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Just Three More Episodes Until The Series Finale


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  • Just Three More Episodes Until The Series Finale

    Well I've finished binge watching this entire season to catch up before the end. OMGOSH!!! What a ride its been! It'll be the end of a phenomenon. I wish all the actors well

    So, Olivia got Mellie elected POTUS, then went to the dark side and was completely outside of her mind. Papa Pope is starting to somewhat resemble an actual human being and so is Charlie. Quinn's in charge of QPA, ISN'T dead (thank goodness!), and is a mom. Huck's put away his "tool box." Jake's still smokin' hot Fitz is adjusting to life outside of politics and is still sexy as ever So is Marcus Abby and David are a couple (finally). And Cyrus has become the devil incarnate who must be exorcised I think I'm up to speed. I'm counting down as if it's New Year's Eve!

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    It's gotten a bit over the top for me.

    i can buy Cyrus and Jake being crude but Jake killing his wife had me gobsmacked.

    i can't take the idea of Olivia and Fitz as a love pair.

    marcus and Mellie, I do like.

    everyone else is a little off somehow.

    its got too fantastical for me to take seriously.


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      Finally watched the very last episode of this female-power-driven groundbreaking series. Farewell and brava!

      I'm intrigued by the resolution of Olivia/Fitz's relationship being left open to the viewers' interpretation Jimmy Kimmel had the cast on his show that night, where Shonda Rhimes indicated the scene was intentional and hinted a spoiler at a follow-up to it. I'd be interested!

      I will miss the show's provocative political outrageousness; its diverse spectrum of intelligent, yet flawed women; and, of course, the fashions--those ladies were sharply dressed! TGIT there's still HTGAWM!
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