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Little women of LA and Little women of Alanta and Texas


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  • Little women of LA and Little women of Alanta and Texas

    I don't know if anyone is still watching these shows, but I have been enjoying them. I noticed something on LWLA that kind of disturbed me. Tonya and I think Terra was talking of Briana smelled. I don't think they should have said that on air. Maybe it has something to do with Matt if she smells. I just would not say that on air.
    I loved Little women of Texas when the girls opened the Mini bar. Lo and behold, Terra is partner. She is making money . Dancing with stars, co producer ect. I was glad so far not to see much Matt. I also think Tonya did Jasmin wrong. She always pick Terra and leaves Jas out, even when she is always on Tonya side. Loving women of Atlanta too with the girls.

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    I can't stand Briana, but her having B. O. did not need to be mentioned. That was a severe low blow. Tonya had that coming.

    I tried and failed to quit ATL. Minnie makes me smh sometimes, wanting to get into radio. It's like she wants to be Ms. Juicy.

    I gave up on Dallas. But I did see that loser weasel his way back to Tiffani. It was hilarious when he tried to get into a legit bar. (That's what he gets for trying to get into a bar underage.)


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      I also like the black girl who don't back down on Texas and Tiffany is a lost call. Jasmin sure was getting down on little boss, and Elena on Terra. But the black girl don't play I love watching her. I really can't stand Brianna either, and glad they did not show Matt on this show. I also am enjoying the talk shows they have when they bring the cast out and relive the shows.


      • #4
        Did y'all see L. A. last night? Terra is dumb, bringing up a video from five years ago. I blame Tonya, too. She knows Terra can't be trusted.


        • #5
          Yes I saw it. I also like how Jasmine has been getting her spunk on too. But when they all got together and started calling Briana stinking and asking if she see a doctor for this shows the audience that they all smell her. Terra had the nerve to say when they are together, people call them the funky bunch because of her odor. I got to thinking if it had anything to do with Matt fetish of always wanting to hit the sheets and she has no time to bath.I stil think it was embarrising. Bringing up an old video was nuts , but Terra always starts trouble. The title of the book fight between her and Bri is also dumb.

          LWO Atlanta I good too with Mony wedding and the rest of the drama.

          I saw a little of loving you is wrong and the baby is not RNDAL, BUT Marcy is pregnant with his child. I figured this would happen. Also Alex is sexting up her hubby while FBI has Eddie cornered. Have and Have Nots is about to return and I can't wait.


          • #6
            What the hec is wrong with Terra, Looks like Matt is being exposed agIN AND I DON'T FEEL SORRY FOR Briana either. She even wanted another baby after her struggle with the last one. Matt is so conning her. He do not want or love her.Jasmine stands up to them all.


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              Briana's gon' take him back. She's too pathetic. Kinda convenient Terra finds out about this not long after she finds out about that intervention. I'm glad Christy and Todd are enjoying themselves, despite Terra. Terra's coo-coo.


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                Brianna is so pathetic after Matt slept with this woman he either asked to meet him there or jut met. I know for a fact he don't want Brianna. He just wants somewhere to lay his head. How do these women have these beautiful homes? Preston and Elena just moved into a mansion. Tonya and Jasmine has a nice one too. I know Preston is in the music industry and Terra and Joe both work as well as Tonya clothing line and Jas is a hair dresser, but Matt has no job, Tonya man is on disability and Jas man works for a railroad. Yes, Bri is going back to Matt so he can use her. This is probably why the girls says she stinks since I am sure matt abuse her in the bedroom pretending he is a tall woman.Looks like Terra wont get am intervention now.


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