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Chicago Justice & Shades of Blue - premiere date


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  • Chicago Justice & Shades of Blue - premiere date

    Chicago Justice premieres on March 5th. Season 2 of Shades of Blue immediately follows.

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    ^^^^ Thanks for the info, Jupiter Jane!


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      I like the new series Chicago Justice. This was all about social media and it's effects. Not a fan of Shades of Blue.


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        I liked Justice too - this week Chicago Fire, PD and then the premiere of Justice were all cross-overs surrounding the big fire on Chicago Fire, following one after the other.

        Not sure that soclal media was the focus of Chicago Justice PP {?}

        I did watch Shades of Blue last season and will watch the first episode of S2, but not sure I will stay with it either. I don't think there is a sympathetic character amongst them; and I thought the Chicago PD Intelligence group crossed the line at times - but they're nothing compared to the Shades of Blue group - would you agree PP?
        Jupiter Jane
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          Agree Jupiter Jane, my favourite being Chicago Fire. Also loving that Jon Seda is on Chicago Justice. By social media, I meant that it was social media that nailed the accused killer with his obsession of the girl and her refusing him.


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            Well I watched the first episode of Shades of Blue S2 but don't know if I'll stick with it. Read a couple of rave reviews and wondered if it was the same show as I watched lol. Ray Liotta is great as always - but scary in this role. Half the time I am wondering what is going on. I love cop shows - "bad cops" as portrayed here not so much.

            Anyone else?


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              Yes, pretty much the same here, Jupiter Jane! I watched "Shades of Blue" last season and enjoyed it, although at times I felt like I was watching a runaway train. But I hung on for the ride because the performances were very good and Ray Liotta was great, and scary as heck in this role, as you said. I watched the first episode of season 2 and I'm still not sure if I'll stay with it. One thing that doesn't help is the long hiatus between seasons. This applies to other shows as well. I barely remember what happened the previous season, and by the time the new season starts, I don't much care any more. I wonder how many viewers are lost because of this format. Anyway, like you, I love cop shows, and I thought a series about bad cops would be something a little different and interesting. But this show takes the premise to an extreme and I find myself saying quite often, "You gotta be kidding".


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