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Characters whose potential was wasted.


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  • Characters whose potential was wasted.

    I was thinking about some of the characters on the primetime soaps of the 80's that were given little to no storyline. Here's a few that came to mind.

    Pat Williams on Knots Landing. The show hired well-respected actress Lynne Moody and after wrapping up the Williams family's original storyline they were pretty much backburnered until Pat's untimely death, then Frank and Julie were give some story.

    Bliss Colby on The Colby's. This poor girl was given 2 different love interests but really only got meaty material in a handful of episodes. It's been said that if The Colbys had come back for a third season she would not have been on it.

    Lucy Ewing on Dallas. She had some story in the early years of the show but around 1983 she started to fizzle out before being written out in 1985. When she returned 3 years later, she was given very little to do until leaving again in 1990.

    Dominique and Jackie Devereaux on Dynasty. Diahann Carroll was horribly underused on Dynasty. Then they brought on Troy Beyer as her daughter Jackie and she too was terribly underwritten. It was as though the characters were created and then the writers couldn't figure out what to do with them.

    Michael and Eric Fairgate on Knots Landing. These two should have had major stories on Knots, but for whatever reason were never given anything of much substance. Ironically, before marrying Lar Park Lincoln's Linda, Eric Fairgate had a brief love interest named Whitney, played by Dynasty's underused Troy Beyer!

    Skipper Weldon on Flamingo Road. He had a couple of love interests, but really no stories of substance.

    Those are a few I thought of. Any others come to mind?
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    I liked the Fallmont family on Dynasty.....except for Buck, the dad, although he could have been redeemed.....and Bart and Clay were both kind of wasted characters.......

    Clay 'leaving town' just because he and Leslie Carrington might have been siblings......Bart leaving town after he was least Bart and Steven wound up together later on (in Dynasty - The Reunion) but the Fallmont family could have figured into the Season 9 mystery about the body in the lake, as there was hints at bad blood between the families for some time in Blake and Buck's conversations....I actually liked both the Fallmont sons.....and could have enjoyed having both of them stick around....

    Steven's male romantic interests were, by and large, all a waste.....Ted Dinard.....Bart Fallmont...Luke Fuller....two died, one left town in Steven Carrington was definitely not good for your health I guess....


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      I liked the Fallmont family too.

      I would probably add Kenny and Ginger Ward from Knots Landing to this list as well. They lasted four seasons but it seemed as though the writers just did not know what to do with them. I think they should have gotten rid of one of them and kept the other and try to integrate them more with the other characters.


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        Ben Carrington on Dynasty. After he became a "good guy" the character was DONE. He should have teamed with Blake instead of the daughter story who later vanished as quickly as her father.

        Annie on nuDallas (do we talk about v 2.0 or is it in the Martins' attic?) Anyway I know she was involved, but IMO the actress could have been used more.

        And of course, J.R. Ewing on Dallas (and nuDallas.) It doesn't matter if J.R. was in every scene, can never have enough J.R. Ok I'm half joking on this one, but Mr. Hagman and J.R. are both legends. RIP.


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          Oh, and the return of Matthew Blaisdale on Dynasty.....two episodes into season 8 he's killed by Steven.....what a waste!!!!! After years off-screen, coming back for Krystle.....finding her refusing to leave Blake.....Matthew was such a great 'back from the dead' to include.....but such a waste in the long-run since he was gone again so quickly....


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            Originally posted by Jagger1966 View Post
            I was thinking about some of the characters on the primetime soaps of the 80's that were given little to no storyline. Here's a few that came to mind.

            Bliss Colby on The Colby's. This poor girl was given 2 different love interests but really only got meaty material in a handful of episodes. It's been said that if The Colbys had come back for a third season she would not have been on it.

            Those are a few I thought of. Any others come to mind?

            I wouldn't have blamed the actress for leaving if she had. The show never did her any favors with how they wrote her character. She was pretty, and nice, but she was 'boring' as a character on a prime-time soap.

            I had high hopes for the Colbys when the show began, but the writers had already done so much on Dynasty by then with 'presumed dead' and 'secret child' and such that to do it again on The Colbys would just have seemed like repeating themselves.

            My favorite things from the Colbys were:

            1. Sable...everything Sable....she was the best part of the show.
            2. Making Jeff the son of Jason Colby, although that was COMPLETELY predictable.
            3. Monica's 'long-lost' son Scott.
            4. Phillip Colby coming back from the dead.

            My least favorite things from the Colbys were:

            1. Miles and Bliss - poorly written....having Miles force himself on Fallon in season 1 was awful...a mistake just like when Blake forced himself on Krystle early in Dynasty
            2. Zack Powers - A cartoonish character. I'd rather have seen a much stronger rival to Jason Colby...Gregory Peck, Anthony Quinn....Ricardo Montalban was just not 'right' for the part......
            3. It was too close a copy of Dynasty....there was so little to differentiate it from the original....and that was already going into season six...Dynasty had already fallen from #1 or #2 in the ratings to try to copy it over again was ridiculous...


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              Miles was my least favorite character on The Colbys. I couldn't stand him from day one and hated the fact he was in the Dynasty reunion movie. It's funny that Monica had all these meaty storylines and all poor Bliss got were scraps. At first I couldn't stand Sable but she really grew on me and by the time she got to Dynasty I loved her. Zack Powers, I completely agree with you. Terrible character. I also really liked the new characters in season 2. Channing, Cash, Adrienne, Kolya, Anna. And I really missed Connie after Barbara Stanwyck left. She was a hoot. Oh, and I know I'm probably the only person in the world that thinks this, but I actually liked Katharine Ross on the show. I know most people couldn't stand her or her character, but I liked her.


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                Honestly, I think the writers made some major mistakes with the show that led to such and early demise....

                Sable was such a strong, dynamic character that Frankie paled in comparison. Plus, Sable was the 'vixen' and Frankie the 'intruder' (even if she and Jason had loved each other for years) it was hard to 'hate' or even 'love to hate' Sable when she clearly was devoted to her husband and marriage and her sister came along and wanted Jason herself. I felt sorry for Sable no matter what she did.

                Jeff and Fallon already had a fan-base when the show began (I never liked Jeff....he scowled and judged too much). So Miles never stood a chance...then he forced himself upon Fallon....what was there to like about him after that? Bliss should have been in a secret relationship with someone that Jason and/or Sable hated from the get-go....a man her parents would NEVER approve of and yet she loved him and him her. But instead....they paired her with a couple of guys that just kind of fizzled with her. Bliss also could have had an addiction issue of some sort...or struggled with bulimia.....something to make her stand out as a character.

                Constance Colby...I loved her, but Barbara Stanwyck just wasn't a strong enough 'personality' to go toe to toe with Sable....she always looked weak in if it highlighted the fact of her age at that point. She was 78 years old....Charleton Heston was only 62 when he did The Colbys...Stephanie Beacham was 38 (funny, considering her 'children' were 26 <Maxwell Caulfield>, 32 <Tracy Scoggins>, and 20 <Claire Yarlett> and Miles and Monica were supposed to be twins.....)

                The show was written too much like Dynasty.....with little to differentiate it......
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                  I always looked at Frankie and Sable as the Krystle and Alexis of The Colbys. I think the big problem was that Frankie was just too weak of a character to be Krystle-like. I like your ideas for Bliss. My favorite episode of The Colbys was the one where Bliss and Kolya were running through the hotel trying to get away from Sacha. That was a really good action packed episode.


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                    In regards to the Colbys-Miles and Bliss were the weakest links.
                    It looked like Bliss was being written out if there was a season 3.

                    Changes that I would have made on the Colbys-
                    1. No Fallon. Pamela Sue Martin didn't want to do the show, so why not give Emma Samms a new character.
                    2. No Charlton Heston, Katherine Ross or Maxwell Caulfield-You didn't need movie stars for this show, and Charlton probably was not cheap. They should have gotten people familiar to tv audiences-the likes of Lee Majors, Stephanie Powers, Robert Wagner.
                    3. Stop re-doing the Dynasty plots-who is the father of Fallon's baby-complete rip off of who was the father of Kirby's baby. Instead of being a Dynasty clone be original, why not have Rich Man/Poor Man thing/ Romeo/Juliet with the focus on the rich Colbys and another family being middle class
                    4. I never cared for character Bliss, but de-aging her to a teen might have been better.


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