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Young Sheldon


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  • Young Sheldon

    I didn’t see a thread for this one. I so afraid it wouldn’t work that they couldn’t get the role just right but they did! When you know enough about the characters casting and writing is even more critical.

    I confess though I only recently found out younger Mary is played by Laurie Metcalf’s own daughter. Great casting!

  • #2
    That little boy is perfect as young Sheldon, thats
    for sure! I love the show! All of the cast is so


    • #3
      It really is !Good little actor he has Sheldon down pat. Potts as MeeMaw is hilarious. I could never have imagined they could find just the right person to play George Sr and find the right balancing act between being supportive but also not understanding what makes Sheldon tick.


      • #4
        I think it’s probably the best sitcom/drama on tv and I’m not a BBTheory fan at all. Just watched the S2 premier.
        Give it a chance if you haven’t seen it.


        • #5
          Does Young Sheldon watch Old Sheldon ........


          • #6
            The actor ? He probably would have to to see the mannerisms.


            • Nightrocker
              Nightrocker commented
              Editing a comment
              i like that Emerald Greens . I Guess that why he is very good .

            • Emerald Greens
              Emerald Greens commented
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              He is very good isn’t he? I wasn’t sure they could pull it off so much of Sheldon’s childhood has been revealed by Sheldon and to a degree Mary they had to find the right actors for the Young Sheldon.

          • #7
            Let this be the last of Dale! Please.

            I know some kind of change is coming with Sheldon going to college soon . I don’t know if the had time to film the last episode or if last nights serves as the season finale.


            • #8
              Young Sheldon has been renewed by CBS for three more seasons.


              • Aprilgirl
                Aprilgirl commented
                Editing a comment
                Glad to hear it’s renewed…good show….I like all the cast….

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