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  • Hightown

    Hightown Starts Season One Tonight on Starz at 8:00 pm

    Hightown Follows Jackie a hard Partying Lesbian in Provincetown Mass a National Marine Fisheries Service Agent who uses her Gun and her Badge to Suduce Tourist Chicks but Everything Changes When she Discovers a Body in Cape Cod Bay and Finds Herself at the Center of Capes Gruesome Herion Epidemic

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    i can't watch this, simply because i'm afraid it's too close to the truth today. Ptown was one of my safe havens 40 years or so ago, when i was a teenager....


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      Hightown will have Eight Episodes in Season One


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        Vacation by the Go Go(Text Tones) is the Theme Song for Hightown
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          Hightown Episode Two May 24

          1 Jackie got a Lead on the Sherry Henry Murder(she found Krista charm on the dead body and saw Krista picture at the rehab center )

          2 Frankie Threating Junior not to stop dealing

          3 Frankie wants Renee to get close to Ray

          4 Ray wants Renee to sent up a drug buy with Osito

          5 Ray has feeling for Renee

          6 Jackie leaves the Rehab after a fight with a Woman and go looking for Krista

          7 Junior wants to start his family over


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            I will be getting into this show


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              Tosh hope you enjoy it 😊. I am enjoy 😊 it

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            Hightown Episode Three May 31

            1 Junior has Sherry Body on his Boat

            2 Jackie thinks Junior knows more

            3 Junior will Sponsor Jackie

            4 Junior has sex with Donna

            5 Kizzle mad that Junior didn't float the body

            6 Jackie went to Court and got a Felony

            7 September 30 Court Date

            8 Ray Returned Jackie phone call

            9 Frankie wants Renee to have Sex with Ray

            10 Frankie and Renee have Sex in Jail

            11 Jackie Tells Ray about Krista

            12 Ray doesn't want Jackie on the case

            13 Jackie goes to Lisa house to find Evidence on Krista with Junior

            14 Ray ID Osito at a Burger Joint

            15 Lisa Trades Krista Stuff for Drugs

            16 Jackie was played by Lisa only underwear but find a list of names at the rehab krista was staying at

            17 Jackie called Devon

            18 Jackie found out at thee Rehab that Krista has a Sugar Daddy name Anthony

            19 Tina calls someone to tell the them someone looking for Krista

            20 Anthony hung up on Jackie

            21 Osito gives Renee Money from Frankie

            22 Jackie see Devon tell her She was in Rehab

            23 Jackie has sex with Devon

            24 Ray calls Renee

            25 Osito give Junior a Ride

            26 Junior gives Osito Money for Frankie Frankie wanted Junior dead

            27 Osito wants Junior to beat up a Fast food Worker

            28 Ray gives Renne an iPad for her Kid at the Club

            29 Ray Apology to Renee for the other night

            30 Osito Gives Junior some Money

            31 Ray has Sex with Renee

            32 Jackie borrow Devon Car to find Krista

            33 Krista has Sex with Anthony

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              Hightown Episode Four June 7

              1 Jackie Looks for Krista at Anthony Work

              2 Anthony Said nothing about Krista to Jackie and Threating Her

              3 Jackie gets a Call from Ed who has a job for her

              4 Renee happy to see Ray in the Club

              5 Ray Informan Tells Ray about Krizzel and Osito Osito has a Different Car

              6 Junior has Sex with Donna

              7 Ray tell the informan to be Wired at the bar and met Krizzel

              8 Jackie tell Junior about Krista

              9 Krista goes to AA

              10 Jackie follows Anthony Jackie threat To Tell Anthony Wife about Krista

              11 Anthony Tells Jackie Krista in a Motel

              12 Jackie ask the Maid about Krista

              13 Jackie leaves a note for Krista

              14 Jackie gets a call for a Job

              15 Junior at Donna's Mother Party

              16 Junior tell Donna Mother he better but her Mother Bust him up but he stays

              17 Jackie apologize to Devon Kiss and Set up a date Later

              18 Krista see the note at motel calls Anthony who they over

              19 Krizzel gets in a bar fight with the informat

              20 Krizzel is Arrested for the fight

              21 Ed gives jackie her badge and gun and Uniform

              22 Ray Question Krizzel about Osito and the Murder

              23 Krizzel said nothing wants a lawyer

              24 Ray thinks Krizzel knows about Sherry

              25 Jackie call motel no answer from Krista

              26 Krista goes to stay with Scotty

              27 Ray see Renee and has sex

              28 Renee give Ray a tip about Osito Girlfriend her father owns a body shop

              29 Frankie misses his son and Renee

              30 Fish Police against Clam Poachers

              31 Osito see Junior at Donna house ask about krista .Junior said no Witness

              32 Ray goes to auto shop meets Osito

              33 Osito knows Ray a Cop

              34 Jackie Arrest the Poachers and a fed case in Newport RI

              35 Jackie partys her Bust of Poachers

              36 Jackie gets her Job Back

              37 Jackie tell Junior she has info on Krista .Junior is Nervous

              38 Krista did Drugs with Scotty because Sheery died .

              39 Krista Tells Scotty She seen Sherry died .Tells Scotty Not to Tell Anybody

              40 Jackie take a Shot of Liquior


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                Hightown Episode Five June 14

                1 Jackie Wake up next to a Naked Ron

                2 Jackie Phone got Wet

                3 Jackie Hungover

                4 Jackie has a Bloody Mary and a Beer

                5 Junior Ask Jackie about Krista

                6 Jackie has a Date with Devon ask Junior for Coke

                7 Ray back at the auto body shop wants help on Osito

                8 The Auto Boss said bring a Warrant

                9 Ray put up a Cam to watch Osito

                10 Junior and Osito see Frankie in Prison

                11 Frankie wants Osito to fix Krista

                12 Junior Spears Jackie life from Frankie

                13 Osito Wants Junior to take care of Krista fix his Mistake of Sherry

                14 Jackie still Partying

                15 Ray want to have Dinner with Renee

                16 Renee and Ray go to the Movies with Frankie jr

                17 Devon Mad that Jackie High leaves Date

                18 Jackie Drinks her sorrows

                19 Jackie Leaves Devon a voice Mall Appology High on Coke

                20 Jackie gets into Bar fight

                21 Junior and Osito go gets drugs for Krista

                22 Osito wants Strong Drugs to kill Krista

                23 Uncle wants Osito to work for him

                24 Krista calls Jackie for Help

                25 Jackie does coke with Charmaine and Slade ask to use her Phone for her password

                26 Jackie goes with Charmaine and Slade to look for Krista

                27 Ray and Renee have Sex

                28 Jackie takes an Uber with Charmaine and Slade but gets kick out

                29 Jackie goes back to Ptown with Charmaine and Slade

                30 Osito tell Junior to tell Krista he Scotty and to watch her take the drug

                31 Junior gives Krista the Drug

                32 Krista gets Nervous at Junior watching her

                33 Osito broke down the door And Murdered Krista with an Iron Junior said the Needle Broke

                34 Osito was 15 when he first murdered someone

                35 Osito Droped off Junior at Donna

                36 Ray got a Call leaves Renee

                37 Jackie wake up at her house her phone works gets the call from Krista on voice mail

                38 Jackie calls Krista but gets Ray

                39 Ray Tells Jackie Krista is Dead
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                  June 2020 Starz Renewed Hightown for a Second Season


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                    Hightown Episode Six June 21

                    1 Krista in a body bag

                    2 Witness saw two guys at Krista's Room

                    3 Ray ask Jackie Questions

                    4 Jackie mad at Ray

                    5 Ray tells Jackie about Krista Murder

                    6 Ray thinks Frankie did the hit

                    7 Jackie sad

                    8 Donna ask Junior if he using

                    9 Donna going to look for a House

                    10 Frankie jr hits his head

                    11 Jackie goes see Ed .He tells he to take a sick day

                    12 Ray Thinks Osito is involved

                    13 Ray goes See Frankie jr and Renee at the Hospital

                    14 Osito see Chamaine

                    15 Osito think about working for Uncle

                    16 Osito wants Drugs about 7k

                    17 Chamaine gets the drugs for Osito

                    18 Bridge cam shows Osito driving

                    19 Osito and jr ask about Frankie

                    20 Osito gives junior a gun

                    21 Jackie at aa .Junior is a no show

                    22 Jr selling drugs in Ptown

                    23 Jackie tells junior Krista dead

                    24 Junior mad at jackie

                    25 Jackie dreams of Krista

                    26 Renne and Frankie jr see Frankie

                    27 jr tells Frankie uncle Ray gave him an iPad

                    28 Frankie not Renee pip she said Renee mad at Frankie

                    29 Frankie said he and Renee are forever

                    30 Jackie look up Frankie on the computer and see Renee

                    31 Jackie find out where Renee works

                    32 Jackie visits Renee at work .She gets a Lap Dance from her

                    33 Jackie ask Renee about Frankie .Jackie tells Renee he killed two girls

                    34 Renee Blows off Jackie questions

                    35 Jackie see Frankie

                    36 Jackie tells frankie about Sherry and Krista

                    37 Frankie threatens jackie

                    38 Ray ask Scotty about Krista

                    39 Ray ask Scotty about Osito

                    40 Scotty tells Ray about Osito

                    41 Ray sees Osito.Osito leaves with Ray

                    42 Junior is a no show at the house as Donna waits

                    43 Junior try to trick buyer with price of drugs

                    44 Buyer Beat up Junior

                    45 Ray Questions Osito about Sherry and Krista

                    46 Ray Shows Osito the Cam Pic

                    47 Osito wants a Lawyer

                    48 Jackie ask Ron for help

                    49 Jackie wants a list of boats from Ron that left Ptown the night of Sherry Murder

                    50 Ron wants a drink for helping Jackie

                    51 Jackie See Junior Boat on the List


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                      There Are Only Two More Episodes Left for Season One of Hightown


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                        Hightown Episode Seven June 28

                        1 Ray Dreams of Sherry

                        2 Jackie Ask Junior father if the boat when out the 22

                        3 Jackie ask Ed about Junior Past

                        4 Ray Makes Renee Breakfast

                        5 Renee ask Ray if she the One

                        6 Ray Feel good to be with Renee

                        7 Osito see a Cam and breaks it

                        8 Frankie heard Osito got Pinched

                        9 Frankie ask Osito about the cops

                        10 Frankie wants Osito to take care of Junior

                        11 Scotty gets stabbed in jail

                        12 Jackie goes looking for Junior

                        13 Junior calls Donna .Tells her he is in Trouble

                        14 Junior tells Donna to leave him

                        15 Junior starts Using

                        16 Osito and Kissel see Donna to look for Junior

                        17 Kissel Threatens Donna

                        18 Osito tells Krissel who in charge

                        19 Renee thinks Ray is using her

                        20 Jackie see Donna .Tell Donna Junior is using .Tells Donna Junior loves her

                        21 Jackie go see Junior at the motel .

                        22 Jackie tell Junior she knows about Sherry

                        23 Osito and Krissel see Junior at motel .Tell Junior to take a ride

                        24 Jackie tell Ray about Sherry .Tell Ray it was Junior

                        25 Jackie tell Ray Osito and Krissel was with Junior

                        26 Ray and Jackie go to the auto shop find nothing

                        27 Krisell pull a gun on Junior in the woods

                        28 Osito kills Krissell

                        29 They Burry Krisell. Junior cuts his head off and put in a backpack

                        30 Osito tells Junior to leave Ptown so Frankie think Osito kill him

                        31 Tells Junior to take a bus trip to Miami

                        32 Osito has a story to tell Frankie about Krissel

                        33 Jackie Question a guy who trade for Osito car for a bus ticket for Miami

                        34 Ray finds the bus

                        35 Junior not on the Bus

                        36 Junior OD in a Restaurant Bathroom


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                          In Two Weeks Sunday July 12 is Starz Hightown Season One Finale


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                            Might start this over today,did see a little of episode 1 but got sidetrack


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