever again...but boy, she should know, it's down in hip hop disaster history of her failing yeah, people like Debs, wants to talk about it.

                      I am confused with Bow Wow...he says that he has a girlfriend, but why is he with Ang from the another show??? I feel this is just to create drama for the I am not sure if I want to see, another season of this and the OG show as well. This is whack to me, cuz I find these shows serious! I guess I am a idiot.


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                        9th Episode.....Hot dog on Bow Wow....was he mad that his gal left after Da Brat's party???? I also think it's staged and Bow Wow is a good kid. Some are saying that he was raised right by JD. Plus, I saw from this episode that he wanted to commit suicide when 10 years old...I think this is staged cuz he is on the OG Growing Up In Hip Hop. Sure this show is interesting, but my heart breaks if it's staged...well it has to be, duh....

                        * Forgot to mention Jhonni and Masika blew up in this episode! Jhonni wanted to stand her ground, denying that she wanted Masika's ex. Masika shut it down for her. It's one hot mess! Debs needs to throw away Masika from her label or something.
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                          10th Episode ---- Season Finale
                          I am watching it! I felt the pain from Debs, when she told Teresa about her son, committing suicide. Because Bow Wow is in the place of rage and emotions. To be honest, Bow Wow is not 20 years old...he is not fly today...he needs to grow up and accept what he has accomplished so far. He may have been, pissed off when 106 & Park was cancelled. I get that, but the times were changing at the time with music videos and how people can access them thru the Internet. Those years, was the best years of my life too...but good things, must come to an end and other things happen. Bow Wow, I think needs to be realistic with his career...wish Teresa could give the value of education to him. Rapping in his time now, it's not going to give him much success. Pretty soon, Chris Brown will be headed on the same road...or already is...anyway, I am going back and seeing the finale. If there is more, I will say. If not, my reflections of this season is coming up!


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                            My Reflections of This Season
                            In the beginning of the season, I was not clicking to the new vibe, because the show cut out 3 important cast. But right now, I feel like I just walked thru this season, and out, am okay of this season. I feel like Jhonni and Masika are nonsense...but that's what the show likes! Lil Mama, felt like the right cast than them, to be honest! We need her, but not them. Kiyomi, was another nonsense. And she was very controlling of Bow Wow. Bow Wow, needs to grow up too. He is no more 20 years old....This season showed, more of Bow Wow, Debs, and Da Brat. Surprised to see Teresa as well. Anyway, it was a good season, curious to see what happens next season.


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