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Better Call Saul - Question


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  • Better Call Saul - Question

    I did not watch Better Call Saul when it first came on and decided to give it a try this year. Based on Penelope P here saying it would be better if I could see Season 1 first, I got it from the library and have been recording the current season. Just got the DVD this week and have watched 3 episodes. Can't get into it at all. Just wondering if it is one of those shows that is worth sticking with. If I recall correctly, it took a few episodes to get into Breaking Bad - and then wow! But not sure if I have the patience to continue with this - thought I would get opinions - thanks.

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    I started watching BCS largely because it is filmed here in Albuquerque and I enjoy recognizing scenery Before BCS came on, I was able to find only 7 episodes of Breaking Bad on line, but I also read detailed summaries on line, so I feel like I know what happened in that show and am not much interested in buying the DVDs for BB. But knowing a little about Breaking Bad has helped a little with watching BCS. However, it isn't necessary, it's only a case of "Oh, that person [Nacho or Mike] or that building [The Dog House restaurant] will turn up later on Breaking Bad!"

    As for BCS, the first 2-3 episodes are rather violent (which I suspect BB fans expected), but then it drops that kind of action it gets into character building, which requires a lot of talk and people interacting, character building and story telling. All that is more important to me than the violence (there is a lot of violence in Breaking Bad, too ... though was a very well told, smart set of stories).

    I suggest that if you have the BCS DVDs keep watching, you may find yourself intrigued. IMO, the writers, directors and crew and the whole cast are all very good. It helps that Albuquerque is a character, too, with a wide range of "personalities". Me, I've never seen the violence (in Breaking Bad, the drug dealing is evident as the hero gets involved with meth), but I have seen a lot of the color of the city and surrounding desert and mountains that is in the background of Better Call Saul.

    Season three reportedly starts filming in September 2016, which is a great time of year, almost Fall, lots of hot-air balloons in the sky, and cooler temperatures, so great views of the big sky. I'm keeping my eye out for locations where they are filming

    [edited to add: this reply is so late because I only now decided to see what shows are being talked about in the "other shows" portion of this website]


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      I loved Breaking Bad; didn't watch when it first aired, but borrowed the first DVDs from a friend and then it was shown again in its entirety on one channel so recorded it and binge watched over time.

      Per my msg above, I rented Season 1 of Better Call Saul from the library; couldn't get into it and had to return it before finishing the DVD. I wasn't interested enough to rent it again but in the meantime, recorded Season 2 which I still have on my PVR. A close friend of mine absolutely loves it, we are more often in tune with our show likes than not. But somehow can't focus on BCS. I am leaving it on my PVR however in case I want to give it another try.


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