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The magicians season 3


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  • The magicians season 3

    is anyone else watching this?

  • #2
    fine, i'll do like my friend tiff does, and "blog' it, lol! the new season starts wednesday on syfy at 8 pm CST. this season will be a quest to return magic to all worlds, with my beloved elliot the high king as the leader. GO TEAM FILLORY!!


    • #3
      what a FABULOUS season opener!! margo and elliot are definitely my fave characters, but the whole cast is pretty awesome. and whoever is doing the sfx makeup for the fairies and gods is just brilliant!
      and the guy who plays the great cock, as well as the makeup...we are talking SERIOUS brilliance!!!
      Last edited by mamabarri; January 12, 2018, 12:03 AM.


      • #4
        oh my goodness! el and finn's daughter is SO cute! and i am SO proud of elliot!!


        • #5
          i am so crazy about margo, she is SO COOL! tick gets funnier every time we see him, too! and penny....dude i love you, DON'T TRULY DIE, PLEASE!!


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