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The Haves and The Have Nots return...


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  • The Haves and The Have Nots return...

    Tuesday, June 21st at 9/8c

    I know a good majority of ya'll are coming down from ILYIW, but I saw this on Facebook, and needed to share.

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    Wooo hoooo. Tonight is the night. This season looks to be a doozer. I hear Jeffrey saying they better get Queen V before she gets him and Candace being caught by my man War, Jeffrey and Maggie dying up in the air. Tyler better not kill the Queen.Let her go to the Coocoo house a minute and set her free, but don't kill her. She is too smart and evil at the same time.I love Catheryn and Hanna friendship and hope they work it out. Looks like Jim is getting jumped in jail. I bet it is courtesy of the Queen. Maybe she finds out it was he who put a hit on her. It is all kinds of excitement going on in this show. I have been watching the reruns and miss Amanda and Quincy so much. I loved when she bought him to dinner and she yelled at Jim by calling him Mo!. They should have picked up on this girl was going cray cray. I loved it like I was watching it for the first time. Seeing how they took War from prince to villain was much, but it is what it is. I am looking forward to this season. I still feel Maggie is pregnant. If she is and live through the hail of bullets, she may fair better if she miscarry because ther Queen is as cold as ice and this child will be dead by the time she finishes, or sold into blackmarket if it lives. I am excited to see the show tonight.Everything looks action packed. My how Candace has fallen from when she first came on.She is about to get hers if the previews are any indication.


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      I am rewatching episodes leading up to tonights show. So excited
      So will Wyatt die? Will Maggie open the door or be saved? Will they find Quincy's body in the yard?
      I do want to ask a question about Quida Maxwell, Quincy's sister. Why does she twitch or is so hard with her movements, jumpy legs and her speech? Is she supposed to be on drugs or something?
      I hope Hanna and Katherine can remain friends. What will happen to Q, will Hanna find somewhere to live?
      To be continued


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