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  • Genius

    This new mini-series on National Geographic, is quite good. Directed by Ron Howard, you know you will get the human interest angle and not just the mathematics and physics of Albert Einstein.
    Who knew he was such an ..ahem...ladies man. Find out in the first 15 minutes. Flash backs, back and forth between young fiery Einstein and the older Einstein with G. Rush keep the interest.
    Good thing because I cannot make head nor tail of the math sequences.

  • #2
    The first eppy was intriguing .. so .. I've set it up on my PVR.

    Love Geoffrey Rush's work .. history .. biography .. etc.

    Director, Ron Howard sure has come a long way from his "Opie Taylor/Richie Cunningham" days.


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      I absolutely loved the " astral projection" scenes they inserted when young Einstein was trying to solve a math/physics/quantum theory puzzle.
      That technique makes it easier for the "math challenged" like me, to GET IT, by visual interpretations.


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        After viewing the next two episodes, I came away thinking that the theories about Einstein having Aspergers (high functioning Autism spectrum) may have been true. He did not seem to pick up on common social cues, and never behaved in the way a serious academic would. Making a living wage was foreign to him, and he did not take proper responsibility for his pregnant lover. I guess all of the functioning grey cells were channelled into the
        math and physics.


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