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The Haves and the Have Nots live and non live thread


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    I knew it

    Something is up with Erica and War. The way she and War was watching each other while her and David was getting their groove on.And who is the other person Jim is talking too, unless it is the man who is running for President. Queen V is off the chain in still holding Jeffrey prisoner. Looks like next week she wants some more young Benny. Might be the only way he gets out of this mess, is being her prostitute. Guess the Queen has her needs too. I also think the rookie questioning (I am now in love with Jeffrey) knows something on the cop and Jeffrey.I think Melissa and Jeffrey should turn the tables on the Queen.It was funny when she was listening and Jeffrey was telling all. Melisia wanted Jeff to take out the queen.


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      Caught up with it On Demand. Charles got some,
      now he's gon' get it. Veronica got scared real quick when Jeffrey reminded her of that kid that pissed him off. We said it. We knew Erica was in cahoots with War. (And by we, I mean us in this thread.) What's that rookie gon' do, now that Justin said a bit too much?


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        Originally posted by wildbee View Post
        Now for Hanna being so broke for money, what in the world happened to her money for fire insurance from
        Quincy burning down her house. Hanna should have gotten a big haul from the fire department for that fire.
        Then she could pay for that house she and Benny, grandson living in. Come on now. LOL.

        I know I'm late on this one, but Hannah, sadly, did not have any home-owner's insurance when that house burned down. It was paid off when Benny took out a loan to help Candace. Candace paid all the money back, Hannah's home was hers again. THEN, Benny got hurt and Hannah quit her job, so she had to "make some hard choices" and she let the insurance go.

        See, this is my issue with Kat. I know it's her money, to do what she chooses, but if you're going to help someone, why do they have to wait until you are dead to get that help? Hannah is a fairly proud woman and she's not going to outright ask Kat for any "favors", but Kat has the eyes she had when she saw Hannah needed a car. and especially knowing what Wyatt did to Benny, Kat should have well put plenty of money in Benny's pocket a long time ago. But I know this is not over by any measure...

        Originally posted by VixensVamp View Post
        This is just a guess on my part, but I think Tyler's writing the show like the soaps, and some shows. Like, months passed for us, and it could just be a few days on the show. Again, just a guess.
        Yup. A year to us is a week in Tyler's world. Which takes me back to Hannah "making some hard choices". By the principle of Tyler's time-table, Hannah let that insurance lapse the very NIGHT Benny went into the hospital. Hannah's brokenness been lingering way longer than she's letting on. At this point, I don't understand why she's not back working AND LIVING with the Cryers'. If she wants to provide a good home for Q, she's going to have to eat a pie or two. MeeMaw.


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          Did I call it, or did I call it with War and Erica? I knew the moment she showed up, something was sneaky about her. She has been playing Candy and this web could not be more tangled than now. He is either her pimp or man. She was ready to bed him too after David.EWWW. I wonder when will Candy find this out? OMG, I don't know if I want her with David now or not, because she is all kinds of evil and nasty.She maybe even worst than queen V. Looks like Melissa had a miscarage or cut herself. She sure don't have to answer to the queen anymore if the baby is deceased.The ending with Q was riveting.Queen V wanted loving and Queen C moved out and took everything, even if she has to sell the house dirt cheap. Candy is in a heap of trouble and still doing her scheming. I was wondering was these real docs helping Wyatt or someone trying to rob him? The women did ask for his credit card before any services. I am just glad I was right about War and Erica in this together. She hates Candy mighty bad. Maybe she got some of her good customers back in the day and Erica wants to settle a score. Wish we had a few more episodes before the ending. Nevertheless, good ending.
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            Anybody know if this was the season finale or midseason? My aunt told me what happened last night and I caught it this evening. Hope Candace finds out about that skank and War. Erica did say she and War dated. I said dang when Jim saw the empty house. Those movers had to have been paid serious money to be that quiet. I rewound a few times, and got close, but it looked like Melissa slit her wrists. Jeffery is now free of her. (I know that's harsh. ) Poor little Q. Hanna should've gotten into the tub with him. Hopefully, Mitch'll bring in the Malones to rain h*** on War and his crew.


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