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INSECURE Season 2!


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  • INSECURE Season 2!

    PLEASE tell me that someone out there in TV-land is watching Insecure. Testing Testing.... One two. Is this mic on??

    Season One was Issa going through some personal stuff (I refuse to get into it alone). With her best friend Molly and a bevy of other sister-friends, she's working it out.

    One main dilemma was her current relationship with Lawrence. When we first met them, I believe Lawrence was on his second or third year of being unemployed. Living off Issa and his diminishing unemployment checks, he was still trying to get his "business/website/app, whatever" off the ground. So Issa, who isn't fully rested in her own career as a counselor, was further questioning Lawrence's vim and verve as a bread-earner and/or a boyfriend.

    So in the beginning, you see Issa putting in her feelers with a past boyfriend. The ex lets Issa know that he's not looking for a committed relationship. Issa, feeling somewhat shunned, settles back into the familiar Lawrence life. Lawrence continues to question himself and makes Issa third/fourth/fifth-guess herself about their future.

    Time passes and back into Issa's universe, walks the EX. He ends up wooing Issa, and with her already feeling uncertain about her current life and insecurities, she sleeps with him.But, Issa tries to avoid the ex and she continues her life with Lawrence.

    Lawrence is mulling over a job offer from Best Buy. After being pushed (by Issa and his conscience) to stop holding out for the BIG FISH of a career opportunity, lower his expectations and accept a "right now" job, Lawrence accepts the job at Best Buy. Meanwhile, Lawrence is being eyed by a teller at his bank...TASHA. She always has a smile and kind word of encouragement for him. So, while cashing either one of his last unemployment checks or his first check from Best Buy, he goes to the bank and gets a word (and a smile) from Tasha. Lawrence goes on with his life with Issa. and there's even a BETTER job opportunity from some sort of I.T. startup on the table. Life is looking up, UNTIL...

    Lawrence finds out that Issa slept with her ex!!Issa begs him to stay but Lawrence bounced.

    After a day or so, Issa comes home and there are signs that Lawrence is back! She gets all excited and runs to the bedroom... she finds his stuff missing from the room and when she goes to the closet, she sees one lone shirt on a hanger... the blue Best Buy polo shirt. and the scene flashes to Lawrence totally knocking boots with Tasha! end season.

    We are now in Season 2. Where is everybody??

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