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  • Dynasty - Season 4

    In episode 25, New Lady In Town, Steven Carrington travels to New York on business for ColbyCo.....

    While out to dinner, he is recognized by a college friend who looks to rekindle their friendship...

    This is just 'funny' to me whereas Steven doesn't look anything like he did in college, yet the 'friend' recognizes him instantly as if Steven hadn't had plastic surgery a year before.

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    That's funny, but continuity and good writing weren't exactly Dynasty staples! But it sure was a hoot to watch.


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      Very true....continuity went right out the window with:

      -Fallon disappearing and acquiring a vaguely British accent when she returned
      -Amanda losing her very British accent and then disappearing
      -Roger Grimes supposedly dying 6 months before Alexis returned to Denver, and then it having been 20 years since his death by season 9
      -Fallon twice marrying a second cousin (Jeff and Miles, since their mothers were Alexis's first cousins)
      -Cecil never mentioning California siblings in life or in his will
      -In The Reunion movie, Alexis is shown working at Colby Enterprises, not ColbyCo (Enterprises was the California based business)

      I'm sure there's a LOT more from over the years....


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        It was fun watching it. Imagine, seeing grown women, dressed in $1000 dresses, wearing fancy jewelry and have nice hair fighting in the mud like piggies!!


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