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On Knots Landing, what if...


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  • On Knots Landing, what if...

    I just read some of Alex Baldwin's memoir about his time on KL; very brief and nothing scandalous, but it did get me thinking about something. What if, instead of falling off the roof, Joshua was tapped by Greg to run for Senator, instead of Peter Hollister? Don't get me wrong, I liked the character of Peter Hollister and the guy who played him, Hunt Block, but just imagine the possibilities if Val's brother had been the one that slept with Abby and Paige, while leading teenage Olivia on? Besides continuing the Val/Abby feud, think of the problems that would have come up between Val, Karen, and Mack! If the show had kept Joshua as power hungry, Abby could have used her cable station as a way to promote him, while Greg could have used him just like he used Peter, which would have caused even more drama when Gary threw his hat in the ring and ran in the race, too. Plus, imagine how Val would have felt if her own brother was manipulating Olivia, a girl Val loved like a daughter. It really would have worked so well, especially if Joshua had been killed just like Peter was, with Abby burying him in concrete because she thought Olivia killed him! Joshua's death would then have been the perfect swan song for Lilimae to leave town, as well.

    I know this is a moot point, talking about a storyline 30 plus years later, but it sure would have been cool.

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    I loved the Joshua Rush character, and thought they killed him off WAY too soon....to have Lilimae have had another child that she gave up years ago...to have that child show up in Knots Landing and interact with his sister....it's too bad they made him so dark so quickly. Even if they'd ended the Cathy/Joshua relationship...that character could have gone VERY far as a 'love to hate' villain.

    I like your idea about Joshua being Greg's 'golden boy' rather than Peter Hollister....I liked the actor and the character, but Joshua was far more intriguing to me....


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      I really like your scenario for Joshua, but the show made him so despicable that by the time he took that flying leap I was ready for him to go. It's too bad though, I thought he and Lisa Hartman had terrific chemistry.


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