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Gothom-Season 4


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  • Gothom-Season 4

    Season 4 episode 2.

    Bruce second night out, he fell through a glass window. Police thought he was trying to break in. He made up a good story to get out of the situation.

    Fox brought Bruce and Alfred a better disguise.

    Jim got Scarecrow no thanks to any help from Harvey.

    Ivy broke off from Penguin. This has brought her powers stronger?or will it endanger her health?

    Someone you thought dead is alive. drats.

    Selina and Tabitha join forces with someone unexpected!

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    I usually don't like watching violent shows but my son got me hooked on Gotham. I don't know why but I find myself rooting for that waddling scum bucket Penguin, LOL.

    But I am so sick of Barbara coming back over and over again. I wished Tabitha had chopped off her hand. Barbara still can't be trusted, never.

    I was giddy when Lucius Fox showed up with the new suit for Bruce to wear when he makes his nightly rounds through Gotham. The beginnings of the bat suit.


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