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Chicago Justice - Question / Confusion


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  • Chicago Justice - Question / Confusion

    I was a bit confused when watching this week's Chicago Justice. The DA's office / investigators were investigating the murder. Isn't this the job of the police? At times I thought I should be watching Chicago P.D.

    Much as I love the entire Chicago franchise, it made me question whether there was room for a 4th one in the group.

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    Hi Jupiter June D.A. offices have their own investigators. I imagine the investigators confirm the evidence that law enforcement collects, locate/interview witnesses for trial, etc., in order to make their case.

    I watched the first two episodes, but it seems they were taking their stories from the outstanding original Law and Order series. I loved that series and have seen every episode (I still watch the late night reruns, lol). Chicago Justice greatly pales in comparison, IMO, and I have stopped watching.


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      Thanks for the info. I knew the DA's offices have their own investigators, this just struck me that no cops were involved in finding the perpetrators.

      I have to agree that Justice pales in comparison to L&O - there again, you saw both the police investigation followed by the trial. Unfortunately I do not get L&O reruns anywhere, but I do get SVU which I also love so continue to watch reruns of that. Have probably seen every episode several times over by now LOL. I will stay with Justice for a bit; but right now feel sure I won't be as into it as I am the other Chicago series - esp Fire.


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