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    It's always been you.
    Dammit Casey, Gabby never deserved you, and she left you. Way past time to move on.

    Ritter has been such a great addition!
    Last edited by militarymom; November 20, 2020, 07:28 AM.


    • namers
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      Agreed, all!

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    Well it's quite obvious that the Kelly and Stella characters are a couple in real life.Aww......


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      Originally posted by Penelope P View Post
      Well it's quite obvious that the Kelly and Stella characters are a couple in real life.Aww......
      Are they?

      It's quite funny how the other guys looked at each other, acknowledging there was something between Casey and Brett even though they themselves didn't acknowledge it at first. Too bad it ended up the way it did, but I live in hope they will eventually get together. In the meantime, I don't blame Brett for calling a halt when he said he didn't know in answer to her question about Gabby.


      • Penelope P
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        The only conclusion that I jumped to with Kelly and Stella is that they are filming in Covid19 times and seeing them kiss gave me pause.

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      Everyone needs a friend like Herman, who knows you didn't mess up, and sets out to prove it.

      Ugh, Brett and Casey, stop with the Gabby crap!

      Severide, stop being an idiot, and be honest with Stella!


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        Originally posted by militarymom View Post
        Ugh, Brett and Casey, stop with the Gabby crap!
        I'm not convinced; just a device to keep us guessing but like you implied:


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          Well, I was wondering what kind of monkey wrench they'd throw at Kelly and Stella this time, and I guess now we're seeing it! Can't anyone just be happy?


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            Drunk guy causes car accident with a live wire. Where's the po-po?

            Matt, don't take off your mask within 6'. C'mon some realism please.

            Mouch has an old donut-eating enemy.

            Chief and Severide reminisce; scents will do that to ya. Guy falls through stairs in a condemned building. He sounds like he has dementia. That number he was reciting was his badge number. His wife came to pick him up.

            Rescued girl wants to date Casey. And now the other Captain wants to date Silvie. Oh FFS!

            Trudy, "You don't dance for me like that baby." "All you gotta do is ask." True love.

            That's a whole lotta donut holes. 🍩

            Love amongst the ruins.

            It's raining donuts from the sky. Waste not, want not.

            Severide, go home and face the music. I don't even know what is wrong with him and Stella actually?

            Chief goes to the home again to get the man who is stuck in his so many of us are.


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              So Casey & Brett are hankering after each other, so frustrating to watch - although I don't blame Brett after he answered her question about Gabby. Still, I hope neither of them gets involved with anyone else.

              Severide follows the Chief's advice and goes home - but Stella went to stay at Brett's, serves him right. I think he's jealous that Stella is going for the lieutenant exam.

              The Chief was so caring towards the old former cop; love the Chief.


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                Well I must be the only one that doesn't see chemistry between Casey and Brett.......sadly
                Good for Stella and Severide needs help in his mood know that old saying "----, or get off the pot!"


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                  Please don't tell me Mouch is dead!



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                    It was a good episode and all's well that ends well


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                      Cruz and his woman's wear line!

                      Casey was such a jerk in this episode. Go Sylvie calling him out.

                      severide can be an idiot by times, but he has a big heart.


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                        Casey being called out by Sylvie was perfection. He needs to remove something from his behind (to be kind).
                        Love Severide and yes he can be an idiot at times.


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                          I know the new guy Sylvie's interested in won't be around long, but I like him.


                          • Penelope P
                            Penelope P commented
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                            I do too Lanfear and he's not afraid to speak out for himself either.

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                          Holy carp! Casey: what did you think would happen if you stuck your body in while he was in gear? He's concussed and no one told him to get checked out? WTF.

                          Taylor Kinney is on tonight's Jimmy Fallon but of course when anyone reads this it will be tomorrow!

                          Silvie has a fan in Dave. But Dave is a bad candidate to give a reference to.

                          Kelly doesn't do well with change so Matt can't move. Is this his way not to have a total commitment with Stella?

                          Matt's sister comes to visit about their deceased uncle. Apparently they're not in touch with their mother.

                          The team is in training. Mounch is propelling off a building and does a spin, takes a victim on his back. Chief is not too happy about being upstaged.

                          Dave: to Stella, "...a young female firefighter going after their dreams." He left out the Latina part in his diatribe.

                          Guy got himself impaled on a workout bench. Wife isn't thrilled. Really Kelly, you're gonna worry about what Stella bought for the apartment?

                          Chief wants Mackie to transfer to his station for a job. Oopsy, everyone is called but Mounch.

                          I know men hate the doctor but I can't believe Casey won't get help!

                          Dave only wanted a reference to get a cat. Phew.

                          Matt and Christy go to the bank and the box had a Rolex watch. She's disappointed that there was nothing helpful to her.

                          Gianna and Cruz discuss. He gives her the 👍.

                          Chief Boden is but Mounch is aging and just wants to be a leader.

                          Ahh so Matt had an earlier head injury...........He can lose his career.......

                          Guy fell off his truck and is impaled. Vlad the Impaler is getting a lot of work today.

                          Chief One paid back Chief Two and passed Mounch. He tells him he's admired by his underlings.

                          Oh geeze, Dave isn't a great big buddy after all. "This puss is now yours. Veronicat."

                          So Mackie was written out?

                          Kelly: go pick up your delivery.

                          Matt's watch is worth $80,000!!!!!! He's keeping the watch which was given to him by his 1st wife.

                          Nice: a basketball hoop game! That's what you have a loft for!

                          We have to wait for next week to see what happens to Matt Casey.


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