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    I'll admit it, I was the absolute worst at figuring out whodunits on primetime soaps in the 80's. On Dallas, I guessed that the person who shot J.R. was Vaughn Leland. On Falcon Crest I was convinced Diana Hunter was the one who killed Carlo Agretti. On Dynasty I had no idea who set the cabin on fire with Krystle and Alexis in it. On Knots, I thought maybe it was Olivia or Jill who had killed Peter Hollister. The only cliffhangers I ever knew the outcome of were the Falcon Crest plane crash, because TV Guide reported which actors weren't returning that fall and the Moldavian Massacre on Dynasty only because all the outlets reported that Ali MacGraw was out and Billy Campbell went on Hour Magazine and said he was leaving. Were there any cliffhangers or whodunits that just made your jaw drop because you never saw it coming? FC's Carlo Agretti reveal was the big one for me...that one absolutely shocked me.

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    Oh yeah, I remember being shocked when we found out Julia was the one who killed Carlo Agretti. She was a main character, too!

    Another whodunit that surprised me was when we found out in the last episode of season 4 of Knots Landing that Chip Roberts was the one who had killed Ciji, just as Karen realized her daughter Diana had taken off with him to New York. That was a surprise for me as well.


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