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    What, the actor is leaving??? Why? Dud you see the season finale promo? Rhonda beats Anika!


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      Whelp, now we know it was all a hoax. The actor saying things that led to us believing he was leaving. I’m sure he got a rude awakening when he discovered how viewers REALLY feel about him. People really give it to him about his singing! They don’t like his character and especially don’t care for his singing. That’s the producers/writer’s fault for over exposing Jamal’s character. Every time we turned around,he was singing a diddy… I heard cheers all over the world when Jamal said he wasn’t going to sing again.

      I liked the finale. Way better than the last one.

      Taking us on this “ride” about who pushed Rhonda was wasteof time. It was so obvious that I thought for sure it was someone else. She was upset and feeling rejected by Hakeem, she was then in the house and nursery drooling over the future heir’s wares…. Then some “mystery person” pushes Rhonda down the stairs. Then, to top it off, the shoes were shown. They may as well had shown the viewers her face whilst she was pushing Rhonda, we already knew she had done it anyways.

      I’m so glad Lucious and Cookie didn’t get married. The angst in their relationship didn’t call for that just yet.
      I did feel for Hakeem when his bride walked away. But, not because I wanted them to get married. I never really liked her, but I felt for him nonetheless.

      That actor playing Lucious’ father was a dead ringer. Pun. But they look so much alike.


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