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  • Empire (Season 3)

    Yesterday was the season premiere of Empire on FOX. ..

    Let's see, Rhonda is dead, due to Anika. Anika has a baby girl. Jamel, looks like he can walk. Andre does not believe in God no more. This man from the past is after Luscious. His family member wants to a part of his music empire.....I am not finished watching the season premiere, when I do, I'll tell you the ending...

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    Tereek, if that's his name is starting mess with Luscious family and is recording Luscious mood. I think he will cause lots trouble.


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      ^Tyrek (sp??) is Lucious' brother, too, so I'm sure his interests are more than just professional. Grinding axes....

      ... and if Empire wants to keep my viewership (a lot have stopped, but I've been loyal), they'd better get Andre back on track with God. Andre is the ONLY one I truly root for and it's not just because the actor is a great player on the show. I'm proudest of him. Throughout all his abuse and witness of abuse, he is trying to live in Christ. With parents like he has, that deserve to be written out of his life, he still honors them.

      I understand you being hurt and all. You lost your son and you lost your wife, but you'd better point your blame towards the woman that's responsible. That mess had nothing to do with God. Get it straight or lose me...


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        Tyreke is trouble but he and Leah, the mom, are the reason I started watching again. I can't get over how Lucious is acting like Hakeem's baby is his yet he showed very little interest in the daughter he has with Raven Symone's character.


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          ^ Remember when Lucious’ sneaky lawyer, Thirsty, went and stole a hair sample from that little girl and it was revealed that Raven’s daughter is neither Jamal’s nor Lucious’.
          But I agree, him usurping Hakeem’s position as father to Anika’s baby is awful, but it’s just like Lucious to do it.


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            Well gee! I just started watching again so I didn't know about that twist! That little girl was such a doll, a wasted opportunity.


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              9/28 Episode

              Sooo it looks like Cookie would be developing a crush on the youth counselor. Luscious is already jealous. The three brothers try to help one another thru bad times. And thank god that Luscious smashed that video teddy bear!


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                ^I LOVE when the brothers are together. The bond they share is some fantastic TV that I wished they showed more often. Whenever they are in the same scene I pay more attention than any other time.

                Originally posted by AngJess View Post
                Well gee! I just started watching again so I didn't know about that twist! That little girl was such a doll, a wasted opportunity.
                That little girl IS a doll, but I'm glad we don't have to worry about seeing her opportunist mother any more.

                The scene with the police harassing Andre is hitting close to home indeed for this world. Nosey neighbors rarely get it right.


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                  10/5 Episode

                  There was lot going on. Andre does not see that he is black...I think, not sure. Don't take my word either, for I don't know. If someone enlighten me, that's good. Hakeem slowly is reconnecting with his dad. That youth counselor has a crush on Cookie. Mariah Carey guest star on the show. One thing to say of her, she should act her age and cover up.


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                    10/12 Episode

                    I am in the middle of the show. Lucious wants to sign his family member girl to his label. The family member wants something else....he's very greedy. Andre sort of in awe if the girl. Cookie goes out with the youth counselor. Freeda got beaten up. Jamal goes back there to see her...don't know why.

                    I'll will come back if anything goes down.


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                      11/9 Episode

                      Empire is back and sadly, it has 3 more episodes left before the Fall Finale.

                      The episode, I really don't know what's exactly going on. Tyreke still wants the Lyons family. Luicious finally got Hakeem under his hand. That's his favorite kid, as I can see. Becky wants to prove, she can handle the job as A&R. I think the white employee, played her in the end. Luicious brother, I think wants to rat out to Tyreke, not sure.


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                        Hey, Kinfolk! What exactly don't you know? Reads like you have a good idea of what's going on to me... I'm glad you saw the last episode because it was SO entertaining!

                        Yes, Hakeem IS the favorite son. Regarding Jamal going back to see Freda: Jamal and Freda had a REAL connection. They vibed musically and related on a "no daddy love" level. Lucious having issues with Jamal being gay.... Freda's dad (Frank Gathers) being in/out of her life due to his street-mogul stuff. They were real creative together. When Freda found out that Lucious killed her father in prison, she tried to kill Lucious. Jamal jumped in the way and got shot. He understood why Freda was attempting to kill Lucious (everybody would like to kill Lucious...) and has done what he can to help Freda, including helping her get out of jail.

                        Shyne (the music producer, mentor of Nessa the singer) is not Lucious' brother. He is Lucious' music/business rival. Tariq (the one investigating Lucious) is Lucious' half brother. and now that Shyne told him about Lucious killing Frank Gathers, it's going to get real interesting because Tariq is DYING to take Lucious down for something. That sibling rivalry...

                        and speaking for sibling rivalry!! I LOVED that scene where Hakeem went all freestyle HAM on his brothers about that girl. I LOVE when Hakeem is all riled up and thinks he's street. He's good with the mic, I must admit. I even loved the scene when Cookie kissed him and then slapped his face. The episode was a good one...

                        That dude that is riding Becky... He's SO cute! But he's shady as all get out. I hope he gets it together because I like him on the show, but so far he's a rat.


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                          11/16 - Episode

                          I really enjoyed this episode. The character that is played by Romeo Miller, stole Lyons infos...but the Lyons got him! I loved it when Luscious said, 'White folks calls the police, black folks don't'......And I really don't understand Andre. Is he taking the empire away from his father??????????????

                          Anyway, Empire comes back in 2 weeks!


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                            11/30 Episode

                            In this episode, Cookie meets the Youth Counselor mother. Thought it was cute!


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                              I love the pace of the show right now. Them taking their time to address some "history" is quite interesting. Cookie's fall out with her father was heartbreaking.

                              BooBoo Kitty with the lotion scene was so contrived.. She knew what she was doing. She and Lucious will be a real couple again in no time flat.


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