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  • Show returns January 17th

    It feels like a year since the winter hiatus began. I can't even remember what was going on during that last episode other than the writers finagling a way to get Meredith and DeLuca in the sack... is it just unthinkable to have a character be unattached for a while? At any rate, I'm so dug into this show by now that I'll put up with whatever they want to do but I sure hope they either get rid of the female nurse who has the obvious screaming hots for Meredith or just ditch that storyline because it's embarrassing to watch the nurse carry on like that.

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    I love this show and I can't wait for it to come back tomorrow. It is one of my favorite shows I have been watching since the beginning I can't wait.


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      Good episode. I don't know the name of the nurse who doesn't even try to disguise her lust for Meredith but she got on my last little nerve ending tonight. I was really hoping that Bailey would just haul off and smack the panickiness out of her once and for all. If this were real life and not a TV show, I'm pretty sure a nurse who's that scared and whiny about everything wouldn't have a job in a hospital.

      I had forgotten about that blonde male doctor asking Meredith out. I haven't liked him from the beginning and my feelings haven't changed. Since the writers are determined that Meredith can't be on her own and this jerk and DeLuca are the only options, I hope they go with DeLuca. But it appears that we'll have to suffer through the rest of the season with DeLuca and blondie fighting over Meredith... oh, goody! And anything involving Meredith means that Maggie will constantly interfere and voice her opinions, whether she's asked for them or not. And, of course, Maggie will then make it a point to "accidentally" tell everyone everything about what's going on with Meredith's sex life.

      So far, the only storyline that's really interesting to me is the Owen/Teddy situation. I sincerely hope that Amelia will just go away and leave them alone but I have my doubts about that one. Owen's been wanting to have a child of his own for so long now and I'm happy for him, even though the circumstances aren't ideal. Fingers crossed that it works out for him and Teddy.


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        Great episode! I'm so glad Greys is back on my screen!

        I've never been a fan of Teddy and I thought she was quite rude to Amelia and I'm not even much of an Amelia fan either. Teddy has kept her pregnancy a secret for way too long and it was not fair to Owen who was moving on with his life and creating his own family. He should've been told a long time ago. Also I think Amelia made the right choice to send Betty to a rehab. She had tried with her and she could've give her all the help she really needs. I

        It's nice to see Meredith moving on with her life and happy. I just wish there were other options besides Link and DeLuca. I'm not feeling either of them. It reminds me too much of the triangle with her, Derek, and the vet (I can't remember his name)


        • mox28
          mox28 commented
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          To her credit, Teddy did intend to tell Owen as soon as she got to Seattle but I certainly understand why she didn't. He was living with Amelia, Betty, and Leo and they looked like a happy family so she didn't want to interfere in that. She loves Owen in "that" way but I think she values their friendship more than anything and she didn't want to ruin that. As for how she finally blurted out the pregnancy news, it was very abrupt but she finally got the nerve to do it and knew she had a captive audience so she just charged ahead. I don't know if she and Owen will become an actual couple but I kind of doubt it because Amelia just doesn't have it in her to be the bigger person and walk away. We viewers were led to believe that her brain tumor was what caused her to be so obnoxious but the tumor's gone and her personality really hasn't changed that much. Since they all work together and will be in constant contact, there will inevitably be lots of fireworks to come. But if that takes some of the emphasis off the "who's Meredith going to sleep with" storyline, I'm all for any distraction!

          I do completely agree with you about Amelia being right about sending Betty to rehab. She and Owen have given that girl plenty of chances and on last week's episode, I really thought she had turned a corner because of what Richard said to her. She seemed to be genuinely interested in helping out in the ER but she had me fooled. Hopefully she can get herself together this time.

        • kayg
          kayg commented
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          Hi mox! I understand why Teddy did not want to tell Owen, but I still feel like she was selfish in keeping it a secret. Owen should've been told right away, especially knowing that he has always wanted to be a father and how much if effected his marriage with Cristina when she had her abortion. Teddy kept it a secret to keep herself from getting hurt by the possibility of Owen rejecting her which I understand but I still think it was selfish on her end. Now Owen and Amelia have developed their relationship more and now that's up in the air when it might not have even gotten that far had Teddy been honest.

          I'm not sure if Amelia will walk away for the long run, but I do think she is sincere in that she wants Owen to be happy and she wants him to figure out what it is that he really wants. She told him that Teddy was indeed an option and she allowed him to ponder that.

          I have a feeling this won't be the last we see of Betty, I hope she really does get herself together. She is so young and she has a whole life ahead of her. I'm anxious to see how Richard handles the news of Catherine's tumor, I hope he can keep it together and be there for her. I've always had a soft spot for Richard.

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