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  • I did not see Popes mental health episode getting him arrested, I felt like I missed a scene.
    ‘Then at the end…..I really couldn’t believe when he called J out for shooting Smurf
    ‘“right in front of us’”…… he was saving Pope, but Smurf was completely right Pope needs her to survive to a point. Not sure if she put his mental health
    meds in his food or drink (she “was”.) But clearly he needs something and he knows it. I thought he was really gonna stay and get some help until J showed up.

    Deran my friend you need to back off, you were never interested in being in charge ever. Going to Pam and stealing the bowling alley money after Jay gave him some? What’s that about…….He’s not the leader.

    Jay knows the contacts and the business and honestly Smurf was grooming him to be the boss, little by little until the writing changed on that.

    I liked they showed Craig taking care of his baby, was unsure about the babysitter ,and then having all the scooters crushed by a monster truck? Idk….
    Why can’t Frankie deal with J? Craig has Renn and a new baby so why is he pulling the territory card with Frankie. I didn’t see him bring the boy with him or even share with Frankie about him or Pics. Maybe he’s worried because of how he screwed J over with Nikki. KARMA ……..
    Maybe he can talk Deran down, clearly he’s got them covered.

    I was heart broken when they fired Ellen, and then when they started writing so crappy for he character . I did not care for last season or Angela and all the other nonsense…… I was NOT going to be watching , but I decided to watch one and to my surprise it was more back in the style of the real Animal Kingdom the writing that hooked me on it. Angela was gone and that girl who was in Jays condo and her boyfriend and what ever else that was not helping the series. I was really hoping Smurfs murder would be a dream of one of the boys or Smurfs dream…… but no luck… I do like the actress playing young Smurt and how she is being portrayed as a mom to The twins and how things came to be where they are by all of her choices, and each child coming in to the world and Baz coming into the fold and others. See Julia’s story and who Jays dad really is and he and Smurfs true feelings and what the last straw was.


    • namers
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      Was Ellen fired? Dang!

    • samson2
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      Yeah, that really sucks! Doesn’t it

  • Originally posted by namers View Post
    As we watch the dynamic between Smurf and Pam, I don't see how she would leave Pam everything as she just kicked Smurf out. This was pre-3 more kids too and honestly I don't want to see years worth of flashbacks.

    At what point do the brothers kick Jay's behind for making all the decisions?

    I enjoyed the bike, coke not money takedown.

    Deran's 3-way, then 2-way was racy. His feelings are obviously numb. At least Pope is the only one who cares about his loss.

    Seems like J is a born leader or has the stamina to do what needs to be done ?


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      I grew up in the projects myself with a mother who was mentally ill and my father who contracted the 1918 Influenza and died when I was 9. Poorer than dirt and "bullied" was kind; I was ostracized by an entire neighborhood and tormented. I was fortunate though because my extended family are very educated (as was my mother) and they took care of me. Having said that, all these years later, I have huge problems with men & money (though 2 advanced degrees). I did finally just start a new job today so at 65 (no mate, no kids, no siblings) things are looking up. So no criminal record! I will say this: I've always thought that if I was male, I would be incarcerated or dead, no doubt.
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      Wow! All the best to you! namers

    • namers
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      Thank you Soapy!

  • August 1 Animal Kingdom Season Five Episode Four

    A Schism Developers Between the Cody’s in the Aftermath of the Plane Job .

    Deran Attempts to be the Leader of the Family over J decides that the Drugs are Hidden outside the House and Have Access to J Business and Assets.

    Craig is on Baby Duty but Finds a Sitter.

    Craig Confronts Frankie over Jobs and Tells Her to Stop Dealing with J .

    Pope is Arrested and Admitted to a Hospital in a Fugue State after he was Found Wandering Off .

    In the 80s Smurf is Living in a Trailer Park with her Kids and Jake and Manny .

    Smurf and her Gang Smash and Grab an ATM and Decide to Stay in Oceanside .

    J Mad that Deran is Trying to Shut him out of Dealing with Pete and wants to hide the Drugs in the Bowling Alley.

    Deran Shows Up at Pams House and Receives Few Answers about Smurf but Pam Hints at an Opportunity for Future Jobs in Exchange for Part of the Estate .

    Pope Visits Smurf Empty Trailer Space and then goes Home where he Angrily Recounts J Shooting Smurf .

    Deran is Visited by Adrian Former DEA Handler who Presses Deran for a Deal .

    J and. Allie have Sex and Party .


    • On TNT Tonight August 8 9pm Animal Kingdom Season Five Episode Five Titled Family Business


      • Yeppers, Family Business sure seems like Pam wants 2 replace Smurf & run the show.

        And, she is gonna make the Cody boys EARN what Smurf has given Pam or maybe that is what SMURF had in mind all along & pam is just getting $$$ from the estate as an executor.

        Things, that make U go hmmmmm!


        • August 8 Animal Kingdom Season Five Episode Five

          Pope finds out Angela’s Fate beaten to death in a local drug house

          Pope Hunts Down the Addict Alleged to be Responsible and Vicious Beats the man under Oceanside Pier

          Pam brings her family to meet the Cody’s at the house

          Pam providing them vague info on a job she wants done

          The Cody’s are given an ultimatum accept the job or move out at the end of the week

          In the 80s Smurf Firts with an Oceanside police officer to get him on her payroll for future jobs

          Craig and Frankie meet with a Fence to unload Smurfs jewelry

          Craig and Frankie make out in Frankie Car

          Deran and J check out Pam Job where their be taking a safe from an office of a 24 hour Skating Company

          Deran and J agree to the job after Phoenix said he would help

          Later at the House Pope storms in packing before breaking down to Deran about his Troubles

          Deran agrees to Pope to leave Town for awhile

          J and Deran have a Tense exchange after Deran told J about Pope leaving

          Deran Plans on Moving back to the House


          • I’m going to miss Angela Bones ❤️


            • On TNT Tonight 9 Pm Animal Kingdom Season Five Episode Six Titled Home Sweet Home


              • If you thought
                ANIMAL KINGDOM
                was bizarre with
                Smurf, we haven’t seen
                nothing yet.


                • August 15 Animal Kingdom Season Five Episode Six

                  The Cody Move Forward with the Safe Job .

                  Pope Drives Crazy Though the Mountains Nearly Committing Suicide Behind the Wheel .

                  Pope Goes to a Roadside Commune Where he meets Cassandra

                  Cassandra Convinces Pope to Ingest a Drink laced with Drugs

                  In the 80s Smurf moves in near the beach Where Jake is Beaten by Max Cross in front of her Kids

                  Smurf Meets Max and Agrees to give him 30% of her Future Jobs in exchange for staying away from her Family .

                  The Safe Job goes Horrible Awry Noneof Phoenix Info is Correct.

                  J and Deran Narrowly Escape with the safe though a window .

                  Renn who was on the job too Cover was Blown and had to stab Someone to Escape .

                  Craig was mad at Deran for Having Renn on the Job .

                  After Renn is Safe She and Craig have Sex at their Home

                  J and Deran hold the safe until Pam signs the House over to them .

                  At the Commune the Other Members don’t like Pope in his Hallucinating state .

                  Pope Leaves the Commune with Cassandra to the desert where they lay on the road .

                  Then After Both of them wander off together in the Desert .


                  • I Seen the Jim Jones of Animal Kingdom


                    • On TNT Tonight 9Pm Animal Kingdom Season Five Episode Seven Titled Splinter


                      • I 4got ALL about AK because the walking dead had their new season tonight!

                        Oh, and Talking Dead 2!

                        Oh, well time 2 Google what happened!


                        • Originally posted by chandon1 View Post
                          I 4got ALL about AK because the walking dead had their new season tonight!

                          Oh, and Talking Dead 2!

                          Oh, well time 2 Google what happened!

                          I Going Watch Animal Kingdom Live on Sunday Nights Now There Six More Episodes in Season Five and Watch TWD on Demand I’ll Watch TWD on Sunday after Animal Kingdom season Five is Over


                          • August 22 Animal Kingdom Season Five Episode Seven

                            Pope travels with Cassandra finding out she is a Divorcee who Lost Custody of her Son .

                            J Meets Lark Who,Signs the house back over to.the Cody’s

                            Renn Fights Craig for a Job and Then Attempts to buy coke from her Supplier who Refused to do Business

                            Renn Ends up beating a local Dealer Stealing his Stash

                            In the 80s Smurf meets a Young Billy Deran Father and have Sex

                            Pope and Julia Run away from home but come back with Pam

                            Pam Said she always be there for Smurf despite Their Disagreements

                            Craig Host a Wild Party at the House Throwing Deran Belonging in the Pool and then Jumping off the Pier

                            Deran is Dealing with a Struggling Bar Finding out the turnout is because of a Missing Adrian

                            There a Rumor that most people think the Cody’s Murdered Adrian

                            J meet Pete to Collect the Drug Money

                            J Finds out Pete was approached by a DEA Agent who was Handling Adrian Case

                            Pete Said to J They are Looking for Info From Deran


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