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Dynasty Reboot ordered by The CW


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  • Dynasty Reboot ordered by The CW

    The CW has ordered a Dynasty reboot to series. It will air sometime during the 2017-2018 TV season.

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    I'm caUtiously excited the Melrose Place reboot was not a success.


    • #3
      I am smelling failure all over this one. I hope that's not the case, but....Grant Show cast as Blake? He does not have the screen presence, nor the 'fatherly' presence for it...the original show is so closely identified with the original cast that a continuation, rather than a reboot, seems more likely to succeed.

      Melrose blundered because they told some outlandish 'revisionist' stories....Sydney back from the dead, Michael having helped her fake her death (he hated her before she died), Sydney saying it was someone from her past who ran her down and that's why she needed to 'die'...it was a crock of...you know what.

      Beyond that, they brought back past characters and did little to nothing to explain WHY they were back and what happened in the interim. Jane came back without Kyle and no mention of him...or the child she was carrying when the show ended (Michael's child, but not David Breck), Jo returned with no mention of O'Mally and why she was no longer overseas and just happened to be back in L.A. - Amanda, having faked her death for a second time when the original ended to be with Peter, and yet she's roaming around free and gainfully employed and left Peter because she 'got bored'? Syd having a 'secret daughter'? Amanda an embezzler? It was all ridiculous. The ONLY redeeming thing was that they did bring past characters on screen - no matter how they botched them up.

      The new Dynasty could be brilliant...centering on the next generation of the Carringtons and Colbys...having Lauren Colby following in her grandmother Alexis's footsteps with Alexis advising her and grooming her...Danny and L.B. becoming rivals to take over Denver Carrington from their fathers who run the company together as Co-CEO's...make Krystina a lesbian if they wish to have a gay character other than Steven...have it begin where Blake has just died and left a widow...Alexis...and have the first season transition the story from where they left off to why Blake divorced Krystle and remarried Alexis and what happened to everyone over time...and then build on the next generation. They could bring Claudia back from the dead as a villain, revealing that it wasn't her that died at La Mirage but a maid who tried to help her out and got caught in the fire...and she married a wealthy man (off-screen) and now has the money to exact revenge on the Carringtons and Colbys. Have Adam married to Sammy-Jo...have his son that was awarded to the surrogate mother and her husband show up looking for his father...there are so many stories they could tell as off-shoots of the original...they don't need to 'remake it'....in my opinion unless Joan Collins shows up in some way....it is doomed to fail.


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        ICAM that this should have been a continuation, not a reboot. However, from where I sit would have made more sense for Krystal to now be Blake's widow following his death, with Alexis plotting to take over Carrington that is now ran by Jeff who has to contend with Adam wanting to be CEO instead. This brings back old favorites such as Linda Evans, Joan Collins and John James. Since it's the CW which is all about youth, we now have many of the kids coming of age. Kristina, Danny, LB just to name a few are now young adults dealing with finding their own place in the family. To me better than here is a reboot with a gold digging Krystal, a less than convincing partriarch Blake and totally nasty Fallen I think I iwll pass.


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