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Still Star Crossed


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  • Still Star Crossed

    Who is going to watch this new show? It is supposed to pick-up where Romeo and Juliet ended. It is about their families and the fall-out from their deaths.

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    This show premiers tonight.


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      Hi lasagna (love the name). You forgot to mention what medium this series was on (eg. Netflix, regular tv). I checked and it's on regular station (In Canada, it's CTV) and at 10 p.m. I'm recording it.


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        i loved it.... one of my favorite movies ever was romeo and juliet so there was no way i was missing this..... the scenery and costumes were drool worthy and i liked how the story was turned and the many different directions it can go..... and i love love LOVE that there is so much diversity on this show.... from the prince being black while his sister is white, to the montagues and capulets also being made up of actors of all colors and races is something to be applauded... i like that and want to see more of that....

        shallow note...... romeo was far too handsome to die in the first episode..... i needed more screen time of his face.... alas..... the prince and his handsomeness will work just fine.... and while i'm being shallow that one scene of rosaline where her hair was down and she whispered back and forth with prince escalus she looked beautiful.....

        i look forward to the next episodes of this because it can't help but be amazing......


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          Refreshing and entertaining

          Ditto everything you said, DrmKpr!!! Special kudos to ABC for the diversity!! This show is definitely on my dvr list.


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            Moving to Saturday might cancel

            They are moving it to Saturday and they may cancel this. Boo.


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