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  • I'm all caught up. I'll be able to watch live in Mondays.

    I knew it was mistaken identity. She kept saying Makayla, I was like it's gonna be mistaken identity. I felt for the parents. Oh, that was painful!

    Glad Harry is at least talking to his sister.

    It hit Athena about that jerk being in her house.

    I teared up when Chim was talking to that ER doctor.

    I hope all three come back.


    • Worried about Harry. I have no problem with him acting out.

      Grandma and grandpa are Breaking Bad.

      Glad May helped that caller.


      • I'm glad that May gave that bully shade.


        • Is Sue gone or just conveniently absent from these episodes? Claudette seriously gets on my nerves. I also don’t understand the little personality cult she has going. Glad May is starting to hold her own with Claudette.

          One of my worst nightmares , needing help while on the toilet!

          I wish Athena wasn’t so stubborn about therapy for herself it’s not a weakness. Harry may feel he can’t talk to any of them except May .

          Buck reminds me of myself , overreacting thinking I ruined everything only to find out everything is good! lol!

          Had a thought about Maddie those bells sounds like they are what you hear at a church or convent.


          • The opening sequence with "Narcissus" brought a smile to my face......not for the pain resulting from the exercise but the actor who played his role.
            Yes, Athena is stubborn but Bobby will be there to guide her.
            Kudos to May for standing her ground and super type writing!
            Buck for me is wound a little too tightly


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