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  • Creepshow

    Coming Monday, May 4th on AMC.

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    Hmm, new TV! Worth checking out. I loved the movie.


    • VixensVamp
      Soap Addict
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      I saw the movie either earlier this year, or last year. I hadn't seen it in years.

      I never knew that was a young Joe Hill in the movie. Can't remember when I found out.

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    Thank you, Thank you VixensVamp for posting this. Already have it programmed and can't wait!!


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      What Time is it on ? I Can't wait to see Judith from TWD on It .


    • #5
      I'll likely watch it the following day.


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        Interesting programming in Canada. Series begins on May 6th(Wednesday) with 2 series stories and then switches the following week on a different night(Tuesday), also with 2 new stories. "Judith" will appear in the story "The House of the Head" on premiere night Nightrocker.


        • #7
          Welp, seeing that dad being transformed made me want to quit drinking beer, and I don't even drink beer.

          I have two dollhouses, one built, one not, but they both gots to go! I actually thought the head was gonna kill that family, not the ones in the dollhouse.

          There were Easter Eggs throughout.


        • #8
          Grey Matter

          1 Don't Drink Cheap Maine Beer

          2 Jigsaw Got His

          The House of the Head

          1 Did Cailey Turn into Judith and Sliced Those Heads

          2 That Dollhouse is Scary. You Put Thing in it and They are Small .You Take Them Out They are Big .That Good She Didn't Take Out the Dog Cujo


          • #9
            Adrienne Barbeau: haven't seen her in some time. She gave birth to twins at 51!

            "My daddy was watching afternoon tearjerkers." That's a way to look at it.

            Not sure if I'll watch again.



            • Penelope P
              Penelope P
              I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
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              Twins at 51 YIKES............Doll House was scary.

            • namers
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              namers commented
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              My parents were 43 and 31 when they got married in the 50's which was old then. It's hard on the kids.

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            Another good episode tonight. (5/11)

            Jefferey Combs was the German guy in the first one. (Combs played Herbert R. West in the Reanimator trilogy. And I've only seen Reanimator. Just gotta see Bride of Reanimator, and Beyond Reanimator.)

            I have no idea what Bob is. (The Finger) He almost, kinda, sorta looks like a Xenomorph.


            • #11
              Bad Wolf Down

              1 October Feast on those Nazis

              2 Cartoon Werewolfs

              3 Bloody Werewolfs

              4 Quist Should Have Stay Eddie Quist is a Werewolf in the Howling

              The Finger

              The Finger Turns into Like ZZ Top TV Dinners IMO

              This was A bloody Good Episode

              The Freezer Cartons of THE Stuff is For the 1985 Movie The Stuff by Larry Cohen


              • #12
                OMG, we just watched the stuff last week, lol! i forgot this was going to be on( in my defense, i was quite ill) GOTZ to catch up!


              • #13
                Tonight's episode was weird.

                Teens did what they had to do.

                Two teens got what was coming to them, in the second one.


                • #14
                  i watched the first 3 last night, and hubby is watching now, LOVE IT!


                  • #15
                    The Creep Craving Pumpkins Watching The Night of the Living Dead

                    All Hallow Eve

                    1 Those who are Trick get their Treat

                    2 The Ghost With the Skullface was Cool

                    The Man with The Suitcase

                    1 Always Check your Luggage at the Airport before Leaving

                    2 It Like The Wishmaster

                    3 They Could have gotten the Gorilla from American Tourist


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