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Great January 31st episode!!


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  • Great January 31st episode!!

    This was one of the best episodes I've seen on the show in a while now. The pre-surgery "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" scene was exhilarating and joyous to watch. I didn't expect the Meredith/Thatcher situation but was so glad to see it. I loved that this episode just focused on those two storylines and didn't get bogged down in the DeLuca/Link/Meredith triangle because we're going to get a lot of that one from here on out. And for the first time, I can honestly say I truly enjoyed Amelia, both in the OR and with what she said at the meeting at the end.

    Kudos to everyone involved in this excellent episode!!!

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    I agree, great episode. I even shed a tear or two at the end.


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      When they talked about the carotid artery, I was sure that meant there was going to be a big problem with Catherine. It was sad seeing Meredith's dad die in her hands...


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        I'm always amazed at the writing for GA, it never ever disappoints.

        I thought the way they wrote the end for Thatcher with Meredith was perfect.

        I was a bit intrigued with Teddy's appearances here and there. Curious.


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          IA - great episode. But I do not remember Meredith's history with her father - has this been addressed on the show; and/or has he been seen before? I was totally surprised when he was mentioned. I've watched all episodes so either this hasn't been referenced before, or my old memory has failed.


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            He’s been there off and on. I guess he became a very absentee dad when he and Ellis divorced, and then had a new family. He was on when Lexie’s mom died, he started drinking a lot, needed a liver, and Mer donated half of hers, for lexie’s sake.


            • Jupiter Jane
              Jupiter Jane commented
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              Thanks Lanfear - my memory is worse than I thought because I don't remember any of this LOL.

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            something Thatcher said is also intriguing, Meridiths sister Molly???? I have a feeling a new sister is going to emerge


            • mox28
              mox28 commented
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              Molly was already on the show. She was at the end of her pregnancy and came in with her mother, Susan. This was the first time that Meredith learned that Thatcher had another family, including Lexie. Unless I missed something, Molly was never on the show again and hasn't really been mentioned either, at least until that last episode. So I doubt that we're going to see her showing up in Seattle anytime soon... one sister (Maggie) is enough to interfere in Meredith's life. Speaking of which, I'm already dreading the never-ending running commentary that Maggie is going to give Meredith about the impending love triangle... already practicing hitting the mute button!!

            • lndailey
              lndailey commented
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              I always wondered if they would bring Molly back- I think we saw her when Thatcher came to the hospital and railed on Meredith after Susan's death but not since then. She was so different from Meredith and Lexie, though, I am not sure how she would fit in.

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            Didn't Thatcher come to the hospital once with a younger girlfriend and Lexie flipped out about it? Whatever happened to her? It was the actress who played Babe Chandler on AMC


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              Yes, Indailey, I remember that episode. That was the beginning of the Jackson and Lexie relationship, as Mark wanted him to find out why Lexie was upset and told him to feed her some kind of chocolate candy. She was not only upset about her dad and the much younger girlfriend, but the fact that Mark was having a baby with Callie. I just loved Lexie.


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