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Dynasty - If There Had Been A Season 10....


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  • Dynasty - If There Had Been A Season 10....

    Anyone who watched 'The Reunion' mini-series knows that Blake went to jail after the shoot out with Captain Handler, Zorelli and Fallon broke up, Fallon and Krystina escaped the collapsed tunnel, and escaped from Dennis Grimes. Alexis and Dex fell from the balcony, which Alexis managed to survive by 'turning over in mid air and landing on Dex', but Dex was 'not so lucky'.

    The finale of the show also saw Sammy Jo kissing conflicted priest Tanner McBride....Sable pregnant with Dex's baby....and a mystery woman telling Handler (through the window of her limo) that she 'wanted Carrington brought to his knees'.

    But what if the show hadn't ended would you have liked to have seen season 10 unfold if it picked up from the end of Season 9?

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    I would have wanted Zorelli to remain. I think he was a great addition to the show. He could have been paired with either Sammy Jo or Monica. I'm pretty sure Dex would have survived the fall and he and Sable probably would have gotten married. As for as the mystery woman, I know some people thought that it might have been a not dead after all Claudia. I would have loved that as I hated the horrible way she was killed off. And if Linda Evans wasn't going to return Blake could have re-entered the dating world again.


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      I would loved to have had the mystery woman be Claudia.....they easily could have tied her return to the nazi treasure story....the body at La Mirage was a cleaning woman not Claudia...Claudia escaped the fire and left town.....she married a wealthy European man....he talked about the treasure...Claudia remembered Matthew saying something about it whereas his father worked for either Sam Dexter or Andrew Colby.....and when Claudia's most recent husband died, his 'business associates' enlisted her to go back to Denver and get the Nazi treasure....whereas she was now wealthy enough to take on Blake and Denver Carrington.

      I didn't mind Zorelli, and to be honest Jeff Colby was one of my LEAST favorite characters ever on the show, so if Fallon and Zorelli had continued as a couple, I wouldn't have hated that.....but in the later seasons, I honestly began to see sparks between Dex and Fallon....his interest in her was beyond 'former stepfather-ly'.....

      As for interest would have been seeing Monica and Adam pair up.....knowing how much their mothers BOTH would hate would have continued the Sable/Alexis rivalry (if JC had stayed with the show for another season).

      As for Sammy Jo.....Miles Colby could have been a cast member for season 10....and Sammy Jo's love interest.....the lapsed Priest thing just didn't work for me.....and Falcon Crest had already done it......if Miles had learned that Jason was not his father, surely he would have come to Denver to confront Sable and find out who his father really was......that also could have carried through to season 10....who Miles and Monica's father really was......

      I wouldn't have minded seeing Jeff depart for season 10. I would have had Sable and Blake paired up......I didn't like Sable and Dex....he was okay as a dalliance for her, but not long-term. Blake and Dex were not always Dex's early days on the show, he and Blake were rivals....Sable and Blake raising Dex's child could easily have reignited that rivalry.....or Dex could just simply have died in the balcony fall, like we are supposed to assume from The Reunion.


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        Blake and Sable would have been a great pairing! I would not have wanted Miles to be a cast member but honestly that's just because I was not a fan of Maxwell Caulfield's acting. I know many viewers had given up on the show by season 9 (and rightly so) but I really think the show improved greatly during that last season compared to the 2 seasons before it.


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          I wasn't the biggest fan of Miles either, but I have to confess I liked him more than Jeff Colby....for 8 seasons I just watched Jeff scowl and least in season 9 they had him smile a bit more....but he was still one of the dullest characters ever written into that show......


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