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  • This week's episode

    I was irritated this week that so much time was spent on Owen & Teddy; who cares! I wasn't that impressed with the entire show really, only because I prefer to see more going on and more of the rest of the cast. But mostly the Owen & Teddy scenes were a waste of air time IMO.

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    I agree, I went and did the dishes during that stuff, and then fast forwarded through the last segment of theirs. But the April scenes made me cry.

    They really need to do something with Owen, he's been dull dull since Cristina and him split up. The Amelia stuff wasn't terrible, but got dull when they split, too.

    I hope Scott Speedman's character comes back next year, I saw more of a spark with him and Mer than I ever did with Nathan.


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      I like Owen with Amelia . I actually have liked Owen and Teddy but it doesn't feel like it use to with them of course I don't think it was meant to.

      Not an interesting episode but I still enjoy GA .

      I doubt it was a filler episode but it kind of felt like one.


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        I really loved Owen with Amelia I also loved him with Christina but I didn't think anything would ever go that far when it came to Owen and Teddy I just don't see them as a couple. I would love for them to put Owen back with Amelia.


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          Everyone stoned this week on the pot cookies was a hoot.


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            I think they're going reunite Owen and Amelia. Especially with Amelia helping Owen with this baby he's fostering. I'm not much of a Teddy fan honestly. My favorite pairing with Owen was Cristina and I miss her the most!


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              IA in that my favourite pairing was Owen and Christina as well kayg; but I would like to see him reunite with Amelia. The whole Teddy thing (although I like Kim Raver) was of no real interest; and certainly spending as much time on him going to see her in Germany was a waste of air time.

              BUT speaking of Owen - what did I miss - I was surprised with the appearance of the foster sl; it seemed to come out of the blue to me, was this even mentioned previously??? Please someone fill me in if you can. Regardless, why would a busy single doctor want to foster and/or even be approved?


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                Hi Jupiter Jane!

                i believe at the end of the previous episode it showed Owen signing up to be a foster parent. I think Owen would make a great Dad, but I’m with you in wondering how he is going to be able to foster a child while being single and a doctor. Maybe they figure since he is a surgeon that he would be a good fit to take care of a child.

                I was not into Owen and Amelia at first but ever since the decided to end their marriage and be friends I am really liking them now! I think they do have chemistry now and I am enjoying their friendship. They might not ever measure up to Owen and Christina (in my eyes), but I am enjoying them now.

                I’m wondering if they had the Teddy episode to show viewers that teddy and Owen will just never work out or that they just aren’t meant to be. Teddy was right in saying that Owen has never picked her first. She has always come second.


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