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    All I'll say is ain't no baby in Melissa's womb.

    I don't get why those people that arrested Candace didn't show ID.

    Benny would be better indebted to Veronica than the mob.

    Justin's gon' get it at some point.


    Jim is just straight up nasty.

    Landon needs to take a seat.


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      Hannah did a 180 when she learned the handyman's a deacon.

      Dat house! Dat house!

      Wyatt lucky Jim came in when he did.

      Melissa is straight up nasty! And why didn't she and Benny reek of sex? Weren't they in Veronica's bedroom?

      Justin was smart not to threaten Jeffrey's father. (He needs to stop lying about being gay.)

      Candace beat Quita like she's one of her hos.


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        Very good show. It was good to see Quita. Love that the Queen has her own house and Melissa should work for Candy.She will make her hundreds in an hour the way she is going.Queen V has to know Benny and Mel hit the sheets the way she was talking and flaunting her body.What will she do when she see her flat belly? Can't wait till next week.

        On LYIW, whose baby is it that Alex has since it appears to not be Randals? Could she have the wrong baby?I don't get that, nor do I get why Marcy let Randal get the best of her. I hope Eddie did not kill Steven.He is already about to kill the lawyer who loves bondage. I doubt if he gets out of this, he would ever want to get in this again. As cray cray Randal is, he has been comical with his taunting of everyone.


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          OMG. Melissa and Queen V is a treat. I am sick of bullying Justine.I think Queen C set up the made to get Hanna back to work with her and Candy is a full grown Pimp now.Jim is scum as always , but fun to watch. Can't wait for next week.

          On LYIW, Whose baby is Alex? Did she get the wrong baby . Even so, to prostitute herself to Randal to keep this baby is bad.Brad will be done with her when he finds out she lied on the doctor. I wish they do another DNA and fine she has the wrong baby and she and Brad can look for their real baby and hope Marcy have her baby and let Randal think it is the new lawyer or Brad.Confusing story. Maybe Marcy changed the DNA.It don't make sense for the baby to be Alex and not Randal, unless the babies was switched or the DNA was.


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            I find Benny and Veronica having sex to be disgusting, and it's not the older/younger thing.

            Melissa is a hoot!

            Nice to see Justin's wife. He needs to stop trying to go back in the closet.

            I think Katherine did set it up so Hanna can come to work for her. And she should, since she wants to go to Nursing School.


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              when does this come back? Does anyone know. My sister says sometime in May,but do anyone have a date?


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                Originally posted by Brandy1981 View Post
                when does this come back? Does anyone know. My sister says sometime in May,but do anyone have a date?
                This coming Tuesday. (May 1st)


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                  OMG. The show came on with a bang. Queen V is off the charts. I loved every minute of it. I am glad Hanna went out with her new man and looked good too. So natural. Melissa is as crazy and nasty to want to do Benny after the Queen had him, but she said she needed to feel like a woman. guess the Queen and Oscar got played that night. Melissa will have to move in with Benny. Wonder how Hanna will take that? I felt bad for the queen when she was hurt over the house David told her they could not afford and he had his new woman there. Poor Jefferey, but the shocker was when Wyatt knocked the hec out of his own mother over some crack.OMG.


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                    Is there anyone watching this show except me? I can't buy Melissa being pregnant/ Now the Queen is about to set up Benny in a if she can't have him, no one will. Not to mention the money trail of the Cryers that Candy is about to get and Hanna is having fun with her new man,"I just hope it is not the one who raped her and got Candy. I am scurred.


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