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  • Hawaii 5 -0

    Love the cast ! So happy Grace made it .

    I never know what to think of Danno and Rachel. When you think it completely over they get close again and when you think they will make it , it falls apart again. I don’t know about Rachel.

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    I loved it also and I love that Grace is going to be okay. Danno and Rachel I think sooner or later they will end up back together but I don't think they will ever truly last I do think they love each other but I don't think they can ever make it fully work together.


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      I like Steve and Danno in couples therapy better!

      Rachel and Danno are classic can’t be together and can’t be apart.

      Grace is awesome . I love the 5-0 family not just the team but all of them.


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        I hate that they killed Joe White . I like that I got to see Cathrine last week . I like Steve and her Together .


        • Chabby lover
          Chabby lover commented
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          I hated that also that they killed Joe off. I love Steve and Catherine together also I wish she would come back.

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        Glad they brought her back, can't recall seeing any family members on the original five 0.


        • Emerald Greens
          Emerald Greens commented
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          Yeah that was a very different more formal group. I like this one better.

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        I like see Grace having pancakes

        Tani in her driving suit

        Who will Tani go for Junior or Adam


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