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Will this be the final year for the show?


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  • Will this be the final year for the show?

    I like the show and even though I've threatened to give it up with the loss of certain favorite characters (Cristina first and foremost but also Derek, Mark, Callie and now April), I'm still hanging in. I don't know how many new and different traumas they can put Meredith through this season because she's already run the gamut of horrendous death-defying injuries but I'm sure they'll think of something. I admit that I am intrigued by the season finale cliffhanger in which Teddy revealed to a patient that she's pregnant. It had better be Owen's baby because he's always wanted to be a father but married 2 women who wanted no part of parenthood. Even though Owen and Teddy didn't end on a good note, I'm hoping they'll get together because they really do make a great couple.

    Anyone else have thoughts on what might happen next season?

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    I really hope not and Teddy is pregnant with Owen's baby I do think. Owen kind of is a father right now he did just start and might be adopting a baby that is now living with him. The women he married Amelia never said she didn't want to be a mother she has been helping him with the baby he adopted she just broke up with him because she had a brain tumor and it was why she was acting the way she had been acting. They have also lost Arizona she left also at the same time as April.


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      You're right about Amelia with the brain tumor, not to mention the baby she had who lived only 43 minutes, but she still doesn't seem like she wants a child of her own. Helping Owen with the foster child is one thing but full-time parenthood doesn't seem like something she really wants but I suppose the writers can change that, right?!

      As for Arizona leaving, I'm actually fine with that because I never liked her character on the show. She treated Callie terribly after the plane crash, cheated on her with that visiting doctor and tried to make that be Callie's fault, and frankly just annoyed me to the point where I would sometimes hit the mute button because I hated the sound of her voice.

      Once the show does finally run its course and come to an end, I'd dearly love it if they would offer any amount of money necessary to get all of the still-living characters (yes, even Arizona) to make an appearance. Even better, I think it would be great if they'd have those characters come back to Seattle and then show us viewers a trip down memory lane of the most iconic moments of the show, making sure to include the dear departed characters. When a show's been on this many years, it deserves a really memorable send-off.


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        I’m sure this season we’ll see more Jackson and Maggie drama, which I’m not s fan of. I’m so glad April wasn’t killed off, but I felt as though the love story of Jackson and April was put down to prop Jackson and Maggie.
        I hope they finally bring in a love interest for Meredith. Maybe that doctor she treated will be back? Meredith deserves happiness and it finally seems like she is open to it now.
        Since Jo and Alex are finally married, I wonder if they’ll be pregnant for this season.


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          I actually do miss Arizona she’s a favorite but I like that it looks like she and Callie might reconcile and they can be a family. So it was a nice wrap up for them.

          I suspect Owen, Amelia and Teddy could be one of the main ongoing sl’s .


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            I do NOT feel any chemistry at all between Maggie and Jackson. Honestly, I don't see chemistry between Maggie and anyone, at least not romantic chemistry. I think she's an ok character (although did Mer really need another "oops" sister?

            I'm not sure if I'm up for another Owen/Teddy/anyone triangle. If he really loved Teddy in that way, what took so long? He always picked Cristina over Teddy, and I'm not sure if he won't do the same with Amelia. I think he's always seen Teddy as his BFF, his "person", if you will, and that deal last season felt like a total rebound, "I don't want to be alone, so might as well pick Teddy" thing, than actual romantic love.


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