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    Disappointed to be losing Alexandre/Dimitiri. I liked that Stevie hooked up with him; from the first time they ran into each other, I felt they had more chemistry in that one scene than she ever had with that prissy limey (I can say that as I'm originally from England lol). Really sorry it had to end like this.

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    OMG OMG OMG I just watched the remainder of Season 4 and Episode 22 my heart was pounding out of my chest for those first 20 minutes!

    This show is so gosh darn good and exploring the possibility of a President using the nuclear codes. And this was all based on a simulation exercise that appeared like a strike. I love this show so much and how it touches on so many topics.

    And she finally vocalizes that she wants to run for President Love them! Can't wait for the next season


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      This season was off to a great start I love it that they had Hillary Clinton, Collin Powell and Madeline Albright giving Elizabeth advice. It was touching.

      Poor Stevie getting caught up in that bomb and learning that June died.

      I love this show.


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