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Thoughts so far and how far along is Teddy anyways?!?!


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  • Thoughts so far and how far along is Teddy anyways?!?!

    We're six episodes in and Teddy still hasn't told Owen she's pregnant?! How is she not showing by now? She has to be at least entering her second trimester if not almost through it. It seemed like forever ago when he went to Germany and its been at least a month in TV time since she came back. After watching episode 6, though, I can't blame her for not wanting to tell him. Owen's life is a MESS! I'm baffled that Amelia is barely able to care for herself let alone an addicted teenager. She's constantly freaking out- clearly Betty needs more help than sponsor Amelia can give her. If I was Teddy I would hesitate about telling Owen based solely on the fact that he has so much turmoil going on in his life.

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    I'm not sure about the timeline but I thought I heard Teddy or Owen mention, in the Nov. 1st, either "a month ago" or "last month" while apologizing for what happened between them. I fully agree with you that telling Owen might be a huge mistake, especially at this time in his life... maybe later would be better. I'll never fully understand why he's even with Amelia, who's still kind of a psycho to me even though the brain tumor is gone (I don't think that was the cause of all of her erratic behavior). What irritates me is that Owen never lets Teddy finish saying anything before he starts into what's going on in his life at the moment. Obviously if Teddy doesn't tell Owen, he'll find out eventually (probably from Maggie once again being unable to keep a secret of any kind) and be furious with her even though she's tried to tell him but he won't give her a chance to get the words out.


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      I think it is fine for her to wait as long as she tells him before the baby is born. It sucks that he'll miss out on ultrasounds, etc. but if he really examines his life he will see why she is hesitant. I mean, she comes over to tell him and Amelia busts in FREAKING out because she can't find Betty and the whole day is spent dealing with that. How is Teddy realistically supposed to rely on him when he's fostering the son of an addicted teenager who is living with him (or does Betty live with Amelia? Where does everyone live?) and seems to go missing every few weeks and relapses? I'd be hesitant to add any more to that situation.

      I thought that the "month ago" referred to when Teddy was last in town and didn't talk to him. They hooked up last season before Owen got the baby so it has to be a few months since their hook up I'd think...

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      Okay, I guess I didn't really pay that much attention to what the "month ago" comment was all about. One thing, though, is that since Teddy is so thin, even a little weight gain in her midsection is likely to be pretty noticeable so she's not going to be able to keep it a secret for long. And I don't really see her leaving Seattle any time soon... where's the fun and drama in that?!

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