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  • The Haves and the Have Not thread

    If anyone wants to live chat in here, go for it.

    Katherine's been hittin that. (That Broderick's fine!)

    Wyatt's gettin some, too.

    Quita busted.

    Candace robbing men. And wants revenge. She needs to take a seat.

    Justin's a little too sleazy.
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    David does not know this chick is a ho. He gon' learn you can't make a ho into a housewife.


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      It was awkard seeing cop wanting Jeffrey after all has went down with his wife finding out on tape and Jeffrey in jail. Also loved Kat getting Jim. I think Benny will be in deep stuff with the crime family that he can't handle and Mitch will have to step in on his behave.If I was Hanna, I would stay in the house Kat gave her and b satisfied. Candy is at it again. I wonder if Jim knows the ho David is sleeping with? I had to LOL at Melissa sitting there laughing at the Queen and waiting for her to die. I wonder who comes to the rescue? I am glad to see Wyatt get closer to the new chick.

      On another note, are they going to have LYIW on soon on a new night or what? It looks good and like a tease.Glad HAHN is back.


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        Crap! Broderick's a sleaze.

        Don't blame Anna for asking for reassignment.

        Looks like Landon's got a thing for soon to be president.

        That guy that came to fix the sink is cute.

        Having some chocolate made Justin crazy.

        Benny and Mitch just had to be heroes.

        I couldn't make out what Lil Quick wrote.


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          Last night was funny with Melissa taunting the queen. She is crazy enough to have watched her burn too. Jim is a mess having to use David's card to get a hotel. Love the new queen Cat. She has lost weight too and looked good last week. The soon to be president better watch out because Landon is smelling gay meat to come. I was thinking prez may go both ways the way he was talking to Landon. I wanted to see what Q left on the note too. I am loving Mitch and his friendship with benny. The man fixing the sink was cute.I am trying to understand these criminals who set people up to prostitute, because I don't think the girl Wyatt slept with is one.Church shoes is still looking for a hustle and Candy may end up taking him up on it. Candy is threating her ho friend to get her so dough and homegirl better get on it, because Candy has nothing to loose. I wonder what David will do when he finds out the queen almost burned up in a car wreck?


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            Which of Hannah's offspring is dumber: Candace or Benny?


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              Landon's hot for the future president.

              Keep quiet, Jeffery.


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                Tired of Justin.

                Wait, how the hell does the handyman know about what happened to Veronica?

                This child ain't pregnant, y'all!


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                  Melissa done straight up robbed Veronica. And now Veronica's done went and arranged for her to be committed.


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                    That lawyer hit the nail on the head, that is a messed up family.


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                      That was shocking!!


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                        How did this end up being Candy's daddy,who is either a sleeze of under cover. If it is undercover, it will be interesting, but did he not know who Hanna was? It is getting real with cray cray cop. I hope he don't hurt Wyatt. Loved Melissa with the doctor and robbing the queen. But looks like she is being set up, but it was funny. Can't wait to see how Hanna/Candy/baby daddy drama. David don't know the queen is in the hospital and Queen K is playing match up with Hanna and plumber. Good show.

                        LYIW is going to Wednesday nights. I wonder will this a sign that HAHGN will be a series weekly or both come on the same series so we can see one on Tuesday and Thursday night weekly.


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                          Poor Hannah. Raped as a teen, and didn't even want Candace. (And who can blame her?)

                          Justin is loco. And he needs to have a long discussion with his wife.


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                            Justin is crazy, but is that his wife Jim is trying to con? I was crying when Hanna told her story. I was looking at the mechanic and thought I saw a tattoo on his arm, but it may not be the rapist since Hanna said she will know him. The thing is, he could be a young man.I think the Queen is going to get with Benny and this will make him refuse money from the mob and get it from her. Melissa seemed never to be pregnant to me. She should have been bigger than she is.I always said she should be about to pop if she was pregnant, unless she aborted it without anyone knowing. She is cray cray now though.I thought Justice was going to go to Wyatt house and beat him, instead he went to get Jeffrey to show his cray cray jealousy. This does needs to end. If that is his wife who has to obey Jim Cryer, than he should go after the one after the Prez. He seems to be right for anyone.Jeffrey has to be something for all these men to fall for him. I don't even know what to say about Candace except cray cray gone worst. Is she ever going to get Erica for betraying her with War? That is one showdown I wont to see.


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                              Melissa is really cray cray. Either she aborted that baby, or was not pregnant at all. I always thought she was fooling everyone about her being pregnant.She looks like she got it on with Benny and now working Mitch.Benny should listen to Mitch and get the money from the queen.I expected Candy to do more to Erica last night. What kind of hold do Candy has to make these people afraid of her anyway?I hope cray cray cop don't hurt Wyatt.Wyatt has too much mouth.He should have kept his mouth shut unless he had some protection,so it would be his own fault if he does get hurt.He put Jeffrey in a bad spot with this crazy cop and now himself too.It was too much for Jim to be the slime he is to blackmail the lawyer and than make her sleep with him. it was too much talking last night and not enough action. We do know London wants the prez.He falls for any guy he is in contack with.


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