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    Yep. I believe Jeffrey will go to the dark side on Justine because he is really out of control. I wonder will he make the moves on Wyatt if he goes to Prison to get Jeffrey to comply or to make him jealous, at least set it up by video to make it look like Wyatt and him did something in jail,when he probably drugged him and Wyatt not remembering anything.I am just surprised they killed maybe four people in one night if Erica was pregnant. I wonder what will Candy hit men do to Hanna, or what will happen when Benny finds out. Candy has also lost it.The hustler who runs the bar may end up with Jeffrey and be killed by Justin.


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      So far, Oscar kicked the bucket.

      Then Melissa

      Now Erica and possibly her baby (if she's indeed pregnant.)

      What I wanna know is: who's next ?


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        HAHN can back on last night. I think LYIW may be cancelled and as much as I don't wish people to lose their jobs, that show was boring. HAHN was so good and I had no idea it was coming back on last night. I hope they let it air each week like they use to with Dallas and Knots landing.Thank you Tyler Perry. Did anyone else know it was going to be on or watched it? Also want to know if LYIW been cancelled or not.


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          I found myself wishing I hadn't seen it.

          Spoilers from here on out.

          They showed Melissa's body. The ambulance guys are waiting for the coroner.

          Hannah has EXTREME self control.

          The worse part was saved for the end. Erica is a crispy critter. They really didn't need to show her corpse that close. It could have been shown at a tasteful distance.

          David's still alive. His back is messed up, though.


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            I just can't see how someone save Hanna now that Candy sent her goons to scare her. I hope Cat is on her way there and end up scaring the guy off and Hanna finds out Candy did this and press charges. I did like how she walked in the Cryers home and owned Jim.Loved Cat taking her side too, just worried Candy get the funds by this crook threatening Hanna before Cryers get it. Maybe the guy who said he was coming back does come back and safe her. That is the only one who could save her since should be( std) carrying Benny is laying up with yet someone else. He is going to regret listening and trying to handle Candy. I hope when he finds out, he cuts Candy out of his life for good. Queen V was good through all this. She has no shame in her game. such a cold hearted person, just like Candy.I wonder what happened to Quita? I miss her for comedy relief. I am also glad Mitch know it was not Benny who put the Malone in the hospital. I think he is worried about Benny getting caught up in his mobster family like he warned him countless times. Maybe he should take a million of that money and pay them back with interest. Such a hot headed boy.Melissa mothers money will end now that she is dead I am sure, because she sure was not pregnant. I think when Q v threated Hanna, all this mess going on will not know who sent the goons after her between Queen V or pimp Candy.


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              Either Katherine will show up, or Derrick will. (I'm leaning toward Derrick.)

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            Episode sucked. Jeffrey is telling dang near everybody that Veronica was behind the car bombing.

            Katherine had me rolling.

            Tyler Perry continues to insult fans' intelligence. A cast iron frying pan can knock a person out.

            What I want to know is does that hospital not have a burn ward? And wouldn't David be at risk for infection with the burns exposed like that, and with people coming and going?


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              Satan rolled up into David's room, unseen except for the door closing.

              Jeffery shocked her with a defibrillator. (It was Glorious!!)

              It seems Malik, dude that broke intoah's apartment, died.

              I'm wary of Derrick. (I don't know if he raped her, but something's up with him.)

              While Benny should have stayed put, I can't blame him for leaving.

              Wyatt's gonna get it!


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                Benny is still letting Candy get to him or con him and if he had not listened to her, he would have been there with his mother or maybe not because Candy is smarter than him. The reason I think Derick is the one who raped her was because of how he kept apologizing to her when she told him she was attacked and no one knows his old life of why he was in jail and I think the moment they sleep together, she will look in his eyes or his tattoo will still be there or a scar of him removing it. I just have a feeling he is the one and decided to come to Jesus later when he got out.It was funny when Jerry shocked the Queen, but she maybe careful because he seems to have nothing to loose now. I also wonder if Quita is coming back in and who will be held responsible for all the murders the queen keeps getting away with and when will we know if Melissa was pregnant? I am loving Cat getting Jim, especially when he ended up in her bed. They are a hoot. David is going to let V get off and will we learn if Erica was with child, or was her body too crispy?I also loved when Mama Rose boys knocked the mess out of Justine and he hit him back as a set up just to be put in the right cell of Wyatt who has been begging for drugs since he has been in his apartment.


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                  Good show. I don't know what the timeline is for the new shows but I have my DVR set. I was on the edge of my seat when the sexual assaulter Justine brought Wyatt to the holding room to make him perform, and I was hoping Wyatt cut it off with his teeth and spit it in his face.Justine is just disgusting and needs to be in a nut house. I am going to like Queen K and her boy toy as long as she knows he is a user and Queen V and her boy toy. Glad Benny found out about his nutty sister and hope Hanna hurry and get the money out of the bank and into Queen K hand before desperate Candy have her own mother killed. I also really believe Hanna boyfriend is Candy's real dad and was the one who attacked her that night.He could have had the tattoo stripped and is now reformed and think by the time she finds out, Hanna will be so in love that in the end, she forgives him and they both work together to get Candy some help.I take it LYIW is cancelled for now since I saw no promo or anything and it makes sense because the last show was full of carnage with Randal and Alex burning in the barn, Kelly hanging herself. Marcy loosing her baby ect...I loved HAHN better anyway so I was not invested in anyone except Nat and Lusion, Eddie,Marcy and the cop who was getting involved with Eddie's baby mama.


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                    OMG. I so wanted Queen Cat to have Mitch.I am just glad she is doing her thing. She deserves to be happy for a change since Jim getting all the fun.She has lost weight too and looks good. She was already beautiful and now she looks even hotter. I hope this guy falls for her for real and looks like she will play him, but I still wanted her with Mitch. I can't believe Benny is going to take Candy side.I hope Q Cat understand because it looks like the money won't be getting back in her hands.I was so ready for Hanna to be given that money back before something happened. While she was getting high, she should have went out and dragged Benny with her to get them people back their money.If I was Hanna ,unless she finds out the Morone's are after her son, I don't see how she should not have given them this money already.Enough already. Put Benny on a bus to live with his pops and live her life,; until she finds out her man maybe Candace daddy. Maybe Candy will finally hook up with the new president and leave her mother alone.The cra cra cop is probably going to kill the nurse who had coffee with Jeffrey Q V is trying to take her own son out. I don't know who is worst,,;Her or Candy..Good show


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